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Unexpressed Joy is an Upset

September 19, 2010

One of us has commented, in regard to the speculation about disclosure in October or November: “I am tired of hoping and waiting.”

Me too.

But there is one way in which thinking about an unsubstantiated rumor can be used to our advantage.

We all remember Oct. 14, 2008, and what disappointment we felt when nothing happened.

And “Chris” has given us some sage advice on “losing wait.”

(I’d like to encourage you to start using the WordPress search box so I won’t give the URL but instead  ask you to enter “lose wait” in the box (the one labelled “Search” with the words “type and press enter” in it). Remember to use the quotation marks when you wish to (1) search on a multi-word search term (2) in exactly the order you enter it. Using quotation marks triggers a search on the whole term only – called a Boolean search.)

But an unsubstantiated rumor can help us in this one, specific way.

Provided we don’t get hung up on the date, we can use the rumor to allow us to connect with our joy over something.

Before I get to that, let me say that we usually think of an upset as being a feeling of disgruntlement, annoyance, or irritation.

But unexpressed joy can also be an upset.

Have you ever felt really joyful about something and no one would listen to you? Have you ever felt that you wanted to go outside and shout your joy to the heavens?

I have. For me, certainly, unexpressed joy can definitely be an upset. Well, here I am experiencing joy right now, thinking of the galactics showing up. If I couldn’t express it here, I would surely be in an upset.

And so, when I hear an unsubstantiated rumor like Richard Hoagland’s, I use that as an occasion to experience my own joy at the thought that the ETs are coming. I get into it. I vent my delight. I dance around the room and be totally silly.

But I don’t anchor that joy to the date. I just anchor it to the way I feel.

Being childlike requires adult circumspection.  If I childishly anchor to the date, then, when the date doesn’t produce the expected results, I could become a victim and blame the prognosticator.  But if I anchor only to my feelings in the now, then there is no one to blame.  I can freely experience my joy and express it.

So, if you can refrain from anchoring it to the October-November window and just allow the occasion of hearing the rumor provide you with an excuse for feeling your joy, then you’re neither waiting nor sitting on your feelings.

That’s the only way I know that an unsubstantiated rumor can be used constructively.

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  1. June H permalink
    September 20, 2010 4:09 pm

    Ok I seem to notice and appreciate the energies the night before world disclosure as if our families were collectively breathing in all our appreciation. The energies gather momentum and The big room sparkles inside the home.

    An all too incredible feeling, “The Force” is the only way I can describe the coagulation. It runs along with you. I can see why oneness is the Topic being discussed. Time to drop the differences…

  2. Anara Brinmere permalink
    September 19, 2010 9:37 am

    PERFECT!! And don’t-cha just LOVE perfect!

  3. September 19, 2010 9:31 am

    Yes, this is real truth-
    A real joy in full,
    When unxpressed
    Makes us upset!
    So, our joy is like
    The light,
    Which is bestowed
    For delight,
    Some sorrows
    Really inspite!

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