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Videos on Ascension Continue to Multiply

September 21, 2010

Ascension is entering pop culture not only through music but, as would be expected, through videos. I would imagine this will snowball as time progresses.

I chose a selection, but ran out of time, there are so many. If all this were a fantasy, as many millenarian predictions have been, I don’t think it would attract this much attention. No matter how many people stood on a street corner and proclaimed the end of the world in years past, their sentiments never caught fire as Ascension today is doing.

For that fire to spread, it has to connect with deep-seated knowledge. It has to resonate.

So here is a selection of videos on Ascension 2012.

Bashar has a number of videos out on Ascension. Here is one:

And here is David Wilcock from Sept. 2009, on Ascension 2012, done for Project Camelot. Doubleclick to go to Youtube and watch more. This is a landmark video in historical terms.

David Childerly on detaching from the drama.

One of the things he says here is to stop giving energy to all the bad, negative, evil stuff in the world because your focus on that is not only making it grow, but also lowering our vibrations. Well, that thought has definitely arisen for me recently.

Written presentations:

One on the Merkabah or light body and Ascension:

Nice graphics here. No words, but very suggestive and refreshing.

And two from a somewhat ungrounded speaker, but just to show you the range of videos out there:

And this one must be the fast food of videos, but again it shows you what is out there:

There are also a great number of Ascension-related songs and music.

OK, I’m arbitrarily going to stop here. But I could have gone on for some time.

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  1. Cheri permalink
    September 22, 2010 9:36 am

    O thank you this is soooooo nice , i love this group…..

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