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Weekly Ben: Exposing the Illuminati’s Vicious and Stupid Smear Tactics

September 16, 2010

Ben continues to walk the tightrope. I pray that he and his will remain safe.


Exposing the illuminati’s vicious and stupid smear tactics

Ever since I began trying to convince the Japanese people to spend their $7.6 trillion in dollar holdings on ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction, I have become the target of a sustained, vicious and stupid campaign of harassment.

These tactics by Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate lackeys have included multiple murder attempts, the forced termination of my fiancé’s pregnancy, slander, attempts to trick me into committing major crimes and much more.

Thanks to their Keystone Kop stupidity and multiple sources inside their group, we have now been able to identify their worldwide network of hired thugs.

The campaign started mildly, with attempts by assorted individuals I had never met to get me kicked out of the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan on various spurious grounds.

However, when I began exposing their top agents in Japan, starting with a string of North Korean agents including former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone, they began multiple attempts to kill me.

The last attempt was so serious I was forced to go to the headquarters of the Yamaguchi Gumi gang and make a speech explaining to the Japanese underworld how they were being tricked into betraying their own people.

After this, the new strategy formed was formed with the intention of driving me to suicide. They made sure I was blacklisted from all TV networks (I used to appear regularly) and puppet media outlets. They then tried to force a ban on my books and tried advertizing boycotts on the magazines I worked for.

At the same time, my associates and close friends started receiving threats and warnings to stay away from me. It did not take them long to realize that I will never commit suicide and that my friends and associates would stand by me.

They then tried to induce me into committing crimes. Shortly after my visit to the Yamaguchi Gumi, they sent a self-described MI6, KGB double agent to visit me. He told me he had 70 kilograms of Thai Stick (opium dipped marijuana) and that I had to introduce him to the Yakuza to arrange monthly shipments of these narcotics or else be killed. When I failed to fall into this obvious trap they tried many others.

The way these people operate is like street theater, they send buffoons to create artificial situations designed to entrap me but they are so incompetent and transparent it is laughable.

In one case, they said that if I did not get the Yakuza to deal with the supposed humiliation of one of their agent’s girlfriends, he would “two killers from Sicily to take action.” When the Yakuza offered to take the Sicilians directly to the offending person (a US agent pretending to be a member of the Inagawa crime family) suddenly the whole issue was dropped.

Three attempts to murder me this year have also been stopped. One of these took place in Canada this summer at my cottage only to be forcibly stopped by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. We have now been able to trace the individuals who were ordering the murder contracts and Interpol is investigating them.

So, the campaign is now focused on smearing my reputation. Close associates of mine have been approached by Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate agents carrying a “dossier on Benjamin Fulford.”

The dossier includes transcripts of ex-girlfriends’ private conversations about me, pictures of me drunk, pictures of my colleagues with their former boyfriends, transcripts of my private conversations and more.

They even went so far as to induce a miscarriage in my fiancé because, according to one of their top agents, “my getting married to her would ruin their plan to portray me as a sexual deviant with multiple partners.”

The dossier they have is shown only to powerful people with the aim of portraying me as an alcoholic, drug addicted, megalomaniac pervert who cannot be trusted. In their detailed analysis of me, they point out, for example, that I look sideways briefly when I lie (actually that is me thinking carefully about my response to sensitive questions).

The other part of their campaign is to try to get me to create many enemies by feeding me scandalous material about dangerous people in the hope I will publish it. That is why I am not publishing the list of Federal Reserve agents (including a prominent religious figure) that we have compiled. Instead, we will be approaching these individuals one by one and asking them to stop betraying humanity.

We would like to point out to all the people who have been shown this “file,” that it was composed by vicious cowards who are too scared to debate me openly. Ask them what is wrong with wanting to prevent genocide, end poverty, stop environmental destruction and save the planet Earth.

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  1. September 17, 2010 11:46 am

    Ben you are very brave man may you be surrounded by love and light and the protection of angels.

  2. Baruch permalink
    September 17, 2010 9:27 am

    Ben, it is obvious that you have an entourage of protective and loving guides and angels protecting you.

    Follow your dreams of love and you will overcome and succeed. We send you love. Love is ONE.

  3. September 17, 2010 6:23 am

    The world needs more heroes like Ben Fulford !! People willing to make a stand while under intense persecution. This is an extreme example, but it does show that when people hold to their values and principles…the intensity drops. Kudos to Ben, his girlfriend, his friends…and remain SAFE !

  4. Zyg permalink
    September 17, 2010 12:05 am

    Good on you Ben.You are a man of steel to these dark puppets.
    They are finished anyway but can’t read the writing on the wall
    that’s about to hit them!!
    Stay strong in your Light & our thoughts are with you in your cause
    for humanity.

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