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SaLuSa on Ascension 2012: Tell Others, But Just Enough

September 17, 2010

This was fun – a short, tightly-focused article. I may do more along these lines, just shining the light on a very specific topic. It certainly feels more amenable at this time than talking about Chinese or American saber-rattling.

Having done this piece, I’m now going to switch off for a while and just relax and meditate. Then some work getting the latest messages into First Contact. Later today I’m actually going to take in a movie (Eat, Love, Pray.) So a more relaxed pace for now….


Naturally the galactics “wish everyone knew of the Golden Age that is almost upon you, one that brings Love and Light and your release from the pull of the lower vibrations, an Age that is a tribute to the love and glory of God, and the Creator.” (1) Let’s look at what SaLuSa has to say about what we should do in regards to telling others about Ascension and how we should be with them.

We have a role to play in educating those who are awakening now, He says:

“These are confusing times and it helps to let others know the greater plan, and more importantly how the heavenly forces are with you.

“Speak when the opportunity arises, as so many are in a state of utter confusion and despair. If you feel confident of the outcome, your energy will help others and have a calming effect.” (2)

Currently, many people “are making their first tentative search for the truth.” SaLuSa recommends that we “help [them] when asked, but in replying do not shock [them] by trying to feed them too much at the time. Slow progress is far better that allows for information to be carefully considered, and not in any way forced upon them.”(3)

Elsewhere he continues: “When the opportunity arises share your knowledge about coming events with those who express some interest. Try not to flood someone with too much information at the time; it may otherwise cause them to ignore it all.” (4)

SaLuSa reminds us that we “can … help others to get through the remaining months of this cycle.” (5) He suggests that we should proceed “without being seen to try and impose your views upon [them].” (6)

Even if we decide not to tell others a great deal about Ascension, SaLuSa says, “both your word and actions are subconsciously noted.” (7)

“With the nearness of the end times, such contacts are so necessary to awaken those who still live in the lower vibrations. There is of course the greater awakening that is affecting the Human Race as a whole, but the energies being beamed to Earth take time to lift people up.” (8)

In our efforts with others, SaLuSa recommends that we “do not be too concerned if you cannot help certain people in their understanding, as some will find the truth too overwhelming for their comprehension.” (9)

Even if we cannot open their eyes to the opportunity before them “at least before they leave this dimension such souls will have some knowledge of Ascension. It will find a place deep in their subconsciousness, only to be remembered when another opportunity comes along to uplift them.” (10)

That having been said, he says, we need to get ready. “There is … so much to look forward to and the pathway of Light will open up very soon.” (11) After disclosure and first contact, “there will a continual stream of revelations once we can communicate with you through your media, and with those early changes you can expect a whole series of programs designed to awaken you.” (12) In his message of today (Sept. 17, 2010), (13) which I won’t quote here because of its length, SaLuSa goes over many of these changes.


(1) SaLuSa, June 18, 2010, at All other quotes are from SaLuSa. Like Matthew Ward, SaLuSa makes a distinction between God and Creator. If he means the terms the same way Matthew does, then God is the God of this local universe and the Creator is the God over all universes.

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  1. September 17, 2010 10:24 am

    Steve, I feel people will be guided to us. At lunch today I went to the store and as I was waiting for the lunch meats, a fellow opened a conversation with me on all the corruption in our world. Well, the conversation eventually went to 2012 and the ET’s.

    Wow, I could see the light in his eyes as if he was waking up from a long bad dream. I did not overstate what is going on and I could see he took in this info with much interest. I often ask God to send me anyone on the search for the truths of 2012 and the ascension event. I feel like flying when I see the light in their eyes like they have just awakened. Well, keep up your good work and have a great weekend.

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