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Xavier Hermes: The 13-Point Plan – Part 2/2

September 16, 2010

The 13 Point Plan – Ending of the Old Reality and our Co-Creation of the New – Part Two

By Xavier Hermes, Founder, Global Change Foundation Firstly, in matters of true understanding an accurate appreciation of our current worldly context is all-important. We need to sufficiently understand the present dysfunctional chaos of the world aro

Chateua housing Global Change Foundation

und us to absolutely know that it has failed us, and that its associated reality is dying. It is now dawning on many people that we have been relentlessly used by an ‘elite’ few who have only their own profit and power in mind. It is time to break out! Not in fear or confrontation, but with a commitment to co-create something new, and more appropriate for the proper nurturing of humanity. This means walking away from that which would control us, taking our power back and then using it for the highest good. In particular, when large numbers of humans are led to explore and start to understand who they really are and their true heritage – knowledge that has for long been rigorously suppressed – then the perceived context changes radically. At this point, vast and positive change becomes not only possible, but actually, it is quite inevitable. Secondly, we return to the teaching of Universal Law and principle, so as to renew the basis on which individuals can set their personal standards for conducting their lives. Third, we embrace the understanding that every human can come to experience and embrace higher consciousness and achieve a true gnostic awareness. This is a progressive task, and for most will require guidance, if not instruction. Fourth is the matter of our re-connecting all the knowledge, skills, relationships and experiences of our individual past lives, so that we may utilise all that has gone before in assisting us in making this great evolutionary step that is before us. Fifth is encouraging and activating the many ‘magical’ human faculties that, for most of us, are still only latent aspects of our beingness. This is a major source of self-empowerment. Sixth is the matter of achieving balance. This applies to many aspects of the physically incarnated human, and is necessary to enable our physical vehicle to hold the higher energies that arise from following this path. Seventh is the position of holding ourselves harmless in the world, and learning the basis and practice of honouring all aspects of the physical realm, fully integrating it into our lives. Eighth is the question of our service to others, at this time principally by carrying those others with us as we evolve along the way, and also by acting as a catalyst and stimulus for those who are not yet started along the path. Ninth is the celebration of cultural and ethnic diversity. All that has for long been represented to us as constituting a threat – in order to promote our separation and control – will be globally re-perceived as the rich fount of diverse experience and associated wisdom that it truly is. This recognises planet Earth as the living library of human diversity, and is immensely valuable to who we are becoming, and the evolutionary processes of our getting there. Tenth is the establishing of global forums that allow humanity as a whole to address its large scale challenges, and to swiftly evolve and implement appropriate solutions free from the machinations of vested interest. Eleventh is the matter of our systems of governance across the planet, from the smallest communities to those elements that are necessarily global. New guidelines are required so that all aspects of governance are ensured to be in service to the people. There is no value in our returning to the old, hierarchical reality, or to anything based upon it. Therefore, we must devise powerful safeguards against the destructive effects on our New Reality of self-interest by individuals or organisations who seek to influence or control government to their own ends. Those, who in the future serve in public capacity must, submit themselves to proper scrutiny and the close discernment of the public they serve. Twelfth is our personal consciousness of the physical Universe as a whole, its many life forms, and the wider role to be played by an evolved humanity. This understanding then forms our basis for activating this wider role, in which humanity will work with many other civilisations. ————————– All these elements constitute the early stages of our new path of re-awakening and re-connection with what we already know from our long journey of discovery in this realm. It supports and encourages each of us to strive for full sovereignty over ourselves, and starts the process of self-actuation and self-realisation that enables the next stage of our journey to begin. The thirteenth element is thus our return to full consciousness. In achieving this we also expand our consciousness to experience our own multi-dimensionality. It is all very well to envision a new path, but in so doing we need to safeguard every step of the way. Great care must be taken that no element of our path becomes dogmatic, or evolves into an instrument of control for some other to deploy against us – for this simply returns us to where we have already been. The diversity of human life on planet Earth will be a key component of the path to the New Reality.  Many cultures and belief systems will contribute to the defining and refining of our path. Every contributor group is to be honoured for the valued elements that they bring to the whole. By offering total inclusivity to all those of us who are willing to co-create and then walk the path to our New Reality, it will become a mass phenomenon and a means with which to transform planet Earth. We shall then embrace the long-promised Golden Age.

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