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Review of Matthew – Global Warming is Intentional, Nothing to Fear – and Other Reassurances

September 16, 2010

Matthew is 48 in spirit as of Sept. 11

In the course of doing my rounds today, I was reading Matthew’s Message for Sept. 11, 2010 again, just one of several really solid and fertile messages that we’ve been given recently. (The rest – hyperlinked – are from Archangel Michael, Lisa Renee, Lauren Gorgo, Hilarion, and SaLuSa.)

Before posting messages for the day, I’d like to double back and review what Matthew said on some – not all – scores, to be sure that we all caught the important matters he raised.

(1) Global Warming is Intentional and Nothing to Fear

Here is what Matthew actually said on the subject:

“Climate change is of serious concern, so for newcomers to our messages we are happy to say again that this is Earth’s transition to a moderate climate globally. Record-breaking temperatures, increased solar flares, melting glaciers and polar regions, low islands slowly being submerged and strange new juxtapositions of planetary bodies are aspects of Earth’s ascension process and the return to her original health and pristine beauty.” (1)

As he indicates, this is not the first time he’s discussed the matter. Here’s what he said on Jan. 11, 2010, recorded here so that you (especially new readers) have a firm sense of what’s happening climatically.

“As you enter the second decade of this century, the global economy remains uppermost in thoughts, but not far behind is what most often is referred to as ‘global warming.’

“This controversial issue not only is an integral part of the stalled economic situation, it is a prime example of how duality still is affecting your world—the self-serving interests vs. the interests of the masses and of Earth herself.

Scientists who claim that climate change is a natural cyclical happening and not of humankind’s making are ignoring the fact that never before has the planet been plagued with the man-made toxic pollution that exists today.

“Indeed major climate changes have occurred before, when Earth had to rid herself of the negativity created by her human residents’ behaviors, but none of your scientists on either side of the global warming fence knows about that cause and effect. The ones who are expressing alarm about melting glaciers and record-breaking temperatures are doing so from genuine concern for future generations, whereas those who pooh-pooh the need to curtail polluting are willingly abetting the self-serving ones who profit handsomely from the many processes that cause pollutants.

“When you add to those sources the deliberate rain of toxins via chemtrails, the toxic waste in landfills, and unsafely stored radioactive materials, it is overwhelmingly clear that nothing in your world has escaped humankind’s negligence, at the very least, and criminal contamination at worst.

You who are familiar with these messages know that Earth’s restoration to her original Eden self includes the polar and tropical temperature extremes giving way to what ultimately will be a moderate climate worldwide.

“This actuality also is unknown to your scientists, and to most of the rest of the populace too. (2)

So there is no need for alarm about global warming. It is an intentional development.

(2) The Galactics are Helping Clean up the Oil Spill and Its After-effects as well as Chemtrails and Depleted Uranium

“In alignment with [Earth’s] goal [of Ascension], our ‘space’ brothers and sisters are using their technology to alleviate the toxic effects of the oil and its dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the toxins in other waters, chemtrails and weaponry.”

So, and I say this particularly for new readers, notice a number of things. First, Matthew is aware of our galactic family; second, he is working with them; third, they are working as we speak to clear the Earth of pollution, from the spill and other sources.

Notice that this clean-up includes Corexit. Notice that he also says they are cleaning up pollution from “chemtrails and weaponry.” Matthew has said on other occasions that this “weaponry” includes depleted uranium, which is probably the number one thing to be feared on this planet since the beginning of time. Dr. Rosalie Bertell said it could cause “omnicide.” Sorry. No omnicide this time round. Cancelled, like nuclear war, Biblical prophecies, and so many other things.

Matthew said in 2006 that the galactics couldn’t clean up all depleted uranium before they land, but they will after:

“Suzy: There are some questions about depleted uranium; basically all are about how this lethal radiation will affect future generations.

“Matthew: First I say that long-time readers of my messages and the books know my objection to the term ‘depleted that indicates short-term effects, and that more often I have used ‘depleting,’ which is what the uranium released through weaponry is doing.

“The toxicity is greater than can be totally neutralized by off-planet technology. However, the sickness and birth defects due to the radiation would be far greater without that technology’s ameliorating effects. When your space brothers and sisters can work openly on the planet, all pollution, including radioactivity, will be eliminated.” (3)

(3) We Can Afford to Ignore the Results of the Coming Elections

Matthew tells us not to be dismayed if corrupt members of Congress are returned in the upcoming elections. He says:

“We do not know how next month’s elections in the United States will turn out, and it is logical to ask why since we could tell you even before the primaries that Obama would be that country’s new president. The difference is, his presidency is part of the Golden Age master plan — you shall see that his formidable opposition’s delaying tactics and criticism will not deter him from accomplishing his light-filled mission — and the upcoming election results are not.

“The same is true of elections in other countries, and despite the energy poured into campaigns by candidates and their adamant supporters and wealthy contributors, partisan politics soon will start fading into history. Far from their pledge to govern in the best interests of a united citizenry, most politicians promote contentiousness and separation, and those have no place in Earth’s Golden Age. So please do not be despondent if your ‘party’ or ‘candidate’ loses. If winners are of the light they will hold their seats and if they are not, their tenures will be short-lived.

“In stages during the time remaining before the onset of that glorious Age at the end of your year 2012, governments of every nation will become bodies that honorably and abundantly serve the interests of their people. That transformation is not very far off — with everything in acceleration mode, linear time is passing faster and faster.”

So again we can afford to look upon the elections philosophically and keep our attention on preparing for Ascension.

(3) Disclosure Has Been Put Back and Redesigned

First, let’s hear what Matthew has to say about current plans for disclosure.

“Illuminati activists are trying to prevent official recognition of other civilizations’ presence in every way, and from the earthquake in Haiti and last winter’s uncommonly heavy snowfall in Washington DC to flooding in Pakistan and Hurricane Earl, their use of technology has achieved their dark purpose. …

“As for the televised announcement to your world, “They are here and they come in peace,” no conclusions had been reached about what the program should include, and your leaders who were involved in the planning sessions several months ago have been occupied since then with matters of importance in their respective countries.

“Therefore, some individuals who participated in those early meetings are talking about scrapping the program and in its stead, a few small craft would land in safe areas around the globe. The landings would be coordinated with colleagues on the ground so the greeting of ‘the extraterrestrials’ by persons who are well-known to you can be filmed and simultaneously, or perhaps later, televised through arrangements with persons who are in positions to manage that. There would be sufficient evidence that the visitors are indeed from other civilizations — peaceful civilizations! — so that any outcries of ‘Hoax!’ or ‘Invaders!’ from the dark ones would have no validity whatsoever among the populace.

“Other introduction possibilities also are being discussed, and at this point, nothing has been decided.”

Hey, I could get quite irritated by hearing the disclosure has been put back – and so could you. But I know two things: first, that it will happen because it is part of the divine plan, and, second, that a divine deadline exists after which opposition to disclosure will not be permitted to stand in its way.
Above and beyond that, I’m feeling so expanded in the face of the increasing light that is hitting this planet that I just simply don’t feel concerned. I got it, I got it. It isn’t happening right away. Full steam ahead on other fronts – whichever fronts permit of movement.

(4) The Cabal Continues to Wreak Devastation through Weather Warfare on Its Own Citizens

Weather warfare continues, Matthew says. Hurricane Earl was amplified by cabal scientists and mitigated by galactic scientists.

“Hurricane Earl was begun by Mother Nature to release more negativity, and she would have accomplished that by keeping the storm out at sea. However, after your scientists intensified the hurricane and directed it toward the mainland, our nearby brothers and sisters used their technology to diminish its force and veer it northward to lessen its impact. Maybe common sense already has told you this — how likely is it that a Category 4 hurricane ‘naturally’ would reduce itself to a Category 2 instead of gathering steam over the ocean and, in its weakened condition, be able to change its course direction?”

The galactics, acting as lightwarriors for the spiritual hierarchy, will not permit a second 9/11 or a nuclear war or a huge die-off. However certain localized events cannot be interfered with, but will stop when the light increases further and/or the dark ones die off.

“From the earthquake in Haiti and last winter’s uncommonly heavy snowfall in Washington DC to flooding in Pakistan and Hurricane Earl, [the dark cabal’s] use of technology has achieved their dark purpose [of postponing disclosure]. However, those events also were great opportunities for millions of souls to advance toward karmic completion as well as releasing massive amounts of negativity from the planet.  More negativity is yet to be released, and wherever your technology initiates ‘natural disasters,’ our universal family will use their technology to reduce the destruction and death toll.

“The Illuminati do not confine their dark efforts to those events, though, and our light family’s on- and off-planet intelligence units intently monitor everyone who has the means to set off a ‘false flag’ operation to ignite widespread violence. By God’s honoring Earth’s free will decision that killing and destruction end, not escalate, the crews are authorized to intervene however necessary to prevent the free will of those who attempt to start another war or anything else to create chaos.

“However, the crews cannot interfere with Earth residents’ free will decisions to be suicide-bombers or halt troops from obeying commanders’ orders — those kinds of activities will end naturally as the higher vibrations touch people’s hearts or physical death results from lack of light in the bodies.”

Coupled with this is news that peace will eventually come in the Middle East:

“The latest efforts to negotiate a peace treaty between Israel and Palestine ultimately will be successful, but more haranguing, delays and deadly clashes between individuals will precede the satisfying outcome. Tensions throughout the Middle East, considered to be a tinder box by many world leaders, will ease as the light keeps intensifying. For a while longer, though, saber rattling, political instability, skirmishes between opposing sides and other outbursts of violence will continue in that region as well as in Afghanistan and countries where citizens want to be free of oppression by despots. All of those situations will gradually ease until peace gently blankets the whole of your world.”

Matthew does warn us that our worrying about catastrophes attracts those catastrophes to us. So he advises us to watch what we attract.

“Every bit of energy given to forecasts of catastrophic damage adds to the possibility that it may occur.  Energy is neutral and without reasoning capacity — it is your thoughts and feelings that attach themselves to energy streamers that give them direction and forcefulness. As the collective consciousness starts churning with fearful thoughts and feelings about such forecasts, the possibility of occurrence becomes a probability. Even though our universal family stands at the ready to intervene in situations where they are authorized to do so — reducing the harmful effects desired by your weather manipulators always is allowed — please be ever mindful that the impartial law of attraction is constantly operating and is powerful.”

(5) The Economy Continues Its Fall and Will Not Recover in Its Present Form

The Illuminati economy will not recover, but NESARA will be instituted and take its place. Moreover caretaker government administrations will govern the people fairly and compassionately. We are well advised to keep some cash and supplies on hand.

“The economy will continue to seesaw until it is irrefutably evident that the mechanisms keeping it afloat are riddled with the same corruption that caused the crash termed ‘recession.’ Banking, lending and stock market trading, which are no more than computers abuzz with numbers in the billions, are undergoing changes that will result in a new monetary system based on precious metals and managed by honorable, knowledgeable and trustworthy individuals. When it becomes widely known that all along the Illuminati have been playing the global economy like a yo-yo, it is likely that there will be a short period of turmoil while the new system is being firmly established. So along with supplies that are practical to have on hand for a power outage, say, it would be advisable to have some cash. But do this without fear!”

OK, there is much more of interest in Matthew’s latest message, but this post will get unwieldy if I keep going. I encourage us all to read it again and make sure that what he says sinks deep down into our consciousness.

As Archangel Michael said in his wonderful message, each one of us will be a teacher in the upcoming events, if even just to model a wise response to things. And the very wise messages we were just given at the beginning of September are a wonderful basis upon which to build our understanding of what is required of us.


(1) Matthew’s Message, Sept. 11, 2010, at Unless otherwise noted, all excerpts from Matthew’s messages are from this one.

(2) Matthew’s Message, Jan. 11, 2010.

(3) Matthew’s Message, Apr. 28, 2006.

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  1. Mohd Shah permalink
    September 16, 2010 8:55 pm

    Wow. That is wonderful comments from you, Steve. Well done and I totally agree with you. Bring it on…


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