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Anonwizard: Thoughts on Earth Ascension

September 28, 2010

I much enjoyed Gordon’s discussion of various aspects of Ascension and hope you do too. Keep going, Gordon!

Thoughts on Earth Ascension

by Gordon, July 30, 2010

Could there really be such a radical transformation in just a few years? The winter solstice of 2012 is only two and a half years away.  Is it really conceivable that a massive event awaits us so soon?

Will there be a collective shift in consciousness?  Will there be an event of Biblical proportions?  Three days of darkness?  The Rapture?  Mass ascension?  Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis?  Solar flares?  A “galactic superwave” of high energy particles from a quasar at the center of the galaxy?  The scenario that the galactics are presenting now is that there will be a shift in consciousness as well as a planetary shift.

The following information is collected from various sources over fifteen years of studying various galactic messages, including the works of Lyssa Royal, Gina Lake, Mike Quinsey, Sal Rachele, and the “Law of One” material.  For those familar with the messages on this site, much will be familar, but not all, and it will hopefully be useful for those who are just opening up to this type of information.

The shift is not easy to understand without understanding densities and dimensions, and even then, it is not easy to understand.  The basic idea of densities and dimensions I have described in a previous article, Venus and the Higher Dimensions. The basic idea is that there are different planes of existence, analogous to different energy levels or states in a molecule or atom.

Astronomical bodies potentially have presence at different levels simultaneously, like parallel worlds except these form a distinct hierarchy of levels.  The levels are not directly perceptible by current scientific instruments, but some of the other levels are perceptible by consciousness, through out of body states and dream states.  In other words, the other planes referred to by traditional spiritualism, as well as other planes of states of being referred to in various religions, do exist and are part of a spectrum of reality.

The different levels of reality in this spectrum are separated, and a shift is like a quantum transition, a quantum leap from one distinct level of reality to another.  The idea of this shift is that Earth will shift from her current level to a new level.  We will either shift along with the Earth, or our bodies will naturally go through the death process.  That is not to say that at the stroke of midnight on December 21, 2012, billions of people will simply drop dead.  They will simply leave according to their soul choice and create a death experience in any number of ways. Many of those who die will ascend on the spiritual level, and reincarnate on the new, ascended Earth.  Therefore there is no reason to judge those who die in the next few years as somehow less worthy.

There may be any number of reasons for a soul to choose its own unique way to ascend.  However, those who remain alive and ascend with the Earth will experience their bodies transforming.  It’s not entirely clear, since different sources will present slightly different views, but it seems that some will directly ascend into their light bodies, and some will experience life in their physical bodies at a higher level of vibration.  The light body is a form of human body that is composed of light.  The light body is visualized as a human-shaped form that is composed of energy fields that emit light.  The chakras and aura are part of the light body.  For those who still have the physical body, it will be of a higher vibration, and therefore highly energized and will regenerate faster and be stronger, healthier, and will not age as quickly as the current physical body.

Because of the danger of physical death and trauma during the transition, help will be available.  Our spiritual helpers, the angels and archangels, do exist and each of us has spirit guides that can assist us in preparing for the transition.  We are all preparing for the transition as we live our lives, since we are constantly working through karma as we face the challenges of everyday life.  We can consciously ask for and accept help from our spirit guides by speaking to them in our mind.  These guides are assigned to us and are certain to assist with our requests, since that is their purpose.

In addition to spirit guides, there are real interdimensional and/or extraterrestrial beings of a positive nature–celestial beings, or galactic beings, who are helping us in our process.  They are currently prohibited, by  galactic laws, from revealing themselves directly in a way that definitively proves their existence.  But, they assist in many ways behind the scenes, and are working toward a time when they can appear openly.  The conditions must be right for open contact, and it is up to the governments of the world to change their policies of secrecy and come forward with the full story of what is known about them.  Once the governments disclose evidence of contacts, then it will not be long before formal contacts can begin.  Once that happens, these beings will assist the people of Earth greatly in our preparation for ascension.

There are significant vested interests on the Earth who do not want the status quo to change. These are the wealthy, powerful forces that profit from the current status quo.  They are not only the wealthiest human beings, and corporations, but there is also an element of non-physical beings or extraterrestrial beings that is part of this controlling group.  The primary objective of these beings is to further their own power through controlling the people of Earth and to prevent them from progressing spiritually.  They are opposed to ascension and the upliftment of humanity and they work behind the scenes against anything that helps raise the levels of vibration, light, and love on the planet.  They have always been an element of life on Earth.

Earth has always been a battleground between the Dark and the Light, and it is the human soul that is the prize that is fought over. This is a planet that is set up for soul evolution, and for that to be the case, there must be room for free will. The soul evolves through its choices, and to ensure that souls may choose the light or the dark, the light must be withheld.  To maintain this existential scenario, the environment here on Earth is such that the truth is intentionally veiled.  This is also the reason for the laws that prohibit undeniable, open extraterrestrial contact with Earth.

Theologians have said that God does not force souls to come to Him, because to do so would violate their free will.   Instead, souls in the darkness must determine on their own to seek out the truth of their own nature, and find God on their own, with only the help of their fellow beings, physical beings as well as the unseen help of the spiritual beings.  This is the test of our evolution.

What we can do to ensure our safe passage is to align ourselves with the Light, in many ways.  We are each conscious beings and have the ability to intuitively know what is best for us.  The trouble is, we don’t always live up to our own standards.  So we need to listen to our conscience. If some behavior creates shame or remorse, that is an indication that the behavior is of a lower vibration, and  we need to avoid it.  If some behavior requires justification to explain to ourselves or others why it’s OK, then maybe that is a sign that we need to listen to our inner guidance instead of using our ego and intellect to explain away that inner guidance.

There are souls on Earth who are of a very low vibration, and are mired in darkness. There is always hope for these souls to turn around, but it is possible that some of them will not.  Earth has been a planet that has allowed souls of all types to incarnate, even the most depraved and evil.  We know this from the crimes that are committed every day, that cause so much fear.

These souls will not have a home on the Earth any longer.  Other planets exist elsewhere in the universe that will remain in the lower vibrations, which will allow these souls to continue to have opportunities to evolve.  Those souls will not survive the transition.  These souls will not necessarily all die at once, but they will find it increasingly difficult to maintain life on Earth, since their vibration will not be compatible with the Earths any longer.

If we want to continue our lives on the Earth, we must choose to align with the Light.  As living beings on Earth, we have a mixture of low and high vibrations.  The lower vibrations are experienced as negative emotions, attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts.  The higher vibrations are experienced as positive emotions, attitudes, beliefs and thoughts.  We need to face our karma.  Whether we are conscious of this or not, we do this every day, as we deal with each other and with the internal challenges in our lives.  Every day we can choose to live well.

Of course, spiritual practice is beneficial in the effort to prepare for ascension.  Meditation, martial arts, qi gong, prayer, mindfulness, all can be important elements of a spiritual path which will prepare our bodies and minds for the times to come.  Our bodies and aura must be purified of negative vibrations.

As souls, we hold onto “pictures” (experiences, beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and ideas) that collectively define how we create our reality.  We also have contracts that represent spiritual agreements we have made, either with ourselves or with other beings.  Some of these pictures represent our own truth, our own information.  But, other pictures are not appropriate for our well-being.  They may be other people’s beliefs or other people’s agendas that we took on.

Most of us hold onto inappropriate information from our parents, friends, television and movies, our religions, and society in general.  We also hold onto traumatic experiences from childhood and past lives, that limit us.  We are each involved in a process of healing these broken beliefs and traumatic pictures, and replacing information and pictures that do not serve us with those that validate our power and inner light.

There is a plan for each of us individually.  We as souls have helped to create a life plan that involves certain experiences that are designed to provoke soul growth and balance our karma. Our Higher Self, the spiritual part of ourselves that we are barely conscious of, helps to plan the events of our lives. Events are planned to provide just the right challenges and experiences that we need to move forward.  We need to be aware and awake enough to be able to respond to the experiences of life in a way that we learn the intended lessons.  One way we can do this is to understand that there is always a good reason for everything that we experience in life.  Instead of cursing others, or cursing what happens, thank the universe, or thank God, for anything that you experience, negative or positive.

I mean this literally.  I used to curse a lot whenever I would suffer various indignities, such as stubbing my toe, dropping or spilling something, or any other minor inconvenience.  I started saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you” instead.  It was not always what I wanted to say, and sometimes I would mutter it angrily, but I still said it.  The idea I had in mind with this was a belief that, even if I couldn’t understand it, this pain had some purpose and meaning.  It was wrong to curse it, simply because I could not see any reason for it.  It could also be a thank you to God for the experience of life as a limited being, which itself offers so much evolution to the soul.  What I found, to my great pleasure, is that those types of incidents have been much more infrequent.  I now believe that my intense cursing in response to these minor inconveniences was reinforcing the pattern, and turning my anger into gratitude helped to break up that cycle of miscreation.

Another way of thinking about other people that come into your life, whether it is for five minutes or fifty years, is that they are there for a reason.  Perhaps you have something to learn, or something to teach, or most likely, both.  Perhaps there is a karmic experience, or perhaps they are there to help you in a more direct physical, practical way, part of a chain of being that collectively supports us.  For interactions that involve more intimacy, this truth becomes more apparent.  For more casual interactions, where there is not an emotional charge, this is less of a concern.  But for emotionally charged interactions, there is often a resonance that attracts the two to each other and that is drawing in the experience.  It is about matching energies or matching pictures that attract and lead to a cocreation.

Perhaps we both have a belief in lack of abundance that is holding us back, and so we experience a negative interaction involving money.  These matching pictures in each our energy fields are like resonating fields that draw us together to cocreate out of those matching energies.  The cocreated experience then highlights these pictures, by bringing them up to conscious awareness.  The negative cocreated experience is an opportunity for the souls involved to learn from the experience.  Each soul is a mirror to the other, and they each illuminate pictures that the other has.  Again, by “pictures” we refer to beliefs, experiences, ideas, and attitudes, that shape how we “see” reality and therefore how we select our particular future from the field of infinite possibilities.  It benefits us to eliminate those pictures that do not represent our highest truth, and replace them with pictures that validate our highest truths, that we are dearly beloved beings of the Light and Love, that have infinite potential.

We are in the process of transitioning to conscious creation, which is a process of reclaiming the truth of who we are.  We are largely creating unconsciously now.  As we begin to awaken, we become more aware of how we are contributing to the creation of our reality.  We begin to discuss amongst each other the beliefs that we hold that get in the way of creating what we want.  We begin to discuss how we have limited ourselves, by believing that we were less than what we truly are.

We are reclaiming our own divinity, our own nature as beings created in the likeness of God.  This is what the ascension really means.  But what is different now is that the Earth herself will change the environment around us so that she only supports the consciousness levels of souls that accept their true nature.  Those who reject their divine nature will no longer be compatible with the vibrations that Earth will support.

Will “most” of us accompany Earth into the higher vibrations?  This is what remains to be seen, for this is dependent on free will.  There are beings from other civilizations, such as SaLuSa, who have said that they will arrive on the scene, even in the absence of official announcements, and assist us in the transition.  These beings have said that they will make sure that every soul has an opportunity to understand what ascension is about, and how to prepare for it.  They want as many souls as possible to commit to ascension and to prepare for it with full awareness of what it is that they are committing to.

I have to wonder how this will take place.  It sounds as if the desired scenario for our immediate future, meaning the next few years up to 2012, is for disclosure to first prepare the way for First Contact.  Educate the masses through the mass media, television, and enlighten the people as to the truth.  This is so much easier said than done, since there are so many people who are very committed to their own way of thinking and have formed very rigid belief systems.  And it is not just religious people who are thinking this way.  Many people have firmly rejected any notion of spirituality, and are very committed to the atheistic view of the world promoted by a form of skeptical scientific thinking.

Evidence, hard physical evidence, will play a role in converting over many “show me” types.  This will take the form of evidence for extraterrestrial beings, and their technology, which will validate new physics theories that in turn validate spiritual truths. Those who are more ideological may have a more difficult time, and may reject physical evidence that conflicts with their beliefs.  Human beings do not like to admit that they are wrong. It is a terrible blow to the ego to have been preaching one thing for many years, and then admit that it is not correct. It is very difficult.  This is just one more challenge of the coming times.

Another thing that will be hard to adjust to is the revelations that must come out about the origin of mankind. While creationists and evolutions have battled it out, the truth is that extraterrestrial beings played a role in the creation of our species of human being, and that we are related to other kinds of human beings that live on other planets.  Life based on DNA was not spontaneously created on Earth, but rather life was seeded from space by higher beings, and it was seeded on many different planets.  Species that we share our planet with are not unique to the Earth, but also exist on other planets.  Some evolved here and some were brought here from other worlds.  The tree of life and the various families of plants and animals are not unique to the Earth.

Planets are apparently often seeded and races of human beings are sometimes left to develop on their own.  Such planets are places that allow souls to incarnate and experience certain necessary or desirable experiences.   But there comes a time in the evolution of a planetary race when the people on the planet are ready to reintegrate with the wider universal community as a mature species that has formed its own identity.  Surely, as we have launched spacecraft and begun a journey into space, we are showing signs of this maturity.  We have also developed nuclear weapons, which has caused much concern, not just for the threat posed to other species, but also for the threat posed to Earth as a valuable place for human souls to incarnate and evolve.

Once the shift takes place as we graduate to an ascended human civilization, we humans of Earth will begin to truly realize our potential.  We can finally experience a lasting world peace, and be large free of crime.  The vibration will be higher, so each one of us will recognize our spiritual connection to God, and we will all understand that we are part of One consciousness.  We will understand the laws of karma and walk through life with grace and love for our fellows.  Souls who have not progressed to this level will no longer be able to incarnate on Earth.  The problems of abuse are caused by souls who are very depraved or very inexperienced in human life.  Such souls will no longer be able to come here. There will be other worlds where those souls can incarnate and evolve.

With peace, there will also be a shared sense of abundance, as we all enjoy the fruits of our work.  New , clean technology will provide our energy and transportation needs.    There will be great work to do, not menial work, but we won’t need to pursue jobs that do not give us joy and meaning.  There will be more time for creative expression of all kinds.

We will perceive energy fields or auras, around others and will also see the energy emanating from all matter. Our psychic or spiritual abilities will be part of our common nature, rather than erratic and misunderstood.

Some of us will be in light bodies rather than physical bodies, but the rest will be of a higher vibration physical body, and able to see those in light bodies.  Those in light bodies will not need food.

Extraterrestrials will live among us, and work among us, helping us build a better world.  They will assist us in many areas of life, including a new science that embraces the soul, a soul physics, that looks at each soul as an infinite eternal being, and describes the consensus reality as a cocreation of those souls.

Also we will start to travel in the universe, and meet many human civilizations that are part of our extended galactic family.  We will also meet other types of beings that are stranger to us and marvel at the diversity of life in the universe.

Thus will begin our long enjoyment of the wonders of the manifest creation.

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  1. Chris M permalink
    September 28, 2010 11:47 am

    Very nice summary of things, Steve. I instantly had a mental image of copying and pasting this in emails or referring this text to those who would confess their curiosity of what is behind the veil of our existence. It really sums up the nature of our current and impending future in a nutshell.

    I think that if we can all hold these concepts in our minds in the way you have so nicely assembled them here from day to day, from here on out, our future leading up to ascension will be like a walk in the park…

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