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Blossom’s FOL Hints at Disclosure

September 21, 2010

A few words of introduction are needed for Blossom’s latest message from the Federation of Light (FOL). Most of us who followed events in 2008 will remember Blossom’s message that “decloaking” would occur on … I hesitate to put the date in writing lest anyone begin to focus on it again this year.  Let’s say, mid-October.

Many other sources agreed with Blossom’s FOL.  And many of us were ecstatic to hear that the galactics would make an appearance in our skies.

However, the appearance did not occur and many in the disclosure community were left feeling massively disappointed. In the post, “Why Rumors Always in October and November?, I gave Matthew’s explanation for why the event was called off.

I personally railed at Adamu, whose messages I favored at the time, asking why the galactics could not be counted on to keep their word. Not an uplifting memory for me. I’m sure he, being of a higher dimension, was OK with it.

There were other repercussions. The failure of disclosure at the time was a big to-do for me at least and I imagine for many others.

Now Blossom’s source returns to the subject around the anniversary of that event. They hint that they have a second disclosure announcement to make in their next message. Echoes of the 2008 event can be heard in this current exchange.

It must be a touchy subject for her and she sounds reticent to have it raised. That also may be why the FOL does it in stages. So that is background to her current message.

I have to admit that I do feel a joy and excitement myself whose origins I cannot find, just as the FOL mentions in their message.

Blossom: Hiya. I have been feeling the ‘urge’ to speak with you over the last few days. I just needed to find a time frame when it was suitable. And here it is! Fire away!

Federation of Light (FoL): We greet your heart with the warmth of our Love and understanding this day. We accept the difficulties that can arise on occasion that deter from communicating with you at our convenience … We give to you joy for the time we are now able to correspond.

Blossom: I felt there was something you needed to say rather than the usual ‘it’s time for another one’ if you know what I mean? Is there?

FoL: Yes indeed. Although we are tentative in bringing forth a subject that is also at the back of your mind.

Blossom: Well, I will try with all my heart to ‘listen’ and not interrupt or make judgment or comment … although you know me … sometimes I can’t help myself … and you do your best … as I know you will … to send the message through in a way that you know I can best accept it.

FoL: Very well. This we are in agreement with.

Throughout your days upon planet Earth, never has it been diagnosed as a willing participant in experiences that would overshadow that which is of a worthy cause. That which is of benefit to the whole. Your planet and all that reside upon and within it, in fact the very core of the earth itself … had a purpose to fulfil. A reason for its existence.

It allowed temptation to succumb to its desires for the needs of itself and in doing so … much that was originally thought of and discussed simply had to be discarded, for it was clear after a time that plans would not be able to be brought into fruition.

There was much ‘storyboarding’. There was much integration of ideas. There was commitment by groups such as ourselves and yourselves that would be followed through regardless of anything that may try to interfere or destruct.

If we can now prove to you a matter that seems unending … what would you do?

Blossom: Well, jumping no guns here, and not putting any thoughts of what you are talking about into my head … anyone’s answer of proof of anything is surely going to be … ‘be happy !’

FoL: An interesting answer. For it would depend, would it not, on ‘proof of what’ as to whether that proof would make one’s soul happy or sad.

Blossom:Yes. Fair point. But proof of something at least allows one to know for sure and it can finally settle a matter once and for all.

FoL: This is correct. Therefore, that which we are about to impart is what we would call ‘appropriate’ at this given time. This is why you were feeling our need to communicate for we feel the time to give this information out is indeed ‘appropriate’.

Blossom: Then by all means … although my heart is fluttering like a butterflly’s wings … please go ahead … impart away!

FoL: Dearest lady … dearest souls of earth… for so long now have you assisted your empowerment of yourselves. You have brought yourselves to a place within your Light that has led us to KNOW that much has been achieved because of this.

You have understood the need to raise your BEINGS from the place to which they had fallen and once again bring power as individuals to all that is. You have diligently faced trials and continued on when at times it felt that there was little energy left to do so. But your souls shone through.

They are now in a position to accept a new way. They resonate on a level that can ‘see’ far more than they were able only a few of your years ago. Therefore we have made decisions to bring about changes that will astound and give you new hope. We shall be a breath of fresh air to those who know [us.]

Blossom: You already are, believe me.

FoL: We do! Yet, it is necessary to indulge you a little further in knowledge before we can …

Blossom: Yep … I heard you …

FoL: Start our descent.

Blossom: Indulge away!

FoL: Consider for one moment the consequences of proof … tangible Truth of our existence. Many of you have done so … and the outcome was that of mixed reactions … depending on where one’s soul has reached within its [evolution], acceptance and understanding. Many of you feel that ‘WE’ could find other methods to prove we are here rather than the vast shock of an appearance in your skies.

Blossom: Yes, I have to say I have had quite a few suggestions passed on to me … I feel you are aware of them anyway and I don’t need to actually ‘pass them on’. Some are very good … and would certainly get people thinking … would that not be a good way to prepare those souls that are still asleep?

FoL: And yet … even with phenomena that we have brought forth so far there will always be excuses presented … those that live in fear of themselves and us will always choose to believe that which is not True. Those who from the deepest place of their fear desire to prevent our visits to your vibration shall continue to dispel all thoughts of a Loving nature and turn that which is of only Love into a farcical one.

Blossom: Sorry … what do you mean by that?

FoL: We accept that which is from us can be mutated by many in fear in order to ‘keep us at bay’. We do not deny that many attempts that worked well on the drawing board have had to be postponed or aborted completely due to the possibilities we saw arising from those that remain in darkness.

How we long for those misguided souls to find their way home, to feel once again the Light of who they are, the Light from whence they came. For not one atom of existence came from anywhere other than the Light that it is.

There has been council held of late of which subject matter has been of the Highest importance and the highest delicacy. There have been councils brought in from many avenues to add flavour to possibilities presented and discussed. We … from The Federation of Light give rise to the fact that souls of earth are in need of a ‘pep up’ is this not so?

Blossom: With words like ‘delicacy; and ‘added flavour’ … perhaps you’re going to drop a massive vol au vent out of the sky!!!

And in answer to your question …. OH YES! We know that the work needed to rise into an Ascended vibration can only come from ourselves, but without doubt … a little ‘out of the blue’ party piece certainly would lift our spirits … and more importantly … keep them risen for quite some time I would say.

FoL: Then it shall be so.

Blossom: In what form may I be so bold as to ask?

FoL: You may. But has one not accepted that it is best to be kept uninformed of these matters?

Blossom: Are you talking here about me? I.e. … Oct 14th? [That is, 2008.]

FoL: Yes, Blossom we are.

Blossom: That’s cool. For you know that I would struggle deeply if you were to give out another date of arrival.

FoL: We would be taking advantage of your service if we were to put upon you in that manner again. Besides, it is not necessary to do so. The once was enough. And even though you are aware of many things regarding that appointed time it is not until you are in a Higher position that you will understand fully the impact of that announcement on many levels.

Blossom: There is much talk about 2010 and all that may happen by the end of the year. At the moment I can feel an excitement myself … that inner feeling of knowing something is going to happen, but no idea what … it is not of gloom and doom by any means … hopeful anticipation perhaps … yet as I say , about what I do not know.

FoL: This excitement that most of you are feeling … although perhaps in different ways is due to a Higher level of energy assisting your thoughts into the KNOWING of what is to come … very soon. Your heart beat is also quickening with this news and remaining at a faster rate as it is releasing extended anticipation and simply ‘rising to the occasion’.

We say to all that read these words … your service to yourselves and to all shall not and cannot go unrewarded. The time is fast upon you when all that you have desired and longed to experience shall be presented to you. You have so strongly marched forward when it seemed that you were only ever taking five steps back.

People of Earth, Brothers and Sisters … our Family of ONE IN LIGHT … WE ARE COMING.

Blossom: Gotta be honest here … as I got those last three words through … I did let out a large breath , but I trust you and myself in this relationship of Truth and only hesitated for a split second before I wrote it down.

FoL: Is it not easy for those who know not of us to ridicule and maim Truthful words? Yet their souls struggle with their destiny. They resist their Truth for they are afraid of what may be. Teach them …. Teach them … teach them that in Light there is only Love. In Love there is only Truth. In Truth there is only … themself. And that which they are can only be Love … what is there possibly to be afraid of in that?

Do you see how far some have travelled from home? Do you not yearn to find those who are cold and alone and wrap them in your understanding and knowledge so that they too can become strength within themselves to then do the same?

Rescue those who call for help … but neither mock not blame those who do not. For they are an aspect of your own True self that has simply strayed from the pathway of Light and we say to you … that not one shall remain in darkness for eternity. It cannot be so.

Send your Love to those who know only of hate and greed. Send your Love to those souls, dear enlightened ones. For those of you that are able to do so, you shall find a great peace in that giving. And without question that Love shall do its work as it reaches into the deepest sorrow of those lost souls and plants a seed of such magnitude.

Then we suggest that you return over and over to water that seed within that sorrowful heart and to nurture it as one would a new born … for indeed that is what it would appear to be.

Dear friends, we feel now that are time is coming to the end of this session. There is more to come …

Blossom: What now?

FoL: Not in this session, but soon. We shall ‘nudge you’ at the appointed time.

Blossom: And I shall do my best to oblige naturally. Thank you for today’s repartee. I have enjoyed it. I recognise how blessed I am to have this relationship with you … and I certainly will do all I can to be available when you want to chat. For now … a cuppa calls.

FoL: We retreat from your energy and look forward to our next communication. Be in peace … Be of Peace. It is your natural state.

Blossom: In Love and thanks to ALL.

Federation of Light by Blossom Goodchild

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  1. Nicci permalink
    September 22, 2010 5:56 pm

    Thank you, Blossom. That was a beautiful and powerful message the words echoed within my soul. I loved, loved, loved it. To be honest I cried like a baby as well lol. Keep up the great work, because we all need you. I look forward to the next installment. Honour to you.

  2. BlueCube permalink
    September 22, 2010 9:09 am

    Now we’re talkin’!

  3. September 21, 2010 4:01 pm

    I have learned that the Highest Service is to the Self. To be kind to ourselves in ways that are co creative and proactive. To focus on our Health and Take Measures of getting it Balanced. To view our Spiritual as a Observer and Intigrate the lessons as they come. Allowing the Vaster Reality to become one with our inner most being. To see the Financial and the Physical on a even Playing field and to seed thoughts of abundance and Prosperity along the road. As we Multiply so is Multiplied. There is a tremendous amount that goes into Cleaning up who we were taught to be, by the closed system, and who WE really Are Universally and Beyond. May you be blessed with a deep awareness that allows you To Perceive and Receive all that is for your Highest Good. May those that come to you Always Speak the Truth and STEP UP to the Fact that there are 51% 1% ers ON this Planet Right now who GET IT and feel they have it within them to Calm And Collect any one that feels Alone or Left out or Out Casted… We feel we are the Most Qualified for this Task,,, For We have all felt the same as A worker of Lighter Frequency and Perfect Healing, Absolute Harmony that Continues to Arrive at Solution Cube PEACE Leaving Joy in our Hearts and Knowing in our BEING. Blessings. SU HU VA SA VA.

    By: Aeon Pi Family of Phlo A living Man without Prejudice.

  4. Leonard Heit permalink
    September 21, 2010 1:34 pm


  5. KAA permalink
    September 21, 2010 7:45 am

    Well Steve I for one know ‘they’ are real. Have seen and delt with more UFO activity then the average Joe. I think they need to expose larger ships and maybe drop rose pedals to ease the fear factor?

    I’m making light of the fear but recently one of my neighbors became so terrified she was playing her crystal bowl in the evening hours before retiring. She also informed me that if I gave ‘them’ my attention they would persue me (sic). At the time there were five ‘light’s in the sky and that’s another story confirmed by five other people. Anyway, all I could do was to send this lady Love because there would be no talking to her for the fear factor had taken control.

    So in the end I guess its about our individual journey. And as we embrance unconditional love for ourselves there is the removal of illusion. No doubt many of us need only look back on our own missqualified energy (s) and in doing so come to the understanding that when we have removed self judgement we remove all judgement towards others. Does this help my neighbor? I hope so.

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