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The Galactics Follow a Divine Plan – Part 2/2

September 21, 2010

(Continued from Part 1)

Saul tells us that the spiritual hierarchy and galactics await the start of events with great eagerness.

“We are all waiting with heightened awareness, as the intensity of our expectations increases moment by moment for the unveiling of the masterplan for planet Earth. Its implementation will completely change the way that humanity lives on Earth.” (20)

The divine plan anticipated the chaos and tumult of this Time of Troubles, Matthew Ward tells us.

“The tumult within individuals caused by this mass forgetfulness during the changeover from ‘old’ to ‘new,’ most simply speaking, was anticipated by the highest universal council members who long ago conceived and crafted the Golden Age’s master plan.” (21)

Moreover, SaLuSa says, the galactics and spirit hierarchy have the flexibility and power to accommodate any needed changes.

“There is a clearly-defined plan for your future, but we can easily accommodate any changes necessary. We follow all events taking place on Earth, and as a result can adjust our actions accordingly. However, there is a core plan which shall manifest and take you through to Ascension as intended.” (22)

“Little by little the divine orchestration continues,” Mira the Pleiadian says. (23) “All proceeds in an orderly manner with purpose even if you cannot grasp it,” Atmos of Sirius reassures us. (24) “Nothing can prevent [the divine plan] manifesting in Ascension,” SaLuSa tells us. (25)

“The path to Ascension is to be cleared of any attempts to prevent it from manifesting, and be sure, Dear Ones, that when a divine edict is given it is the Law of the Creator.” (26)

“The Elders have ensured that there is no shortage of attention to your needs, and the end times are meticulously planned for total success. (27)

“Your glorious future is absolutely certain, and it is written into the plan decreed by the Creator.” (28)

Since Ascension is a divine plan, Saul tells us, it cannot but unfold as intended.

“The divine plan continues to unfold precisely as intended, and as it must; nothing else is possible. Your awareness of it will increase and intensify as your energy frequency rises in preparation for leaving your illusory reality of fear, suffering, pain, and death.” (29)

Furthermore, Ascension does not depend on what particular path we take to it. “The grand plan for Man is perfect in its concept and whatever path you take, it will always lead to your goal.” (30)

The galactics reassure us that they will remain with us the entire way.

“Face the future with confidence as we are accompanying you all of the way. It should give you a greater degree of security and certainty of safely reaching your goal. Let us repeat that there is nothing to fear, your future is absolutely assured – and that is by Divine Decree. A Universal edict has been served on all creation that has responded by preparing in readiness for the great change to the higher dimensions.

“You have to be helped, which is why we are here in great numbers. Now you can see why we work incessantly with our allies, as we are keen to get started through direct contact with you. That is not far away now, but we shall choose our time well when it is most suitable for a successful open first contact.” (31)

Once events start happening, SaLuSa says, they will move quickly.

“Our presence is … part of the greater plan, and we will join you at the appropriate time and ensure your progress takes off in leaps and bounds. Our preparations have been in place for a long time and updated and ready to commence at a minute’s notice. As always our influence and guidance is felt by many of you, and we work with you even although you may be unaware of it.” (32)

“There will be a co-ordinated plan between our allies, and us of the Galactic Federation and events will follow quickly once they get started. At each stage we shall prepare you for what follows, as it is so important that our actions are clearly understood. We do not thrust things upon you without due consideration as to how it will affect you. …

“At times it will seem hectic, but the object is to clear out that which has no place in your future.” (33)

The galactics can see the outcome of events already, SaLuSa says. “Does it seem strange to you that the outcome of this cycle is already known, and that is because ‘All is in the Now’ and seen quite clearly from our realms.” (33)

He reassures us that we are not a collection of sinners awaiting retribution at the end of times.

“You are not some collection of evil souls that are being punished; indeed you are glorious souls of Light that have left the higher dimensions to experience duality. You are worthy of very effort that is being made to lift up as many souls as possible.” (34)

In light of these reassurances, Jeshua counsels us to cultivate patience. Everything is unfolding as it should.

“Cultivate the strength of patience. Know that all is in your divine order. Everything is unfolding for the best. If you have felt that you have been held back from doing something, allow yourself to understand the gift of timing. …

“There is a divine timing about everything. …

“Nothing is ever done by chance; it is all by divine plan.” (35)

From these communications, we can see that Ascension is the central part of a Divine Plan for the Universe, including Planet Earth,and nothing can stop it happening. To help Earth’s hierarchy with Ascension, Earth’s spiritual hierarchy asked the assistance of the space federations who have watched over Earth since the beginnings of human habitation. They have come in their millions upon millions and join the ascended masters and celestials who are guiding the process. They will remain with us through the entire process and ensure its success.

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5 Comments leave one →
  1. Gunnar permalink
    September 22, 2010 4:20 pm

    I wonder how much time you put into these.

    And do you still have the long days of decades past to your disposal? Mine seem pretty short already 😉

    • September 22, 2010 10:08 pm

      No, actually, Gunnar, I don’t have the long days of decades past. The days race by. Heaven help us all when things get really busy after disclosure.

      I’m still “doing it and digging it” so I don’t notice time passing. When I’m “doing it and not digging it,” then I’ll be able to tell how much time goes into an article! But when that happens, I may move to “not doing it and digging It” and doing something else!!!!



      • Gunnar permalink
        September 23, 2010 3:29 am


        I wonder what you expect to happen to your “responsibilities” after disclosure. I expect the TV watchers to keep watching TV, but then with hopefully some truth on it.

        Be well.

  2. September 22, 2010 2:01 pm

    Dear Steve,

    We do not have to wait for ascension to happen in 2012. You can work for it and do it here and now. No, the world will not change with you, but you can leave the frustration and waiting behind and develop new insights and new talents.

    I was very sad in October when the (half) predicted disclosure did not happen, but I realise now that I can go on in my journey regardless. I might meet the beings on spaceships. I might visit other planets or develop new powers or perceptions and in doing so will bring more light to our planet.

    Your soul will help you to ascend. Your soul wants you to do it. So listen up and record your dreams. Tell your soul you want it too and wait for the reaction! Beyond The Veil by David and Celest was for me “Ascension For Dummies”. Lots of advice on how to do it.

    I am no more anxiously waiting for disclosure. It would be nice if it happened though!



  3. September 22, 2010 5:36 am

    Steve, you continue to amaze with me. You integrate all so well. My love and my light to you, my brother!!

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