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How to Copy and Paste an URL

September 23, 2010

Thanks very much to Tom for this procedure!!!

Mouse with right and left button

1. Using your mouse, move the ‘cursor’ to either the end or the beginning of the URL to be copied.
– Be sure to include ONLY the URL, no punctuation marks before or after.
– A URL will always start with http or www. It will end with a letter or  / , never a period, comma or parentheses.

2. Push, and hold down the left (usually) mouse button, and drag the cursor over the URL (or anything else you want to cut or copy).
– the text will ‘highlight’ in some color different from the background.

3. Push and hold down the “Ctrl” key, usually on the far lower left corner of the keyboard.
– With the Ctrl key held down, press the C key.
– You will not see anything happen.
– The above procedure copies whatever is highlighted on to the computer ‘clipboard’ for later use.
– You can copy words, sentences, entire pages – whatever is highlighted. (Ctrl + A highlights a whole page.)

4. On your browser address (URL) line, highlight (like you did before) whatever URL is there now.

Browser. The URL line is above the word "Google"

– On Firefox, just clicking there will highlight it, on other browsers, you may have to drag the cursor.

– Make sure you get the entire URL, as some of them are so long they go off the screen.
– Now, do Ctrl + V (just like you did before, except use V in place of C)
– The above procedure ‘pastes’ whatever is on the computer clipboard, to the highlighted space.
– This will work also if the cursor is in a blank URL address line.
– You should see the URL change.
– In this case, it pastes the previously copied URL into the browser address window.

5. Press the Enter key (‘Return’ on some keyboards)
– That should take you to the new URL page.

Confusion, questions – contact me.


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