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Anonwizard: These Trying Times

September 23, 2010

Thoughtful commentary from one of our number.

These Trying Times

March 13, 2010

We live in interesting times. Perhaps it is an apocalypse of sorts.  Call it what you will, but few would deny that these are extraordinary times. The degree to which humanity has reached a point of crisis is almost beyond dispute, with the certain proof of global climate change, the weather changes, and most disturbing, the recent spate of severe earthquakes.

The essentials of this crisis are well known.  The climate crisis, the energy crisis.  And now, the financial crisis, the healthcare crisis, and the environmental crisis.  And add to that the religious ideas about the apocalypse, a rampant increase in psychic predictions of imminent, dramatic change, and it seems everyone has some form of a belief that we are entering into ”the End Times.”

Of course, the wise, of which there are many now, know that this will not be an end.  Only the foolish believe that the world will ceast to exist. Negative thinkers may believe that the world will come to a destructive demise.  But some see the End Times positively, or at least as ultimately having a good outcome, even if we have to go through some difficult experiences. The new idea of the End Times is that it is a time of dramatic transition.

What exactly the true nature of this transition means is not at all clear to us.  But that is because we are the fish, wondering if there is a world outside of our little tank.  We know there is a whole universe there, our science tells of its immense size and magnificence.  But since we are confined securely in this tank, we do not know the world outside.

I believe what we are going to see happen is a phase transition in consciousness. It is a change from one state of consciousness to another.  Perhaps a quantum leap, but perhaps simply a shift in energy and form, from one configuration to another.  Just like a liquid changing into a gas.  This new state of consciousness is one that many people have glimpsed.

Such people are the fish that have jumped out of the water and entered the air.  They bring back reports of a very different world.  Some of them are mystics and spiritual seekers, but many of them are just ordinary people who, like the fish who jumped into the air, happened to be in the right place at the right time, in the right frame of mind to have a glimpse of that other phase, that other realm of consciousness.

Then of course there are the mystics, the shamans, the witches and wise  hermits, the psychics, and the intuitives that have long borne witness to the truth that this is not the only realm of being. They have  been much ridiculed, persecuted and maligned in our world.  The world that these wise ones have described is a world of natural spirituality.  A world that sees the energy of nature in every mote of dust and wisp of hair.

I believe that we are entering a time when we come to know certain truths that have remained hidden for much of human history.  And I do not mean know with the mind, I mean know with our inner knowingness, the same way we know that we exist and that we feel.

We will come to know our true nature, by actually reconfiguring our egos and our souls into a new relationship, a relationship where we experience ourselves not just as physical beings, but as spiritual beings in physical bodies.

I also believe that science will unify with spirituality in the form of a New Spiritual Science, with postulates, expressed scientifically, that explain the nature of the soul and its fragmentation from God.  The mathematics will be somewhat like the mathematics of bosons and fermions, and it will reveal that the physics of particles is also the science of the structure of the soul.  And we will know mathematically what the soul is.

This new physics will allow for the explanation of so-called “faster than light” travel and usher in a revolution in energy technology.  It will shed light on low energy nuclear reactions, cold fusion, and claims of zero-point technology. The stupendous energy of matter will become available to us to use.

We know all this from carefully looking at reincarnation cases, UFO cases, reports of psychic phenomena, all of which have some validity and point to the same core truth, that we are not alone and never have been.  The enigmatic UFO pilots will one day be introduced to us, or introduce themselves.  Events have been building up to this for a long time now.

So these are interesting times.  We have help, we have always had help.  Cultures throughout the world have remembered some of the beings from other worlds who interacted with us.

The answers to the crises we have been facing these last years are what so many have been busy denying for just as long: that we are not alone in the universe, that we are not just bodies, but rather are powerful spiritual beings, and that unlimited energy is available to us.

With these revelations, we solve the climate crisis by switching over to “cold fusion” energy; we solve our economic problems by providing cheap, abundant energy to all; and we solve environmental crises all over the world by no longer needing to rely so much on exploiting the Earth’s overused resources.

With greater energy and economic security, peace and general enlightenment becomes possible, and we learn to live together in harmony.

That is my vision for our future: a world united in peace and the sure embrace of our own true nature as eternal souls. This would would not be one world religion. It would however be a common recognition of the perennial wisdom, but now unified and expressed in mathematical form with advanced scientific theories.  This new understanding would embrace the kernel of truth in each tradition and culture, and honor all cultures and traditions as the varied expressions of our common human search for  truth and wisdom.

Divine Timing

January 7, 2010 at 3:41 pm (Uncategorized)

Open contact with extraterrestrial life would be the biggest event in human history. There are those who impatiently cannot wait for this to occur. They complain to the skies, “Where are you already?” Such attitudes are not helpful.

What would be more helpful would be to take some kind of constructive action to help bring about contact. Talk to someone who may be open about the possibility. Speak at a level that they can accept and go slowly, letting them absorb what you have to say. Try to open up their minds just a little bit, not too much at once. If they resist too much, drop it.

Or let your desire for UFO disclosure be known. Lobby your governments. Write to the President, the Prime Minister, or whoever is in charge of things where you live. Let them know that you are ready for the truth about extraterrestrials.

There is a divine timing to such things. Beings of higher consciousness are very aware of this. They are “in tune” with the flow of the Tao. They will not move forward unless it is the right time.

There is much that could go wrong with contact. It could be spun in a negative way. This could set us back significantly, and make life painful in ways that it doesn’t need to be.

First Contact, an open visit by extraterrestrial beings to Earth, will happen. It is only a matter of time. We have waited a very long time, I think we can wait a little longer. In the meantime, we all have many other things to do…

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  1. lou permalink
    September 24, 2010 11:53 am

    Hi Steve, my new mantra is “I want the truth”…you wrote a piece on truth quite awhile back and I have never forgotten your focus which was “all I want is the truth”!

    If the truth is revealed about our ET space family, all other truths will quickly follow. The truth about religious dogma, the truth about the shadow government, the truth about advanced black op activities, the truth about our economy, wall street, perpetual control, big pharma, the military industrial complex’s role in secrecy, corporate business and much much more truth will be revealed. It’s just a matter of one truth coming forth and all the rest of the truths will be revealed.

    Truth is a very powerful thing…and with it will come enlightenment, compassion, love and freedom.

  2. Vendo permalink
    September 23, 2010 4:56 pm

    Great piece Steve, I enjoyed it. The thing about trying to define and imagine “post shift” is the lack of any real basis for comparison. This isn’t meant as criticism at all. So why even bring it up? … I think it’s incumbent upon us, and you know who I mean by us, to stay light on our feet. I think a little show of stability is going to go a long way for a period of time.

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