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SaLuSa on Soul Contracts and the Judgment

September 18, 2010

SaLuSa of Sirius

SaluSa also supports the notion that we have a life plan or soul contract:

“You have a life contract of which very few are personally aware, and have seen into the future and planned it accordingly.” (1)

“Every aspect of your lives is planned, and you are each part of soul groups that come together with the purpose of gaining experience.” (2)

He’s aware that many of us cannot reconcile a preplanned life contract with the idea of free will and so he tells us:

“We hear some question where freewill comes in, but there would be no plan unless you exercised it prior to incarnating. Freewill is still your prerogative, but having agreed a plan for your life you are drawn to those people and experiences that will help fulfil it. Your Guides are also very active in keeping you on track, but the final word is with you.” (3)

If we are seemingly drawn off course, it’s because of karmic factors. If people leave us for the afterlife, we should remember that we will be reunited.

“Only karmic reasons would result in you being pulled off course, and if it happens know that it is part of your life contract that you have already agreed upon. Each of you have a specific life span which can be re-negotiated, but normally when your time of completion is reached you are ready to return to the higher dimensions.

“Bear this in mind when your loved ones or friends leave the Earth plane, and be happy for them. They have not gone from your lives forever, and soul groups will come together time and time again.” (4)

He explains that, while we may feel like victims, there is in reality no victimization because all major events have been agreed to beforehand, as we shall see during our life review.

“Of course there are amongst you people who have been wronged as you would interpret it, and do consider themselves ‘victims.’ However, this is all by arrangement and you are a willing partner to the karma being played out. No matter how severe the circumstances, the fact remains that you were aware of your agreed life plan before you incarnated on Earth. Many will argue against it, convinced that they could not have agreed to suffer or indeed see others suffer.

“Be assured that when you pass over and return to the astral planes, you will clearly understand all facets of your life. You will review your life, and this can be a sobering time when you find out how well you have done where your life plan was concerned. The vibrations of Earth dull your senses, and it is not until you rise up higher that you can fully grasp the purpose of life on Earth.” (5)

Even a traumatic death has been agreed to beforehand. He reminds us that trauma is quickly healed by what Matthew called “transition assisters” on the other side.

“We would remind you that where lives are put at risk and lost, the manner in which such souls leave Earth is part of their life contract. Many of you find that difficult to understand…. The trauma of violent death is short lived. Soon after they reach the other side, where loving helpers attend them until their emotional reaction is healed.” (6)

SaLuSa informs us that the higher dimensions do not judge a soul. We judge ourselves during what is usually referred to as “the Judgment.” He reminds us that we’ve all worn white and black hats in other lives.

“There is no judgment at the higher levels, and we simply see beautiful souls making their way back to the Light. The whole purpose of being in duality is to grow through experience, so why indeed should anyone’s choice be looked upon as different to anyone else’s. Your lives all carry responsibility and your actions are accountable for by you, but once cleared karmically there are no recriminations.

“Remember that experiences are set up with souls that have all agreed to play out their respective roles. Someone has to take the part of the dark Ones, and believe us Dear Ones – you have all acted on both sides.” (7)

He tells us that we have arranged for all the events in our lives at the time of drawing up our soul contract or life plan so there is no cause for recrimination over the experiences we have undergone.

“You may feel that many of your experiences are uncalled for, but we assure you that they are all connected with your life plan. Have you not been made aware that there is no such thing as coincidence, and that is the reason why they are so important to you? Naturally some coincidences appear of no real significance, and may be of minor importance. However, where you experience the harsh reality of life, it is for your spiritual understanding and development.” (8)

From his vantage point, SaLuSa sees life as orderly. It may amaze us to consider it but the individual has a contract which he or she follows while the whole of life still interacts one with another: “In reality life is quite orderly inasmuch that every individual has his or her own plan, yet it still interacts with the whole.” (9)

In following our life plan, nothing happens by coincidence:

“As you can clearly understand, you are all in here to learn through your experiences and nothing comes your way by pure chance. Life plans are agreed before you come into your earth body, and your Guides will do everything in their power to ensure you complete your incarnation successfully.” (10)

There is no sense looking back with regret later on. Some lifetimes may be intended to give us a break from hard, strong challenges.

“Many in older age look back and feel that they have lost out somewhere, and have unfulfilled dreams. However, there is never a wasted life as you will almost certainly have followed your pre-life plan. Often what happens is that you come into a new life, with strong memories of recent ones where you had enjoyable experiences. The memories are near the surface and you yearn for more, but the problem is that your life plan has not included for such opportunities to be repeated. There is as little repetition as possible, in the interests of pushing your evolution forward. Of course there are exceptions, but these mostly occur where a previous lesson has not been fully learnt.

“Life is not meant to be a random experience and where someone appears to have little in the way of challenges, it may for example be one that gives them a break. You need a restful one at times, yet it will still prove beneficial and the opportunity is not lost to find some spiritual gain. An idyllic life may be one where you spend a lot of time away from the cities and all of the activity, to be next to Mother Earth in the countryside.” (11)

In a channeled message, Abraham Lincoln illustrated what SaLuSa says here. He acknowledged that he had had a twentieth-century incarnation but that he intended to live a life less challenging than his last one as president. He said:

Lincoln: I have also had one incarnation since my life as Lincoln, which I do not want to discuss particularly.

Robert Leichtman: Was it in this country?

Lincoln: Yes, but I was not what you would call a public figure.

Leichtman: Our curiosity is piqued. … Was this most recent lifetime also involved in the same kind of public service as your lifetime as Lincoln?

Lincoln: Yes. It was involved with the same issues. I made the personal decision to follow through on my work in any way I could. The work of my most recent incarnation was obviously not as important as the work in my lifetime as Loncoln, but it was a continuation of it. I don’t think I could have taken two lifetimes of the magnitude of Lincoln in a row. (Laughter.) (12)

Lincoln’s comments illustrate another point SaLuSa makes: “You live from life to life with a specific purpose that moves you on and adds to your spiritual understanding.” (13)

In our quest to assume more and more responsibility for our lives and to discover our true identity, we may be assisted by SaLuSa’s words to see that we have agreed to all the major events in our lives, even to a traumatic death if that is what we must endure, for educational reasons. There is no sound basis for regret, whether our lives are challenging or unchallenging. All of what occurs to us we planned for the purpose of our soul’s evolution.


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