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D.L. Zeta: The Transformation is at Hand: Heightened Perception and New Oceans of Possibility

September 22, 2010

The Transformation is at Hand: Heightened Perception and New Oceans of Possibility

Aug. 13, 2010

The intense energies of Summer 2010 blazed a path for new levels of transformation that now allow each person to access the next phase of intuitive perception and heightened consciousness. During this transition, your conscious mind may struggle and resist the untested waters of new possibilities, and your body may undergo shifts and transformations that leave you feeling ungrounded and disoriented.

The key during this time is trust and allowing as you learn to navigate new levels of unconditional love and heightened perception.

Decoding Visions from your Higher Self

As you move into this new time, you will find new visions, ideas and dreams arriving on the movie screen of your mind. Some of these may seem far afield from what you have previously seen for yourself. Take care not to automatically discount a vision because it does not seem possible from your present frame of reference.

Your field of possibilities is changing now to accommodate the clearings that have taken place in recent months. These clearings made room for a new level of existence. This new level brings with it a new set of potentials.

Also hold in mind that your higher self speaks to you in the language of symbols, so literal interpretations of images downloaded into your consciousness may not apply. For example, if you see yourself climbing a tall mountain, the image may be about an upcoming challenge rather than guidance to buy a pair of climbing shoes and schedule a trip to climb Mount Everest. It is a good time to begin an intuitive journal to record these images so you can keep a record of them and interpret them as you would dreams symbols. In weeks and months ahead, the symbols will likely show up again and over time their meaning will become clear.

These new visions are showing you how to manifest new levels of consciousness into your physical reality. Physical realities that are no longer aligned with your inner realities will create points of stress, frustration and upheaval.

Future Memory and New Levels of Intuitive Perception

Many of you are now experiencing new levels of intuitive perception. This makes it more possible to perceive “near future” moments and happenings before they actually occur. To your subconscious mind, there is no past or future. All-time resides in one expanded moment of now. From this expanded continuum, future moments become as clear to you as your past. In fact, the meaning of past moments now becomes clearer so you’re able to view all experiences from the light of a more finely-tuned consciousness. The key to enhanced powers of perception lies in allowing yourself to exist in a heightened space of sensitivity.

Heightened Sensitivity and the Pain of Powerful Passages

Whenever you move to a new level of perception, you enter a space of heightened sensitivity. In this new space, you will observe deeper levels of everything that goes on around and within you. You will sense deeper levels of suffering that will trigger new levels of love and compassion. For a time, a new level of light and the increased sensitivity it brings can seem painful. Do not turn away from this passage. Rather, hold it in a space of love and compassion. From a place of love, all is understood at a higher level. Your conscious mind will want to understand the transitions taking place now but this will not always be possible.

You are being asked to move to a new level of love and compassion for all you sense and perceive. Trust in the power of unconditional love and let your consciousness rest there whenever the winds of transformation leave you feeling out of sorts.

Grief, Alienation, Disillusionment and Physical Symptoms

During this time, it’s not uncommon to experience feelings of alienation and disillusionment. You may find yourself crying for no reason at all. Feelings of grief and loss may come front and center now. Whatever was not properly mourned from the past will come before you with brilliant intensity. These feelings will be triggered by feelings of loss for people, situations and realities that are now passing from your daily experience. You may no longer feel connected to people and situations that have long been part of your life. Physically, you may feel the need to sleep long hours; you may feel dizzy and ungrounded at times. Accidents and out of synch timing may be common. The more you can take time out from schedules and obligations, the better you will feel. Break loose from your moorings and let yourself drift in silence upon this new ocean of possibility that stretches to infinity.

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