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Anonwizard: Venus and the Higher Dimensions

September 24, 2010

Third-density Venus reveals nothing of the glories of her form in higher dimensions. Like Earth after 2012?

Gordon (Anonwizard) has published a very interesting discussion of densities, Venus, Ker-On and other Venusian visitors to Earth, and related subjects, that I’d like to post here as well.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post more of this thoughtful pieces in the future.

Gordon says of himself that he has studied science, practiced spirituality, and writes a blog at

Thanks for the great work, Gordon.

Venus and the Higher Dimensions

July 25, 2010

Galactic Messages

Mike Quinsey has brought forth messages for half a decade or more, and although nowadays the main messenger is SaLuSa, in the not so distant past, he published messages from others associated with the Galactic Federation. One in particular that has always intrigued me is Ker-On from Venus. The reason is that Venus is our closest sister planet, and if you talked to any scientist, they would immediately scoff the whole thing off, because, let’s face it, space probes have revealed that Venus has a hot, poisonous atmosphere, and its surface is a baking hot oven. It doesn’t look like a likely place for life. I love looking at those things that seem to fly directly into the face of the facts, because they are either spectacularly wrong, or spectacularly right.

Ker-On, through Mike Quinsey, says the following (from Ker-On 22 Oct 2008):

I come from the planet Venus, known to you as the one associated with the energy of love. A hostile planet as you see it, yet on a higher dimension one of beauty with its crystal cities. You look at other planets and see no possibility of life, yet all have similar dimensions to ours and some are even higher. Life is everywhere around you, therefore what could be more natural than contact being made with you.

Ker-On 3 July 2009

As a Venusian and with the coming of Ascension I am also moving with my planet Venus, although it is presently in a higher dimension than yours. Even as it is now vibrating on a higher level, it is more like the new Earth you will ascend with. It is paradise compared to what you have now, and if you could just glimpse what that means you would have no hesitation in setting your sights upon Ascension.

Ker-On once spoke of George Adamski, a contactee of the Venusians in the 1950s.

Ker-On 4 March 2009

I am Ker-On from Venus, and we are also of those Galactic Federation members that have had direct contact with you in the past. Our link also goes far back in your history, and yet reaches to recent times when we contacted some of you, such as your George Adamski. Our bell shaped scout craft are well known to you, and photographed many times. We stand amongst those who are most like the human form, and we could easily pass as one of you.

If you look into the story of George Adamski, you find that he was contacted in 1952 by a Venusian named Orthon, who was very human-looking. He was told that the reason the beings were contacting Earth now was because of the dangers of nuclear weaponry. His communication with Adamski included spiritual knowledge in addition to warnings about atomic weapons.

Also, a story is told about other Venusian visitors to Earth, Valiant Thor and two other crew members in the late 1950s. Valiant Thor supposedly arrived in Washington, D.C., and was given a visit to the Pentagon, where he met with Richard Nixon who was then the Vice President.

The story is the most documented “official” ET visit to the governments of Earth, and is told in the book, Stranger at the Pentagon, by Frank E. Stranges. For more information about Valiant Thor’s visit, see Stick’s post #41 in the 7 June 2010 message board:

Now if that isn’t enough to push one thoroughly past the limits of belief, consider the story of Omnec Onec, a Venusian girl who was supposedly left on Earth to be “raised by humans.”  See

There is a discussion of the so-called “denser life wave of Earth” which she must adapt to: “When her uncle accepted a mission to the denser life wave of Earth she chose to come along in order to make up some lapses in her own experience in the denser physical realm and to balance some unfinished Karma, both physically and with other personalities here…. She was carefully conditioned to our density and became physically manifest in an Earth-body equivalent to a 7-year-old girl.”

Well, today, all this reads like quaint 1950s science fiction. Once Venus was found to be inhospitable, with clouds of roiling sulfuric acid and oven-like temperatures, those who had claimed to have contact with the Venusians were thought to be naïve or fraudulent. However, my question is, could these stories actually have been true, and is Venus habitable in a higher dimension, just as Ker-On says. And if so, what does this teach us about dimensions or densities and the nature of reality?

The book “The Law of One” is considered to be one of the best channeled sources. This was the work that first introduced the term “density” to describe levels of existence. The entity Ra said the following when asked about Venus:

Its core vibrational frequency is sixth density. However we, as a social memory complex have elected to leave that influence. Therefore, the beings inhabiting this planetary influence at this space/time are fifth-density entities. The planet may be considered a fifth/sixth-density planet.

As far as I can tell, the use of the term density and dimension are pretty much equivalent, so for the purpose of this discussion, let’s assume they are close or the same. I prefer the term “density” but I see that many channels use “dimension”. The use of “dimension” in this context is not to be confused with the use of “dimension” to refer to the three spatial dimensions of third-density.

The channel Lyssa Royal used a 7-density scale described here:

Other channels speak of a 12-density scale, for example the Founders through Sal Rachele in a book called “Earth Changes and 2012” speak of a 12-density scale. It’s possible that the 12-density scale encompasses higher dimensions and densities than the 7-density scale, or the other possibility is that both are models that divide the same set of dimensions/densities up according to a different scheme. So it’s possible that fourth and fifth density in the 12-density scale is the same as fourth density in the 7-density scale. Given these different models, it’s not always possible, I think, to directly compare the numbered densities or dimensions given by different channels.

A good example is that many writings now suggest that Earth is moving from third up to fifth density, with fourth density being an intermediate density that Earth will pass through.  Matthew says this.  I was familiar with earlier channeling that suggested that Earth was going to move into fourth density and stay there for an extended time as a fourth-density world.  I asked Suzy Ward why Earth was skipping fourth density, and the reply in Matthew’s message was that Earth is not skipping anything, but she will pass through fourth density on her way to fifth.  It is possible that what is referred to as fifth density by Matthew and Mike Quinsey is the same as what Lyssa Royal referred to as fourth density.  It is possible that fourth and fifth densities in the 12-density system is equivalent to the fourth density in the 7-density system.  Or maybe the information truly is different and incompatible.

I think this information about Venus is a clue that can help us understand what is happening with Earth. We are told that Earth is ascending, moving from third density to a higher density or dimension. We are also told that Venus is likewise moving to a higher dimension, so whatever is happening, is happening to the whole solar system at once. We are given a picture of the planetary system with series of levels of reality, from lower to higher.

An analogy could be the energy levels in a molecular system. In a typical small molecule, there are several electronic energy levels, or quantum states that the molecule can be in. These energy levels are the ground state, which is the lowest energy state, and one or more excited states, that have higher energy. The higher energy levels have a higher level of vibration. An example of excited electronic states in action is the laser. A laser emits that specific frequency (color) of light because that is the energy difference between the ground state and an excited state, and there is power being pumped into the gas to cause the molecules to be stimulated into that state of excitation, and as they return back down to the ground state, they give off the green light. So now I’m going to take this molecular idea and apply it to planetary states. Let us say that a planetary body may have a spectrum of states, from the lowest vibration or ground state (first density) to successively higher states. These states are states of being and define realms of reality.

Life can exist in various of these states or densities. They also define what part of the universe one is able to see. From third density Earth, we look out upon third-density space and third-density stars, planets, moons and so on. Any part of the universe that is vibrating at too high a density is not visible to us. The density states differ in energy or vibration, but unlike the electronic states of a molecule, these states define realms of life and conscious awareness. But there is another way in which density has scale and that is that each soul has a level of vibration. Not only is the Earth we know a third-density world, but we are third-density souls now learning how to become fourth-density souls.

In some channeled writings, it is stated explicitly that souls have their own density scale, and the density level of a soul can be different from the density of the realm they are in, especially if souls move from one density to another. This means that a higher dimensional being could come to the third-density Earth. It also means that an Earth human could, through spiritual focus and advancement, attain fourth or fifth density and directly ascend. But a fifth density being might have to choose whether to appear as an etheric fifth density entity, and maybe go unnoticed, or “step down” in vibration to be seen by third-density humans. I wonder if a being like Valiant Thor had any problems stepping down into third density, and if he had any trouble getting out. Some channels have said that ETs avoid visiting third-density Earth because of the danger of getting entrapped and not being able to rise out again.

What about lower densities, according to this model? First density is supposed to be mineral consciousness, or what we would call non-living matter. Second density is supposed to be animal and plant life. Third density is intelligent awareness but as a separate individual “ego”, and fourth density is intelligent awareness as individuals connected to unity consciousness. Fifth density is beyond biological, where the body is a light body.

The other difficult thing is the notion of the higher densities including the lower ones. In third density Earth, we can easily see the mineral kingdom and the plant and animal kingdoms that coexist with us in third-density Earth.  The plant and animal souls are second density consciousness in a third-density world. Looking into the past, another important realization is that Earth has moved up through the density scales. Our third-density Earth was once a second-density planet populated only with animal and plant life. And before that, it was a first density world coalescing out of the primordial gas clouds. Now if we look at other worlds in our solar system, we see that they don’t support life in the third density. Would we call the Moon or Mars a first density world, or would we call it a third density world since we are calling everything we see third density? In some channeled writings, it is said that the lower densities are not like separate levels but are, instead, included within the higher densities. That would mean, I believe, that the physical ground of the Earth that we see is first density Earth and the plant and animal kingdoms are second density Earth. If the molecular analogy holds, densities are potentials for life to exist, but the levels may be unoccupied by life, just as an atom or molecule has various energy levels, but some may be unoccupied.

The rule seems to be that one’s view of reality is shaped by the density one is on, and to some extent one can only perceive that which is compatible with the density one is at. A first density rock has no understanding or comprehension of living matter beyond its physical properties. Higher dimensional life lies outside the understanding of lower dimensional life, but that lower dimensional life is perceivable and understandable to higher dimensional life. The higher-dimensional Venusians understood what was happening on Earth, and were able to speak fluently and displayed a knowledge of Earth’s culture. Our world was entirely visible and understandable to them, but theirs is completely invisible to us, and scientifically impossible to conceive of given our current understandings.

Third density objects might appear as a part of the fourth-density reality, but it may be possible to move through solid objects by phase-shifting to a higher density. This is how fourth density alien beings move through walls.  There are plenty of reports of beams of light moving human beings through solid walls also as part of the “abduction” process.

As Earth ascends into higher dimensions, how will our perception of the world, solar system and universe around us change? Some of what we’ve heard in these messages:

  • We’ll be outside of the strict linearity of time.
  • Our perceptions will be altered, so that the world around us appears more vibrant, colors will be more vivid, objects will have an emanation of their own inner light, and other living things will appear more diverse and magnificent.
  • We will see more of what exists in the universe. That means some of the higher-dimensional (fourth and fifth) levels of other worlds.

But, will we see the fabled fifth-dimensional crystal cities of Venus, as mentioned by Ker-On? We are told that as Earth ascends, Venus also moves up, and Ker-On moves up with Venus to the next higher dimension. We are told that the planet is now a fifth/sixth density planet, which means that it is somehow in a stage where the entities are fifth density and the environment supports fifth and sixth densities. If it is ascending now, it may be moving from fifth/sixth to sixth/seventh, or perhaps just more fully into sixth. If we are moving into fourth/fifth density then those crystal cities might still elude us, and maybe the Venus that we see from the perspective of fourth/fifth density will still be devoid of life. The question is, when a planet ascends, does each dimensional level move up, so that fifth/sixth density Venus becomes sixth/seventh, and at the same time, third-density Venus becomes fourth or fifth? If so, then it makes sense that maybe fourth/fifth density Venus will be a world that is ready for us to inhabit, as Sheldon Nidle says.

Sheldon Nidle 28 April 2009

Mars and Venus, too, will be terraformed and ready to receive those of you who choose to move there.

Sheldon Nidle 14 July 2009

The things happening now on Mars and Venus are precursors of the extensive remodeling that will return them to full-fledged status as water planets.

Sheldon Nidle 27 October 2009

You are to immigrate to Mars and Venus, and eventually to the reconstituted water-planet Pax, the remains of which form your Asteroid Belt.

The whole solar system is ascending. The new system contains the ascended fourth/fifth density Venus, the ascended Mars, which are the ascended versions of the current third-density worlds. But at the same time, there will still be a sixth or seventh density Venus which is the ascended form of the current fifth/sixth density Venus with the crystal cities that Ker-On comes from. Those beings would see the new human immigrants in fourth and/or fifth density and be able to communicate with them, from their higher-dimensional perspective, much as they do now. I’m not even going to go into the asteroid belt, because that’s just crazy. Trying to wrap one’s head around all this can be challenging.

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  1. September 26, 2010 2:25 pm

    Hi Steve,

    First, I believe the blog I’ve been working on is now in a presentable state, so please check it out. My last post was on you actually 🙂

    Now to this message, where you wrote:

    It’s possible that the 12-density scale encompasses higher dimensions and densities than the 7-density scale, or the other possibility is that both are models that divide the same set of dimensions/densities up according to a different scheme.

    Your first assumption is the correct one. The individual soul ends at 7D and the multi-soul beings (oversouls, creator gods, etc.) begin at 8D. Check out my post on the topic:

    Om Tat Sat

  2. Anara Brinmere permalink
    September 24, 2010 4:52 pm

    Well, Steve, you’ll think me completely nuts, but — I’ve mentioned “conversing and receiving teachings from rocks” — a closer reality is that “they” have elemental entities with intelligence. Quite astounding intelligence. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. I’m given to understand that every “thing” on Gaia has a Deva and elementals. Like we have guardian (or whatever you wanna call them) angels, and guides. We can communicate where and how we are, so to speak.

    • September 24, 2010 6:37 pm

      My horizons are expanding daily, Anara. I don’t think what you say is crazy at all.


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