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A Fork in the Road

September 16, 2010

Something else Matthew said recently exactly reflects where I’m at and I wanted to bring that up with you. It’s this passage:

“The point has been reached in Earth’s transition from third to fourth density where spiritual preparedness is of much greater importance than preoccupation with current happenings. By no means are we suggesting that you be uninformed or disinterested in national and international developments, but rather that you not be drawn into third density’s drama that is playing itself out.”

I notice in myself a shifting of focus. As matters stand, I haven’t read the mainstream media for some months now. I don’t watch much TV any more. But I have been reading the alternative press and posting the best of what they say.

However, I have to admit that even my interest in the alternative press is waning and what is growing stronger is my interest in spiritual matters.

Goodbye to the rabbit hole

This blogsite may take a turn in the road and I may start posting much less of the world’s news and much more on spiritual subjects.  [See Later Comments, at the bottom,  for exceptions and clarification.]

I’m not sure how that sits with you, but all the pandemonium that is going on in the world just doesn’t seem to command my attention any more.

Add to that the fact that the galactics have said they are cleaning up the oil spill and other pollution, holding the cabal in check, and bringing the new economy in – all so that you and I can achieve Ascension.

Well, Ascension, rather than the world, is commanding more and more of my attention.

I’d like to think that this is a natural part of conscious evolution, speeded up in these end times. Whatever it is, if I were to force myself to continue reporting on all the charges and countercharges flying around in our society today, I’d sooner or later hunger to be doing something else.

Back in 1979, enlightened Gestalt therapist John Enright used to draw a “wheel of life” on the board during his workshops.  Picture a round circle divided up into four quadrants. In one are the words “doing it and digging it.” In the next, “doing it and not digging it.” In the next, “not doing it and digging it.” And in the last, “not doing it and not digging it.”

John’s point was that we everlastingly move around the circle from “doing it and digging it” to “doing it and not digging it,” etc. I don’t want to move from “doing it and digging it” to “doing it and not digging it.” And to prevent that, I need to remain with what I dig. For me that is changing and is no longer international affairs but is increasingly spirituality.

And spirituality of all flavors. Cross-cultural spirituality, the oneness of life, life on the spirit planes, how to ascend, whatever, as long as it’s spiritual.

You remember David Icke said that if we were spiritual only and didn’t know what was going on with the planet’s controllers, we would be too confused to let go into the spiritual. But I feel I know enough of what has gone on with our controllers and I’ve left a written record of what I knew in the righthand margin of this site. I now need to let go of keeping my pulse on world affairs and take up the spiritual challenge.

Matthew addresses that dilemma:

“We know it is challenging to keep two feet on the ground and allow your mind and heart to soar to the heavens, but staying steadfast in the light will keep you in balance.  As the ascension pace keeps accelerating, the rest of the ‘iceberg of truths’ will be rising into public awareness, and staying balanced will give you the strength and ability to fare well when others reel in shock, anger and disillusionment as events unfold.”

I now need to explore matters like balance and grounding, bliss and equanimity – spiritual matters. At least that’s the way it feels inside. So there will be a general transition in this site in a way that I cannot at this moment exactly predict. I won’t be following events with the oil spill, or what’s happening in the Middle East, or what the CIA is up to.

In this Time of Separation, I’m saying goodbye to all that and paradoxically walking the inward path upward. You may all jump ship (I hope not). But if I lose my readership, I’m OK with that. I need to “true up” with my energy or sooner or later I’ll be “not doing it and digging it.”

“Truing up” may mean more meditation and fewer articles per day. It may mean more compilations from galactic and spiritual sources. That would involve research and might rule out large numbers of articles posted here daily – because they take time to locate and prepare for publication.

I may begin to look at some questions relating to enlightenment. not from the point of “knowing” about enlightenment, because I don’t. Contrary to what some writers have said online, I’m not enlightened.  But from an explorative standpoint, perhaps. I don’t know yet.

The longing for liberation calls, that tidal, subsensible thirst for the only thing that will satisfy it – God.

Later Comments

Your comments are helping me clarify the direction I’m taking. Let me comment based on what I’m learning from them.

Am I thinking of dropping people like Ben Fulford and Jane Burgermeister? No, in part, I’m really referring to those articles which discuss what a bad situation we’re in, without knowing anything about what the galactics are doing.

Much of the commentary from the alternative press goes on outside what we know to be true about the 2012 scenario. So it really works at cross-purposes, even though the writers are being sincere and sincerely don’t know. I won’t be posting articles that fear nuclear war, or a declaration of martial law, or global warming. We already know that these are not going to happen (nuclear war and martial law) or are misunderstood (global warming).

To another reader who says there’s still a need for articles on the cabal that help people awaken: I’ll continue posting the best interpretive articles, but fewer of the articles that report on current events themselves. I won’t be as much a substitute for the Nightly News, as OpEd or interpretive. And the articles I do post will need to be aware of the 2012 scenario, now.

Also, I have a raft of articles on the cabal located to the righthand column. So much of that job of detailing what they’ve been up to has already been accomplished.

And here’s another point that John raised. Why is David Icke still talking about a reptilian threat if the negative races are gone? That’s a good question.

I don’t think all reptilians are necessarily gone, although their plans have no chance of success. As the energies continue to rise, I think the remainder will also be gone. Certainly once we pass the divine deadline for the cabal’s mischief to stop, they will all either go or be incarcerated.

I think some commentators like David are a little behind the curve on whether we still face a general threat from the terrestrial arm of the cabal or not. We face some threat but it’s receding weekly, in my opinion. At some point, drawing attention to it will no longer be relevant.

That’s another factor causing my shift in writing: I don’t think we face threats like nuclear war, martial law, and “global warming” any more and I don’t feel like writing about them any longer. So thanks for raising that question, John.

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  1. Robin. permalink
    September 18, 2010 8:26 am

    Yo Steve,

    Go for it.. keep it light and flowing!

    I feel sure ‘Spirituality’ offers ENDLESS loving opportunity for discussion and growth.

    And of course maintain an eye on those ‘big buster’ stories waiting to gush through the weakening dykes of gagged media outlet.

    Because when THAT Dam bursts.. there’s gonna be a lot of shocked people NEEDING y/our guidance of Truth!

    In Light.


  2. Manoj permalink
    September 18, 2010 7:08 am

    I’ll add another vote similar to Tom’s, where I wouldn’t want to lose those posts that can help the sleeping to awaken. Such as the information from Benjamin Fulford and Jane Burgermeister.

    Om Tat Sat

    • September 18, 2010 7:18 am

      No problem, Manoj. I’m really referring to those articles which discuss what a bad situation we’re in, without knowing anything about what the galactics are doing. Much of the commentary from the alternative press goes on outside what we know to be true about the 2012 scenario. So it really works at cross-purposes, even though the writers are being sincere and sincerely don’t know.

      I want to concentrate now on those commentaries which reflect knowledge of what’s happening. It may be a smaller database, but it won’t feature mistaken worries and fears.



  3. lou permalink
    September 17, 2010 11:34 am

    Hi Steve, I feel exactly the same way you feel! I find myself feeling like more of an observer than ever before. I take all things in stride. I no longer feel threatened nor do I have the “fight or flight” feelings I once had not that long ago!

    I feel at peace with myself and my surroundings. I know I’m in the right place as so much synchronocity happens on a regular basis.

    I sooo appreciate you and your mind. Thank you!

  4. gigi permalink
    September 17, 2010 10:45 am

    I am feeling the same way as you, always reading the spiritual articles first, staying mainly focused on the positive

    Thanks for all you do

    Love, gigi

  5. Gunnar permalink
    September 17, 2010 9:57 am

    Steve, right on!

    I started about three weeks ago to disconnect from further researching our “reality”. I will probably still read a few articles about what might be happening, but my own focus is definitely on the spiritual and ascension, too!

    ACIM: Only God’s plan for salvation will work.

    Saul’s recent: When you release your panic-stricken grip on the illusion it will fade away as you awaken into Reality…

  6. Anara Brinmere permalink
    September 17, 2010 9:37 am

    It’s marvelous to see all these comments! Don’t have time to read them, but I gotta say you CAN’T lose me! I LOVE where you are and where you’re going. I’m behind you 2000 percent.
    — Blessings to you Fine Man — Anara

    • September 17, 2010 9:39 am

      Thanks, Anara, and everyone. I sure get the support in making this change of tack.

  7. Tom Magnussen permalink
    September 17, 2010 9:04 am

    Steve, I understand and agree with your perspective. I started to move in that direction myself several months ago. However, I would like to throw out an additional perspective. ‘Awakening’ starts, for most people, by becoming more and more aware of the deception and manipulation that is going on in our 3-D world through the mainstream media. Most people still get their information primarily from mainstream media, and are, at best, only slightly aware that it is not all true. They are still ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’. I believe that as people like us wake up, they can be of service by helping others start to wake up. People who read this blog are already mostly awake; they are the ‘choir’. But the ones who really need to read it are those that previously have gotten all their information from Fox News, etc. But they aren’t ready yet for the real spiritual stuff. I like many of your postings about ‘world events’ because most are informational, not hysterical, and I forward them to my open minded, but still mostly asleep friends. It not only gives them more balanced, honest information, but also gently introduces them to more spiritual stuff. My hope is that they will explore what interests them on your site, even though I know initially it will be the more negative stuff. But that is part of the path. One isn’t going to go directly from Glenn Beck to Matthew Ward. One first needs to learn that Glen Beck isn’t giving the truth. (Of course I am using Glenn Beck to represent all the mainstream media, and Matthew to represent the spiritual side.)



    • September 17, 2010 9:33 am

      Good points, Tom. I’ll continue posting the best interpretive articles, but fewer of the articles that report on current events themselves. I won’t be as much a substitute for the Nightly News, as OpEd or interpretive.

      Also, I have a raft of articles on the cabal located to the righthand column. So much of that job of detailing what they’ve been up to has already been accomplished.

      I’ve also read all other comments and have much benefited by them, even if I haven’t replied to all. They’re helping me feel my way along here.



  8. PeterW permalink
    September 17, 2010 8:29 am

    Hi Steve, I keep returning to the statement ‘all is as it should be’ and trust that our family, and spirit, look after us and protect us as we journey toward out goal. It’s clearly no coincidence, even if there were such a thing, that so many of us feel this same detachment from everyday world matters, as portrayed by our media. We’ve had enough and are now conscious at a different level. We wish to move on!

    My main concerns now are to improve my own meditation technique such as it is, and how best to help others become aware of the wonderful future ahead of us, if they choose to make the decision to take it up.

    I will devote even more time to your site, Steve, now you have decided to do as you suggest.

    Much Love and Light, and thank you

  9. Cheri permalink
    September 17, 2010 7:44 am

    Oh yes, I agree. All that stuff that goes on outside makes me feel heavy, whenever i read about it, sooooo thank you my dear… Namaste

  10. September 17, 2010 7:13 am

    I agree wholeheartedly! I know, it doesn’t really matter what I think, you are the one who has to “dig it” or not, but I just wanted to let you know I will continue to read your posts. Like so many others here, I have been skipping over many of the more political posts in favor of the spiritual. Even though I didn’t want to know about the “negative” it is part of the whole and I thank you for being willing to share all you find with us. And now it’s like we all get to skip right to dessert! We will all be doing it and digging it soon, I’m sure, and it will be a sight to see… namaste!

  11. September 17, 2010 7:11 am

    You already are God, brother. It is only your idea of separation that doesn’t allow that to be knowledge in your being! Welcome home!

    In Truth, Simplicity, and Love


  12. KAA permalink
    September 17, 2010 6:46 am

    Good job, Steve. You are right on track. From my perspective enlightenment means knowledge. “Spiritual” knowledge is best experienced. The Masters tell us how and we need only travel our individual paths to experience our truths. Hope you are clicking your heels in joy, my friend! You will find it easier to do so without the boots.

  13. Pinakini permalink
    September 17, 2010 6:46 am

    I always gravitate toward the ascension-related spiritual articles you post and rarely read the world news articles you post. I believe that in this amazing transformational time it will be of more benefit to the world and individual consciousness to focus on the positive.

  14. Anni permalink
    September 17, 2010 6:44 am

    Yippee!! Go for it Steve, I reckon you will GAIN readership, not lose it. I’m with Shelley, I live in Australia, and I rarely watch the news, don’t read the newspapers, listen to radio etc. It is far too depressing!! I look forward to your more spiritual/metaphysical based articles, bring it on Mate !! :-))

  15. Anne Harris permalink
    September 17, 2010 6:08 am

    Thank you for this, Steve. I, too, notice I am less interested in the events happening today and more drawn to spiritual topics. It seems to me that what the media delivers is the same old, same old — drama, charges and countercharges, hype and more hype. It is up to us, who know how magnificently it will all end, to help hasten the full flowering of the Golden Age by tending to our own spiritual gardens. By your focus on spiritual topics you are already helping us to do this. By increasing that focus you will help us even more.

  16. Tess permalink
    September 17, 2010 3:29 am

    Steve, I would like to thank you for helping to open my eyes to many realities that I would have totally denied for most of my life. However, I have now come to the conclusion that I cannot go on giving energy to the negative. For me, it is enough to have this new awareness, so that I am not lulled into a false sense of security or blind acceptance of information that comes in the form of scientific, medical, governmental or religious information. I truly believe that we will create our world according to the vision and energy that we hold. At present, I need to maintain a sense of compassionate detatchment towards the negative so that I can keep up with my relentless urge to grow spiritually, without burning out. Since you always seem to echo my own thoughts and feelings in your articles, I’m confident that your future choices will be in line with my own. Bless you for devoting your life to sharing this information.

  17. September 17, 2010 3:14 am

    Steve, I too have been asking myself if it is valuable for me to continue pursuing certain passions, especially those regarding the accumulation of money. I need to focus on what is really important now, the creation of the New Paradigm and Ascension. This is true wealth.

  18. Bradley L. Duell, Ph.D. (aka Kau'ila) permalink
    September 17, 2010 2:54 am

    You are example-ing what all of us are being encouraged to do… Release the former path and embrace today’s.

  19. Sheri permalink
    September 17, 2010 2:18 am

    Thank you, Steve, for taking the direction that I have also been guided to, but have found it difficult to let go of this wonderful website and reading just one more book about ‘The Story.’

    I think your decision will help us all put our attention within our hearts where true Love and Light reside for all of us to experience directly. My Guides have told me I have spent more than enough time ‘gathering information’ for my head and ego to play with. It is time for me to keep my attention in my heart, connect from a heart level with Nature and All That is Phenomenal and Noumenal. They say to stay in the moment, in my heart, observing the Oneness and what arises in the NOW without any filters of judgment, self belief s or mass belief systems. As best I can.

    Let go, Let go, Let go. Lay down sword and shield.

    I look forward to joining you as you follow your heart.



  20. Abigail Parker permalink
    September 17, 2010 12:56 am

    Hey Steve,

    I hear everything you are saying, and and think you should go for it! I too have drawn away from many information sources in the last few months – I used to watch the Alex Jones show a lot to keep updated about world events and what the ‘dark cabal’ were up to. But in the end it seemed like ‘being informed’ came at the cost of ‘being depressed’ …. with the knowledge of the atrocities that were going on around the world.

    I fully educated myself in the last few years as to what the set up is, so understand the ‘game’ as it were and our part in it. I now choose to focus on the ‘light side of things’ – that uplift me and inspire me, as THAT is the state I want to exist in and it allows be to feel calm, balances and happy.

    Like Shelly I have found myself drawn strongly to nature lately, and due to a move I made a few months ago, I am now surrounded by it and am five minutes from the sea. The highlight of my day is walking on the beach with the dog or trekking around the sand dunes – revelling in the beauty of Mother Nature – I always feel healed afterwards and it sets me up for the day 🙂

    I very rarely look at the TV these days – I most definitely cannot stomach the mainstream news channels – they give me a headache! But I will still check certain independent sites so I have an overview of what is going on – I think it is important to have an idea where we are at in the world, as things are changing at a quick pace at the moment and our current timeline is of course very important. It most certainly does not take up the amount of time it used to though!

    So I think we are in the ‘same boat’ as you in one way or another – and it would be a very natural progression for you to focus more on spiritual matters and everything related to that – and I for one will definitely be continuing on this journey with you…and I very much look forward to seeing how your posts change over the next few months.

    It is a totally natural process and one that is very befitting of the times we are living in – and despite the fact that you say you are not ‘enlightened’ I would say all evidence to the contrary! The very fact that you are acknowledging these changes within yourself, show that you are very in touch with your ‘own truth’ and indeed the ‘greater truths’ about life….and are honouring them. If that is not the sign of someone who is enlightened then I dont know what is! 🙂

    So have fun on the next part of your journey, we are all right here with you – and may you be ‘doing it and digging it’ every day for the rest of your life!

    Love & Light to You & Yours

    Abigail (UK)

  21. Peter Ferguson permalink
    September 17, 2010 12:40 am

    Go for it, Lad, there comes a time when the path we have been following starts to fade. When that happens one can either stop and say ‘Oh well’, or forge ahead and make a new path which in turn will invigorate the Spirit and give new meaning to existence. Good luck on your new journey, I for one will be following you.

    Take care.

  22. Shelley Szajner permalink
    September 16, 2010 10:38 pm

    I too have been feeling much of the same things that you have, Steve, and am seeking more spiritual activities even if it’s just a walk out in nature. And If I do happen to flip on the T.V., which I am doing less and less, and decide to look at CNN for just 30 seconds, I get ill. And even the alternative news, like Huffington Post, throws me into unhappiness. If this is what staying informed about the world means then, I pass.

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