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Communicating While Reactivated

September 28, 2010

The following exchange is of sufficient importance to be repeated generally. It’s a hands-on question about being reactivated and yet feeling the need to communicate to another on a point of integrity.

I won’t name the questioner, but it’s a very good and relevant question, especially to us who are on the verge of potentially incredible reactivation as a new and challenging era begins for us.

I acknowledge that it’s hard to learn a process from a written discussion, but the process is so important, I think, to our experience of the years ahead that I think the effort will pay partial,  if not  full, dividends.

I’d also suggest that people seek out workshops or other educational experiences that specialize in helping us to deal with our reactivations and complete our experience of upsets so that we can open fully to Ascension. I’m under the impression that the galactics too will assist us in this area..

Questioner: O.K. — this post hit me at a very synchronistic time, Steve. So I have a statement and a question. There’s a person who believes himself to be more highly ethical than anyone he knows. He stepped over a very dark line with me into the opposite of ethics, to say the least. I’ve been wanting to stand in my power and speak the truth to him about his actions.

A spiritual friend has said, in effect, leave it to God. I feel I’ll betray myself, my — if you will, because I certainly will — inner child still needing to heal and who was most hit by this man — if I don’t speak the truth.

It will feel to him like I’m ripping his face off, because he can’t abide 2 things — one is women in their power, and the other is facing unpleasant truths about his “integrity”.

I know this rather puts you on a spot you might not be comfortable in, because it’s my life and my call, but — knowing just as much as I’ve put here, and I’m IN integrity in this matter — what would you do?

Steve:  I’m glad you phrased it as “what would you do?” rather than “what should I do?,”  because that frees me up. I don’t know what you should do, but I know what I would do.

I’d notice that I’m upset or reactivated and handle the vasana first, before I communicated, so as to remove the part of the whole incident that resides here with me rather than projecting it onto the other.

“Vasana” is a Vedantic term for a persistent reaction pattern triggered by a current event which resembles a past upset.

And, after I had experienced my own vasana through to completion, then I would communicate.

I talk about how to complete a vasana in a number of articles, listed under the heading “Preparing for Ascension.” One is “OK, I Feel Upset. … Oh, Great!”

Once I’ve completed the vasana and caused it to disappear, then I’m free of my own reaction pattern and can address the issue on its merits. I’ve handled what Gandhi called the harmful aspects of telling the truth and can probably reply putting the issue to the other person on the issue’s merits.

I may also increase my chances of putting the issue compassionately and of not being reactivated by the other person’s response.

I consider being upset a great opportunity because a vasana cannot be handled as long as it is not up and it usually comes up in the course of an upset. My aim is to be upset-free and reactivation-free so I can be present to Ascension when it occurs.

So that’s what I’d do – make it a two-step process.

And just to finish off: our reactivation is generally the thing that stands in the way of any effective communication or action.  Our reaction patterns (or vasanas) derive from past upsets.

The extent of our reactivation and the fact that we have not handled it is, in my opinion,  exclusively our responsibility.   We may not know how to handle it, but nevertheless I don’t think it makes much sense to saddle the other person with the responsibility for our handling it.

I would like to say, although I don’t know if I’m being realistic or accurate in saying it, that the business of handling our reaction patterns is the most important business we will ever face in our lives, Ascension or no Ascension.  Perhaps I can put that out as an hypothesis – as something to be tested for ts accuracy, rather than something I think I know is true.

And I say it as a person who had a great deal of difficulty with his own reaction patterns in life.  Let me say, with tongue in cheek, that reactivation may be the only subject in which I just may be an expert.

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  1. Anara Brinmere permalink
    September 26, 2010 12:54 pm

    I also agree that this work on our patterns is the most important work we ever do. At least it is and has been for me.

  2. Manoj permalink
    September 26, 2010 9:56 am

    Steve wrote:

    I consider being upset a great opportunity because a vasana cannot be handled as long as it is not up and it usually comes up in the course of an upset.

    That is exactly right! The first step is to return to a place of love. At some point you will be able to remain in a place of love 24/7, no matter what happens externally. In terms of response, I wouldn’t suggest “Leave it to God” as the spiritual friend suggested, because the next level of your development occurs by being able to not only move yourself to a place of love, but to help others move there as well. It should be crystal clear that any thought, word or action on your part, that would induce a negative response from someone else, is in fact a wrong thought, word or action.

    Om Tat Sat

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