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Xavier Hermes: The 13-Point Plan – Part 1/2

September 16, 2010

Xavier Hermes, Founder of the Global Change Foundation, ponders the question of global transformation and arrives at this thoughtful two-part reflection. A biographical note on Xavier can be found at the foot of this message.

The 13 Point Plan – Ending of the Old Reality and our Co-Creation of the New – Part One

By Xavier Hermes, Founder, Global Change Foundation

Chateau housing Global Change Foundation

A growing number of us are coming to a realisation that, for each of us personally, this present reality has little or no further point to it. Indeed, it was created to facilitate a specific part of the human journey, and this element is now at an end. As a result of our awareness of this, many activities that have constituted our earthly reality to date have fallen away, all impetus for them having gone.

In actuality, this is a most important step in the creation of an entirely New Reality, for it will allow the old one to finally be discarded. Yet, it is also a considerable challenge for each of us. Our egos are going through a transition from being the dominant element in our earthly persona to becoming a co-creator with several other faculties that are only now moving into activation.

When the ego finally lets go and moves into its new role, it will not only have far less influence, but the drives that it represents will be quite differently focused. Ideally, this focus will be one of higher service, the emergence of the so-called ‘Golden Ego’. The essence of this faculty is the role of spiritual navigator.

The Golden Ego will be instrumental in guiding us in the process of balancing the spiritual aspects of our awareness with our well-established material aspects. This is a most important process. As increasing numbers address it, their combined energies and intent become a primary tool in the emergence of a new consensus for human life on this planet. In turn, this consensus creates powerful new possibilities for the emergence of a New Reality.

We may find it helpful to envisage this golden ego as a sphere of six to eight inches diameter, made of bright gold energy with wings that allow it to rise above the constraints of the old earth reality. This sphere resides in, and emanates from, the very centre of the heart chakra. We may also visualise it travelling, at our command, across geography, across dimensions or across time, acting as an extension of our beingness as we move to the next evolutionary stage. Always it remains an intimate part of the whole that is our evolving, incarnated self, and as we become more able in the use of this faculty it gradually allows us to be consciously present in more than one aspect of space/time.

Meanwhile, the old ego form feels itself to be mortally threatened. This is not so, but in order to allow appropriate movement we will need to work with the old ego, and both counsel and support it in taking the new evolutionary path. Otherwise, its resistance will be such that it will continue to spread deep melancholy into our beingness, slowing down the transformational process and causing us considerable anguish.

Our remedy is to seek the higher path, in probability one quite different from that which has gone before, even though elements of the new may have been present. This new path is intended to finally honour and manifest that which, deep inside, we know to be our true purpose for this incarnation, along with delivery of the commitments we each made before arriving here.

We should ask for and listen to inner guidance in this, and then we can work to envisage the highest path we can imagine, without taking into account the apparent constraints of the old reality that is dying around us. It is important to be utterly true to ourselves in this work, and purpose and direction will soon return. The starting point we have by then envisaged will be just that. This path will take us far beyond what our long immersion through many lives in the old reality has allowed us to perceive as ever being possible.

The path we will have co-created will become the core of our new, fast evolving personal reality, and a vital component in the construction of a New Reality for the entire planet.

In order for this New Reality to emerge, a new path must be made available for humanity. The evolution of this path will require extraordinary leadership, for it cannot be either dogmatic or autocratic in its delivery. Rather, it represents the reversal of all that has been used to control and separate humanity for millennia, and is a rejection of the false reality, the all-controlling matrix that has been created around us. This strategy of reversal first requires our recognition of the situation that humanity is presently in, and how manipulation through fear and the systematic diminishing of who we perceive ourselves to be has led us to this time of profound transformation. Thus, we are necessarily in a time of great revelation.

The path that will emerge is, to a large extent, a matter of consensus – yet, left to its own devices, the likely timescales are far too long for this to be an effective strategy in the face of current world pressures and dangers.

In this matter, we now need to become fully proactive as the architects of our own destiny. It is essential that the new path be pro-actively facilitated as it is encouraged to evolve. Such facilitation is, in itself, a ministry, the act of an aware priesthood – yet this is a concept of service to the whole, and not likened to or operating within any religious structure as the term would currently be understood. What is contemplated here is the emergence of the prophesied ‘Church of Love’ as the vehicle for the required form of leadership. Every person who commits to do so becomes a leader with others, working to a common purpose of service and co-creating, both with other humans and with those in other realms who offer us guidance.

This is the re-emergence of the right hand path of spirituality, the left hand path being the one largely synonymous with organised religion. This right hand path has for long been persecuted and repressed as it cut across the vested interests of those in power who operated the controlling hierarchy.

In order to inspire humanity to wish to take this path, there are certain key elements that must be included in this ‘ministry’, and its plans.

Bio for Xavier Hermes

My business career was primarily about the start-up and rescue of businesses. I have fulfilled a wide variety of management tasks and roles in places as diverse as the UK, US, Taiwan, Moscow and Siberia. I have a reputation for being highly creative in business projects, and for using unorthodox techniques to great commercial effect.

My path changed dramatically in the late 1980’s, and I entered a period of rapidly reconnecting with much that I had learned about matters of Spirit in other lives. This transition brought me valuable guidance from other realms of consciousness, including the request to form The Global Change Foundation. This organization has gone through many years of intensive growth and orientation (reflecting my own), has stimulated a number of conclaves and other initiatives, and is committed to assisting the current evolutionary jump of humanity and the planet through delivering its philosophy and teachings on a publicly accessible basis.

I am an enthusiastic and experienced Choral singer (I am a tenor), have had much sailing (racing) experience and have held two yacht racing championships. I am still active in new sailboat technology. I have published two books and many spiritual writings. My home is a lovely old Chateau (1750) in Northern France.

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  1. maty permalink
    September 16, 2010 10:01 pm

    Thanks, I think the same way .Blessings

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