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What is “Ascension”?

September 24, 2010

Reposted from Oct. 23, 2009

As we near 2012 and the end of the present cycle of duality, “the stage is set for a grand finale,” according to Atmos of Sirius, “a glorious time of enlightenment, and the spreading of much love and harmony. The Light is reaching into people’s heart centers and awakening them to greater possibilities than they have [ever] previously considered.” (1)

The ascended masters, galactics, and celestials who discuss the path to “heavenly transformation” call Ascension “the freedom trail” that leads to a “Golden Age.” (2) What else could Ascension be, they ask, “but Heaven on Earth … beyond your wildest expectations”? (3)

When speaking of it, they cannot escape superlatives. No matter, says SaLuSa of Sirius, “Ascension will by far exceed” any experiences we have had on Earth “and even your most exotic dreams of Utopia.” (4)

Saul describes the ascended space as a “state of total peace, harmony, and balance.” (5) “It is indeed a state of exhilaration and wonder for which [you] have been yearning for eons.” (6)

Previously terrestrial seekers were most accustomed to speaking of “enlightenment.”

The galactics also link ascension with enlightenment.

As SaLuSa says, ascension is a process “that helps you become enlightened.” (7) “The object of working your way to Ascension is to move into a state of enlightenment, and continue to evolve.” (8)

“For those who have not yet experienced spiritual enlightenment,” he adds, “it is hard to convey in words how it affects the psyche.” (9)

We have to be careful relying on our memories because most people’s memories quickly revert to sensual objects like filet mignon and Hawaiian sunsets and ascension is so much more than that.

The fact is that no normal pleasure, even multiplied, could approach what I imagine ascension will offer us.  Mata Amritanandamayi, whom I regard as an avatar or “descent of God,” says that “the happiness that we get from worldly objects is only an infinitesimal fraction of the bliss that we get from within.”  (10)

SaLuSa says Ascension “instills a calmness and peace that is a delightful energy to experience.” (7) We may sometimes reach that same state of stillness within and momentarily experience the exaltation of perfect peace.

As the energies rise, it will be easier and easier to breathe in and feel that bliss.  Someday it will explode and be permanent.

The galactics invite us to reflect on “what it will be like to move within its beauty and majesty all of the time, because that is how it will be.” (11)

SaLuSa predicts that the suddenness of the Ascension transformation will be “quite astonishing.” (12)

Saul agrees. None of our ideas will prepare us for the experience: “Those who are ready will find themselves there, suddenly, to their absolute joy and amazement – amazement because, although they have been praying for it, preparing for it, and longing for it, they can have no idea what it really means until they experience it.” (13)

We may have had a subconscious premonition of it. “At the deepest level, all beings know what Ascension means,” says one source. “Consciously this may be perhaps just a feeling or a knowing that cannot be explained whilst others have full conscious clarity.

“On the highest level of explanation, no third-density being can truly understand the entire picture that is Ascension … but it can be grasped enough to be able to be processed, lived, acted upon, and created.” (14)

Ascension does not require us to give up anything of true value; rather we gain beyond anything we can imagine. If we could but see into the future, SaLuSa suggests, we would have no hesitation in relinquishing the hold that Earth has upon us. (15)

Saul provides us with a synoptic view of the worldwide transformation that Ascension will bring. I’ll end this essay with his words.

“God’s love for His creation is infinite and the magnificent events that He will bring about very shortly now are, of course, unstoppable. It is His desire and intent that humanity move into its natural divine state of full consciousness – and so it will, at exactly the appropriate moment.

“When this happens, immeasurable quantities of divine energies of healing, compassion, peace, harmony, and love will immerse your solar system.

“All who wish it will become instantly aware of their divine God-given heritage and will move to renew their relationship with these energies, which will then flow freely through them.

“The consequent change of perception that all will experience will lead to an immediate laying down of weapons, as all celebrate this wonderful release from the treadmill of karma.

“The energy signature of humanity and of planet Earth will change instantly from its present one of anger, fear, hate, and confrontation to one of love, acceptance, compassion, and renewal, which will shine with such incredible brilliance that it will be clearly visible throughout the galaxy and will demonstrate the completion of this stage of the divine plan of creation.

“Boundless joy is shortly to envelop you all, so during these last moments of the old matrix, hold the vision of the new Golden Age that is about to dawn for you. All is precisely on schedule, the countdown is almost complete, and Heaven on Earth will very soon be yours.” (16)

That is what we are doing all this for. And not just for us, but as the gift we would like to give to everybody.  Everyone, come on in. The water’s warm.

All the want we are suffering from now, all the waiting, all the work is for a permanent state of exaltation, sufficiency, and certainty the star nations call “Ascension” and many terrestrials call “enlightenment.”

It will so eclipse anything you’ve ever experienced that all your work, waiting, and want will be washed from your memory. We will instantly say the whole round of suffering and longing was worth it.  That is where we’re going, all of us, and the planet.  Keep your eyes on the prize  – Ascension is that prize.


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  1. Anara Brinmere permalink
    September 25, 2010 6:38 am

    Some of the channelings seem so contradictory and confusing. In just this one posting, for instance, SaLuSa speaks of, “releasing the hold the earth has on you (us)”. And further down(as in many other channelings), the suggestion is that we ascend WITH the earth. That’s what’s been in my heart since I started the awakening process — a deep love for Gaia and desire for her glowing beauty to be in the next NOW. I’ve felt I’m too far behind to “make it” when I read of other’s highly evolved states. I commented recently “here” on this concern. Shortly after, I had a dream — it was simply bold letters and numbers in sets, something like algebra (tho I’ve no algebra smarts), that seemed to me to suggest something to the effect that I’m being encoded. My heart and inner work has been very strong about this movement. I think maybe some of us need not be concerned that we’re not “up to snuff” in the manner of many we read of on line. Or maybe it’s just me. I only know my heart’s desire, and what I’ve been told personally from my “High Guys”. The heart knows, I believe.

    • September 25, 2010 8:43 am

      Hi, Anara,

      If you read SaLusa’s comment as releasing the grip that duality has on you, it may resolve the apparent conflict between the two statements. Someone – I can’t recall if t was AA Michael, Hilarion, Justine and Moraine, or Saul – recently addressed the problem of us not feeling “good enough” to ascend.

      Not feeling good enough is what I’ve been calling lately a “vasana.” It is a habit pattern of thought that has been engendered out of an earlier upset in life. The galactics will be assisting us to overcome our vasanas. Not feeling good enough is not a barrier to Ascension. If you wish to ascend, that is the major prerequisite to ascending. It is not wishing to ascend that is the major cause of not ascending in a freewill world.

      We all of us have some vasanas, which you may wish to consider the “unfinished business” of life.

      So just notice that you don’t feel good enough and allow that to be. Or you may wish to follow the process I outlined in “I Feel Upset. … Oh, Great.” When the time is right you’ll be given the help to move through that state of mind.



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