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Not Concerned by Rumors of Call-Ups

September 27, 2010

Yes, I am following rumors of the call up of the 82nd Airborne. No, I’m not concerned.

Matthew has told us that martial law is not an option. SaLuSa and his group have said that the galactics and their Earth allies have all the resources needed to stop mischief.

I’ll reproduce some of the operative quotes below. (You can find more on First Contact, at .)

If the 82nd Airborne is being called up, it’s my belief that it would be to assist with disclosure and NESARA by providing protection against the last remnants of the cabal (or even to round up the cabal), and not to impose martial law.

Remember that the source said that the troops were well aware of attempts to cause a false-flag incident and were not happy about being called up. That should tell you that the military is awakening and that it’s unlikely they would participate in any action against the people.

Remember also that he said the bulk of the troops were not being issued lethal arms. That should be a giveaway as to who is summoning them if they are indeed being summoned.

“All of the time your attention is attracted by world events, the Light is continuing to grow and is creating the protection that is necessary for your safety. In the past the scales have swung one way and then the other, but now the Light holds sway.” (SaLuSa, May 24, 2010.)

“Events on Earth are certainly speeding up, and regardless of how great the confrontation between the dark and Light; never lose sight of the fact that the Light has already become the victor in this battle.

“Of this we are absolutely positive and you can expect to find proof of it, and you are on the verge of receiving such evidence. Steps that will bring the dark Ones under control are reaching a conclusion, and will considerably curtail their influence.

“They know time is running out for them, and they are lashing out in all directions. As you might say, we have our finger on the pulse and they cannot hide their intentions from us. We cannot necessarily stop all of their actions, but in certain circumstances can prevent them from achieving their purpose.” (SaLuSa, May 5, 2010.)

“More of the those souls doing the bidding of the dark Ones are questioning their roles, and realise that they have been the unsuspecting dupes that are being used against the people. Such a breakdown amongst their ranks is causing some disarray, and it will continue to grow.

“The end is surely in sight, and an assertive move will soon edge you nearer the time of Disclosure. Once their ranks start to fall, it will snowball into a serious break in their chain of command. We are ready to take advantage of it to promote our own plan for your release from them. We are consequently quite occupied with many moves to bring the result that we all need.” (SaLuSa, March 5, 2010.)

“Even now the dark plan more atrocities but be assured that we are aware of what they plan, and we will remove opportunities to further their intentions.” (Ker-On of Venus, Oct. 3, 2008.)

“I shall add that as long as any dark tentacles are lashing out, dire-sounding pronouncements, predictions, speculations and warnings will continue to swirl, and judging from emails my mother is receiving, these cause concern even to lightworkers.

“To ease minds about several issues that keep popping up in Internet articles or channeled messages: There will be no war with Iran; concentration-type camps will not be filled with the millions who oppose government policies; no “Planet X” or any large celestial body is on a collision course with Earth; there will be no need for your space family to evacuate all peoples before planetary cleansing makes Earth uninhabitable; NESARA is not an event that will be “announced.”

“And these current issues: Russia will not engage in a major war and neither will China; and martial law will not be declared …  a dramatic event would be needed to achieve that, and technologically advanced souls off-planet and living among you would prevent that kind of attempt. (Matthew’s Message, Sept. 24, 2008.)

“Keeping Iran on media center stage for the past two or so years and adding Israel’s ‘national security’ and the ‘risks’ Pakistan presents along with the ominous picture of what’s happening in Afghanistan is to keep the “war on terror” mentality alive and fear flowing about the prospect of a nuclear war. Saner minds know there is no troop power, no war machine equipment, and, most important, no will among nations for a conquest that could escalate to incalculable loss of life or even planetary destruction.

“Furthermore, even if such a conquest is the intent of a few desperate dark minds, you who have read my messages and those from other knowledgeable off-planet sources know that the technology of our space family will once again successfully prevent such action if it is attempted.” (Matthew’s Message, July 4, 2008.)

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