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Xavier Hermes: We are Co-Creating a Truly Exciting Evolutionary Jump

September 15, 2010

Xavier Hermes appears to be the founder of the Global Change Foundation. His is one of the many voices being heard among gaians (terrestrials) urging us to wake up to the transformation coming our way as the word gets out and circulates in global society.

The Greatest Adventure Yet for Humanity – Pioneering the Creation of a New Global Reality – Part One

From the desk of Xavier Hermes: an open letter to everyone on the planet.
June 2009

Dear Fellow Traveller,

Let me first ask you a question ; Are you tired of the escalating craziness of the dysfunctional reality in which we live? If so, are you willing to be pro-active, and do something about it NOW? This letter, and the initiatives it represents, provides support and facilitation as to HOW we can take effective action.

We have each been on a very long journey, through many, many short lives*, the vehicle for our exploration of all that is possible in this lower frequency physical realm. This phase of our human journey is now at an end – IF WE SO CHOOSE!

NOW, and for a short time ahead, the Timescape is aligned to give us the energetic means by which to co-create a new, positive Global Reality!

We are all being given the opportunity to go through a profound transformation, when humanity literally becomes enlightened, with powerful new faculties and conscious connection to all-that-is. A mantra for Change, then:

Acting together, we now co-create a truly exciting evolutionary jump!

Our current reality is kept in place by the mass (and largely unconscious) agreement of the whole population. However, because opinions, cultures and attitudes – both globally and locally – are so very diverse, there is little cohesion in our reality agreement. Thus it takes only a small percentage of humanity to hold a clear new focus and agree a completely new vision. This, in turn, creates powerful energy and resonances, modifying the Timescape and quickly leading to radical, positive changes in our world.

The Global Change Foundation was set up for the purpose of encouraging positive change to our reality in the early 1990s. The request came from beings who exist at other levels of consciousness, and who are deeply committed to supporting humanity through this process. With them, we now invite you to help co-create this new transformational community so that together we can devise and activate what needs to be done. Our tools will be the support mechanisms, the conclaves, the higher understandings, the workshops and the external initiatives that together move us forward on our journey to full consciousness.

Much of this community is about global service: helping to facilitate others in understanding and then joining in the journey. It also offers the potential to rapidly transform our personal lives and put us in a place of great empowerment. Here is the challenge for each of us: Are we prepared to see the world with eyes of unbounded optimism? Are we prepared to manifest what we can envision? Are you, personally? For if enough join to create the vision of our collective Golden Age, a radically different ending for this stage of our journey – and the accompanying new beginning – will present itself.

Many ancient predictions tell that, before the Great Planetary Transformation, the duality (the challenging reality we have lived in for millennia) will completely polarize. The dark will become ever more pernicious (and obvious in the process), while more and more light initiatives will quietly begin to grow and expand.

Do we not see it happening all around us? Around the planet there is mounting turmoil in the shape of war, environmental destruction, pollution, starvation, disaster, corporate manipulation, excesses of genetic engineering, escalating earth changes, deteriorating weather and a whole plethora of risks to humanity and Mother Earth.

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  1. KAA permalink
    September 16, 2010 7:01 am

    We can participate in the global New and Full Moon meditations initiated by the Children of the Sun. The more of us that share focused intention the greater the impact. Less attention on the ‘dark’ removes that energy from our inner and there foreouter world.

    Yes, if enough of us participate in directing our creative energy towards a world of higher love, the results are destined to be so.


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