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“Cosmic Top Secret” Panel at Conscious Life Expo

September 19, 2010

Panel Discussion George Noory
Cosmic Top Secret
Hosted by George Noory
10 am – 12:30 pm, Saturday, October 16, Los Angeles Ballroom
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A Day Pass is required to attend all Panels.

Come and join us for this exciting panel hosted by George Noory of Coast to Coast AM, the nationally syndicated number one late night radio program. He is joined by our panel of exceptional researchers, authors, and investigators to delve into the secrets of the centuries. The secrets that the ‘powers that be’ don’t want us to know about, such as Extra Terrestrial Encounters, Government Conspiracies, the Crop Circle Phenomena, UFO’s, and the True History of the planet!

George Noory, moderator, is the host of Coast To Coast AM, America’s #1 late night talk show.


Giorgio TsoukalosGiorgio Tsoukalos is Director of the International Center for Ancient Astronaut Research and publishes the Legendary Times Magazine. Farah YurdozuFarah Yurdozu is known on several continents as an authority on UFO’s, the paranormal and the metaphysical.
Robert PeralaRobert Perala is the author of The Divine Architect and The Divine Blueprint, and a popular motivational speaker. Jim MarrsJim Marrs is bringing us the truth about political conspiracies which he discusses in and his latest book The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy.
Barbara LambBarbara Lamb is a leading Crop Circle investigator and the author of Crop Circles Revealed and Alien Experiences. Mike BaraMike Bara is an author, screenwriter and lecturer. He is releasing his second book, The Choice, in October 2010.

Cosmic Top Secret Panel is produced by Serena Wright Taylor- UFO investigator, teacher, and researcher of higher consciousness.

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