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David Wilcock: Disclosure is Moving Along at a Marvellous Pace

September 27, 2010

David bubbles with glee. Could he have been made part of a disclosure TV announcement, perhaps slated for November or December (notice the reference to unwrapping free gifts, later in his column – go to his site for that).

Is the Disclosure TV announcement the secret project that two others we know, whose names I won’t repeat lest I cause them trouble, are working on?


Sept. 25, 2010,

I am very happy to report that, unless there is some sort of major upset, (which is highly unlikely,) I will have a wonderful new announcement to make by the end of October!

Years and years and years of work are finally paying off in ways I had only hoped might happen… if I got really lucky.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the results — but it did involve a great expenditure of time, forcing me to drop everything and work just on this for almost the entire month!

Furthermore, the disclosure articles in mainstream media are becoming ever-increasingly frequent. Whether or not this translates into any immediate results remains to be seen — however, I do think we’re going to see some remarkable changes as we head into next year either way.

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  1. September 27, 2010 11:45 am

    God bless him – what a man! Sitting on pins and needles to see what happens !!

  2. Chris M permalink
    September 27, 2010 10:41 am

    Interesting that you have just posted these comments from David. I was literally just on his site reading the very same body of text and listening to his recorded comments at the Raw Spirit fest.

    It seems from all we’ve heard from the various Galactic channels and other sources, including David, that something big is coming from the middle towards the end of October.

    That “something big” for which David could not disclose details but has hinted at, really points to an ET disclosure, or other major relevant announcement (in the form of a tv program) in my mind. He has mentioned in his Raw Spirit Fest comments that on 9/24 he had finished filming his part of this major program which will be airing in a month’s time. He also has stated he would be “All over the major tv networks” by late next month. He has also stated: “We appear to be right on the threshold of some very significant disclosure, and the tv work that i’ve done is part of that, a very big part of that…” Fascinating.

    I wait with enthusiasm and excitement…

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