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Chris: The Hushed Softness of Descending Grace

September 25, 2010

Reposted from Jan. 8, 2009

By Chris

This afternoon while riding a shuttle bus from one hospital to another across town (as part of my day job), I was struck for a long moment by a heightened sense of reality.

It was preceded by a slow, steady downpour of soft, heavenly light upon the crown of my head, with feelings of deep peace and relaxation.

My conceptual mind completely relaxed to a state of thoughtless appreciation for the natural presence of all things as they are.

From this relaxed, open space, for the briefest moment I caught a glimpse of how the shift beyond 3D is a shift beyond conceptual thought and dichotomous, binary mental space altogether.

Because of this, it seems to me that the conceptual mind literally cannot conceive of or even coherently think about what ascension means.

Our ascension simply cannot be imagined.  It cannot be described.

Because the mind that would try to paint that description in words is not the same as the reality it would point to.

The reality of ascension, for a passing moment today, seemed to me to be a realm of vast and luminous softness, altogether yielding, and literally made of the substance of limitless unfolding acceptance.

This quality of wholeness defies the mind’s need to place things into perspective and divide them into hardened categories and names.

Rather, our Ascension is a realm of warmth, intimate softness:  a realm of nearness and delicacy.

To rise to this realm together will be as certain — it seemed to me in that instant — as it must seem outlandish to the mind even now, given the way the world continues to appear.

And yet, this hushed softness of descending grace is more certain to me in my deepest depth than the continuing offensive appearance of our world of current events.

This descending heavenly love will come and find us as we are.  It will envelop every last atom of this Earth.  And all will be — and is being — increasingly suffused in a gathering of softest grace and living light, entirely beyond thought.

The mind may buck and back off from such heavenly abundance, offended perhaps by its inability to contain this heightened reality and true higher order in its limited conceptual categories.

But even that defiant mental bucking and reactive offense is itself merely the mind’s own reaction to that which is already here and gently increasing its presence as we speak.

Ascension is happening now in spite of the mind’s need to know what it is.  It is more alive and more real than the mind can ever conceive of it.  I imagine our Ascension as a kind of angelic interference over the mind’s right to know.

Because of this, I sense our Ascension is a paradox upon paradox; of paradoxes containing paradoxes, through and through.

The interference of heaven’s frequency into the present domain of our world’s bottoming-out may greatly offend the mind’s sense of logic and order of how things should be, and of how they should happen — including Ascension.

But this offense is not an intentional attempt to the belittle the mind or slight it in any way.  It is, rather, simply a by-product of the total, radical renewal the world from the inside out — currently in progress — before the mind can even tell what has happened; beyond the mind’s scope of thought altogether.

Offense may be how the mind registers the anunciation into the world of a living order higher than itself, of which it cannot conceptualize, but merely surrender when it has at last exhausted its need to know the unknowable.

This is not to say the mind is of no value.  Rather, it is merely to say that the mind is not necessarily equipped to recognize or relay the reality of our ascension as it continues to congeal and thicken into place all around us.

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  1. Theo permalink
    September 26, 2010 1:59 am

    Right after I posted my “doubts” to Chris’s letter I came upon the following article. I think synchronicity is trying to tell me something.

    Change Your Idea About “Change”

    By Neale Donald Walsch
    September 25, 2010

    Neale Donald Walsch writes

    I was re-reading When Everything Changes, Change Everything the other day and I was deeply impressed again (as I was the first time around) with its statement that there are two sentences that can change your entire life. These are two sentences that you will want to remember verbatim. These two utterances are paradigm-shifting and life changing. I call them…

    1. The Life-Altering Question

    2. The Answer to Everything

    The Life-Altering Question is:

    Is It Possible That The Reality I Am Experiencing Is Not Real?

    It is the soul that encourages this question.

    And then there is The Answer to Everything. What I am about to tell you can make it possible for you to never have a negative experience of change again. This is the final piece of the puzzle. This is the lost key, the unknown combination, the secret of secrets.

    Here it is…

    All Change Is For The Better. There Is No Such Thing As Change For The Worse.

    What I have just told you changes everything. No other piece of information is needed, no other data is required. The mind is now empowered to come to a whole new set of conclusions about Life.

    All that we need to do to deal with unexpected, unwanted change in our life is… Change our idea about Change Itself

    We have been seeing change as a disruption, as a break in the flow, as a shift in direction, as an alteration in the condition or circumstance of our lives. Especially with regard to what we view as unwelcome change, this has been our truth. From this truth has emerged our thought, which has created our emotion, which has produced our experience, which has eventuated our reality.

    I want you to think about what I just said. An event is what brings about our reality. Our reality is, in the literal sense, eventuated.

    This is true until we are out of our mind. When we leave the mind and enter the realm of the soul, then it is no longer events that bring about our reality, but pure awareness.

    From awareness emerges Actual Truth, while from events emerges, at best, Apparent Truth and, more usually, Imagined Truth. Thus, from events we travel into a Distorted Reality, while from awareness we move at last into the Ultimate Reality.

    And what is it of which we become aware, that produces such a quantum shift in our overall experience? We become aware of the Actual Truth about Change Itself. We see that change is not a DISruption, but an Eruption. It is life erupting into fuller bloom. We see that change is not a break in the flow, it IS the flow. We see that change is not a shift in direction, it is the direction itself in which all life moves. We see that change is not an alteration in the condition and circumstance of our lives, it IS the condition and circumstance of our lives.

    In our expanded awareness we observe that without change, life itself would not be, for life is movement, and movement is change, by definition.

    The question is not, therefore, whether life will contain change, but what kind of change life will contain?

    And the answer to that question depends upon how (and whether) you utilize your Mind and your Soul, in collaboration.

    The soul is energy. It is the energy of life itself, animating life itself. Life energizes and animates life itself through the process of Life Itself. It is a self-feeding, self-sustaining system.

    Those last few words are vitally important to remember. Life is a self-sustaining system. It never ends, but sustains itself eternally. How? By adapting. Why? So that it can remain forever functional. When it can no longer function in a particular way, it adapts. By its adaptation does it render itself sustainable.

    Life is making its adaptations in every moment. It is always changing. The question is not whether life is always changing, but why? Life is always changing in order to remain always sustainable. Thus, every change that ever occurs is change for the better.

    This new idea about change that I’m inviting you to embrace, when put on a more personal level, reads like this: All change is for your own good.

    Most of us experience this-after the fact.

    Most of us have experienced events which we have called, when they were happening, the worst moments of our lives, only to find, as time went by, that what occurred was one of the best things that ever happened to us.

    The fact is that this is true of everything that has ever happened to us, but we do not know this, we cannot accept this, because some things have turned out for the worst-according to our definition. Yet our definition is warped, constrained as it is by the Mechanics of the Mind, and their inherent limitations.

    The mind may very well know all about what has gone before, but it does not know why. The mind may very well hold all of life’s Past Data, but it does not hold all of life’s information (which is another thing altogether). The mind may very well contain knowledge, but it does not contain wisdom.

    Wisdom lies outside the mind. Wisdom resides within the soul.

    That is why we need to hold both handles of this magnificent tool of creation that I shall now call by its proper name: YOU.

    Let me make something very clear. “Facts” and “awareness” are not the same thing. We can know all the facts about gravity, but if we do not have an awareness of why gravity works, we know nothing. We can know all the facts about electricity, and we can even use electricity, but if we have no awareness of what electricity is and of why it works, we know nothing. We can know all the facts about light, and we can even use light, but if we have no awareness of what light is and of why it works, we know nothing.

    Likewise, we can know all the facts about change, but if we have no awareness of what change is and of why it occurs, we know nothing.

    For instance, we may not know that…

    Nothing changes for the worse. Everything only changes for the better.

    That’s a pretty big statement, and I understand if it’s hard for you to believe. Yet it is true. And next week, we’ll explore that here, as I am wanting to make you more aware of the wonderful wisdom in When Everything Changes, Change Everything-a book than can truly change your life.

    See you then!

    Love and Hugs,

    Neale. © 2010 ReCreation Foundation – – Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. His With God series of books has been translated into 27 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives.

  2. Theo permalink
    September 26, 2010 1:41 am

    Wonderful as your description is it seems to me you are still letting the mind interpret and project your personal spiritual experience as something that is going to happen to all of us. I wish it would !!!!! but how do you know?…..

  3. Mike Walker permalink
    September 26, 2010 12:03 am

    Thanks for sharing Chris, I too have been on a high this past week experiencing several moments of ecstatic Love and Peace. Ascension is upon us.

  4. September 25, 2010 5:40 pm

    As the Light incredibly becomes into a higher frequencies so will the frequencies become highter in our bodys, our minds will be part of that new existence as will our Dreams become much brighter in this new field of existence.
    In this new order of things we will conceptualize the unknowable to know in a much bigger scope of inner thoughts, that there is no going back to our old ways of the mind’s sense of logic in the old paradoxes. We are going to become NEW beings more alive and more real then we could ever conceive of before in the old 3-D mind set we are living in this time frame of the last 3000 earth years.

    Yes that old mind set is still with us in that old energy!!!?? yet it to is changing into New paradoxes of the change we are seeking and bring to Light higher frequencies of un Limitless Love and Light,Love and Light as we wake up and see we all are Godesses!!??!! everyone of us on this Planet will be part of the change a coming; some sooner some much later. As they say Like minded Logic will become Like minded in the higher vibrations and frequencies in the New dimension of existence when we inter the shift into the New Heaven on Earth in the Golden age to come A-Men to that brothers and Sisters.

  5. Malcolm permalink
    September 25, 2010 10:01 am

    Chris and Wendy, I agree totally with your sentiments and offer my abject apologies for anything I write that may seem to tear down what you have written. You are so correct, Chris, in feeling that words cannot describe the reality you felt. One of the reasons that this is so is that language is housed in the Left hemisphere of the brain, in most people, along with logic and reasoning. The Right hemisphere is the home of intuition, emotions and gestalt appreciation/thoughts. The Right brain jumps to conclusions because it does not need to follow a trail of logical bread crumbs—it sees the problem and the answer at the same time. On the bus, Chris, you may have been in a state of reverie where you momentarily accessed your Right brain and pictured thoughts in a way that you knew the Left brain was not equipped to express. Nevertheless, you did a marvelous job of letting us in on your emotions. Thank you.

  6. Wendy Martin permalink
    January 9, 2010 12:37 pm

    You’ve explained what’s happening now so beautifully! Because of the incredibly high frequencies that are permeating our bodies with Light right now, I feel it’s inevitable that our watching and struggling minds can only finally surrender with relief to this all-encompassing Love, and relax and just BE…

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