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D.L. Zeta: Manifesting Within the Paradigm of the New Earth

September 16, 2010

Again another encouragement to complete our old unresolved issues or “unfinished business.” A very common theme at this time.

Manifesting within the Paradigm of the New Earth
14 September 2010
Channeler: DL Zeta

You are entering a time when old road maps are out the window. New realities are unfolding at a rapid pace. At times, you may find yourself marveling at some of these new and sudden developments. You may find yourself wondering how you created them and why. Some of the realities manifesting now may seem linked to situations from your past that fall under the heading of “unfinished business.”

Events are now being triggered from unresolved scenarios that have remained latent within your energy field for years and even decades. Everything that is incomplete is coming front and center now to be, understood, healed and released.

Stepping into the Paradigm of the New Earth

This new round of clearing is orchestrated by your higher self in an effort to clear the way for you to fully step into the paradigm of the new earth. Those energies being brought forward for clearing might touch on familiar themes within your life. During this time, health challenges may arise, setbacks may present themselves. Financial issues may loom on the horizon. Relationships will come under stress.

As you read the energy and significance of each event in your life, you will better understand what is being asked of you during this time. Financial challenges are an ongoing theme in the collective consciousness at this time but your experience of these challenges is unique to the lessons currently before you. If you are experiencing difficulty in the area of abundance, examine what you value most in your life.

It may be time to re-prioritize your values and see what truly has meaning for you. Do you most value your spiritual connection? Do you most value joy and inner peace? Or do you value things that have no real meaning in the broader scope of your life? Do you value yourself and your time or do you force yourself to constantly expend your energy in ways that fail to honor your true purpose and potentials?

All those things that don’t support your movement into fifth-dimensional consciousness will fall by the wayside now. Express gratitude for everything and everyone that has been a part of your life and enter a place of allowing when you see people and situations falling away from you. Remain in a place of alert listening and be willing to undertake new beginnings. These new beginnings will become the dominant theme of times to come.

Your Soul Volunteered to Help Shift Human Consciousness

Now more than at any other moment in human consciousness you are asked to live in a state of constant change. Your soul volunteered to come here at this time and help shift consciousness to the paradigm of the new earth. There will be times when you will move easily through these changes and times when you will feel resistant to them. When you experience resistance, stand back and observe yourself, and hold in loving awareness those parts of your being that feel threatened by the change. These are younger parts of yourself that need your patience and understanding just as you seek the guidance and assistance of your higher self.

Hastening the Shadow

As prevailing energies hasten a time of greater love and compassion on the Earth, energies of un-love and indifference are hastened as well. There is a hastening of the shadow taking place at this time as all those things that are most feared in human consciousness are pulled forth so they can be understood and loved into a place of healing.

Stand Strong in the Light of your Spirit

Do not attempt to run from what from what comes before you. Do not feel you must know how to respond to what you are seeing. Do not feel these energies are here to harm you. Just stand strong and allow them to pass before you. Your spirit will shine its strength of wisdom, understanding and awareness on everything that comes before you.

This allowing and willingness to see all that is will open the flood gates for you to see more of the wealth of beauty and possibility that surrounds you at all times. The fear of what you don’t want blocks the arrival of what you seek to manifest. By becoming transparent to all energies you encounter, you are able to flow unimpeded into the expanded time of the new earth.

As you flow with these energies, you discover and manifest new aspects of your being that know how to navigate and manifest new realities within the paradigm of the new earth. Those realities in harmony with the new earth are steeped in the love, understanding and abundance of spirit that are signposts of the new time.

DL Zeta

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