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Why Rumors Always In October and November?

September 19, 2010

Why does talk spring up of disclosure every October or November? (1)

In Oct. 2008, it was a giant spaceship. In Nov. 2009, it was President Obama announcing the galactic presence.

What happened? Apparently, zip. Nothing.

Matthew said that “the [Oct. 2008] announcement was not a hoax, and we honor the radiant soul who received the message about the ship’s appearance and courageously disseminated it.” (2)

“In this case, the appearance of a large ship for a period of days to show everyone ‘We come in peace, not conquest’ was the game plan, and it went awry shortly before the uncloaking was scheduled, when ground intelligence notified the ship commander that the safety net on the planet appeared to have been compromised.

“The conclusion was that a delay with all its repercussions was far better than risking the possibility of jeopardy to those who would joyously rally to see undeniable proof, They ARE here!

“Your space brotherhood understood that their decision would incur strong reactions, even their loss of credibility with some souls, but safety for all on the planet was and will continue to be the decisive factor determining their activities.

“While the dark ones’ efforts to destroy the ship would be futile—large ships have more powerful protective mechanisms than small reconnaissance craft—the attempts could have injurious fallout for the populace. If you are among those who publicized the event to family and friends who now are laughing, don’t be dismayed—very likely they will join in the rejoicing when the ship does appear.” (3)

But Matthew knows that we “are weary of hearing ‘soon.’” (4)

The galactics and spirits say that the U.S. secret government is the chief stumbling block in the way of  disclosure while at the same time the U.S. is also the world leader in many matters of public opinion (Hollywood, Broadway, magazines, trends, etc.).

Therefore, whether our sources are looking at disclosure, corruption, or NESARA, they tend to begin their discussions with the U.S. or President Obama first, as with Hatonn:

There are differing opinions about when to air [the announcement]. The United States government, once the most vocal in denying our existence, now favors the most extensive disclosure with maximum speed. A few of your representatives want more polls and strategic interviews to determine how much information your world is ready for. Some in both camps want every national leader to be personally told what will be in the program prior to show time and others think sending each one the program outline is enough diplomatic courtesy. (5)

“It’s just as well that no decisions are being made without Obama’s involvement. He strongly favors extensive and speedy disclosure and most of your other principal participants are being squeamish about both.” (6)

Or Matthew:

“The United States … is the country where much of the corruption and deception originated and where now investigations are running deep.” (7)

Or SaLuSa:

“We are keen to get Disclosure out and it is not necessarily dependent upon President Obama, but it would be desirable in view of the role played by the US in suppressing information about UFO’s and E.T’s.” (8)

“There have been many governments or officials, prepared to come out with information that has been kept from you. However, they have looked for guidance from the U.S. as the biggest world power, but it has never been clear and precise.” (9)

“As the months go by, there will be increasing pressure exerted upon the U.S. Government to release details about us.” (10)

So therefore, I’ll discuss disclosure from a North-American perspective and it doesn’t mean I’m ignoring people in the Southern Hemisphere or non-Americans.  It reflects the perspective that the galactic and spirit sources themselves most often take.

Well, here are my speculations. With December comes the busy-ness of Christmastime in the U.S., including some people going away or travelling to relatives’ homes.  Hatonn told us earlier in the year (Jan. 11) that the galactics suspected that disclosure  would lose momentum around Christmastime:

“I’d love to report that a good deal of progress has been made, but I can’t. We knew there would be a slowdown in the momentum during Earth’s holiday period.” (11)

In January, the slowdown continues. We’re all worn out from festivities.

February and March would be a good time, but still very cold in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

By April students are studying for exams. By May people are beginning to plan for the Summer. During the “dog days” of Summer, everyone is away or … I guess, lying around like Fido, enjoying the warmth.

In September, students start school again and working people come back to their jobs, gear up, and start largescale projects.

So October and November are two clear months for an event that will command world attention.

(See Niara’s comment for more on the question of the date.)

But, hey, do I know whether there is any weight to the rumor? No, I don’t. Predictions are worth about as much as a note in a fortune cookie and I’m as tired as anyone of going through the cycle.

Apart from feeling joy about the upcoming event whenever it happens, just plain joy at the thought of a New Age beginning whenever it does, I too am no more suspending my life by waiting than you.


(1) Since writing this, I’ve seen posted a comment from someone whose opinion I respect very much but who wishes his true identity to remain confidential so I won’t post the source.  He had this to say about the timing of disclosure in response to an earlier post that most stock market collapses have occurred in October and so October would not be a good month for disclosure.

“Stock markets are not a good indication of fear I feel because only a small minority of Earth’s population actually follow them.

“I would think that early to late January would be the time of greatest fears or negativity in general (at least in North America) with both winter economic down turn (job loss) and Christmas debts that start to show up. I suspect this would be the case for most countries in the northern hemisphere whose economies suffer from colder weather and Christmas blues (where applicable).

“In my opinion, it would seem to me that October and November would probably be the best time to initiate a contact scenario (once again, in North America). My reasoning is as summer activities draw to a close and it being a little too early for winter activities, a sort of lull period sets in. During this period, a contact scenario would allow for a greater impact on the mind and soul. Perhaps even enough so that an envoy of extraordinary peace and love from our extraterrestrial brothers might penetrate farther through the layers of fear that people may have toward them for better result. I believe this because more attention can be paid to the events that take place in this period of transition between seasonal activities.

“The event itself will take days (possibly longer) to really sink in to the public’s mind and longer yet for the events to really mature in the mind free of event shock. The extra time available between summer and winter activities will assist in that process.”

(2) Matthew’s Message, Oct. 22, 2008.

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5 Comments leave one →
  1. Shazzy permalink
    September 19, 2010 2:07 pm

    Like little children on a long car trip, are we there yet? If you listen to the hype, depend on the dates, and wait for the moment you can’t help but be disappointed often. It is happening now, be part of it now and stop waiting for an event that may or may not happen. Prepare, plan for the new paradigm, that is what creates it. Waiting just begets more waiting. Live now, life has no guarantees. Just my humble opinion and self reminder.

  2. Gunnar permalink
    September 19, 2010 1:46 pm

    The liars withhold the truth as long as they can. It should be obvious why. It’s not really disclosure of ET presence, but rather of their evil deeds.

  3. September 19, 2010 12:21 pm

    Reality is that the New Paradigm IS Being Created right now. Self Leaders all over the world are making it so. We don’t need Disclosure or a Sky Filled with UFOs to make the New Paradigm manifest completely. We have the ability and power to focus on what we want, feel it with a burning desire and create it simultaneously!!

  4. Niara permalink
    September 19, 2010 11:13 am

    Coincidentally… or synchronistically, take your pick… October is the ending/beginning of the U.S. fiscal year, and November is an elections month on particular years…

    I’m not sure what bearing that could have on a mass sighting, landing or contact, but these months are significant “transition” months for populations of people.

    November is also the 11th month, and 11 is a master number.

    Still wondering on more significance…

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