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The Importance of Raising Vibrations to Ascension – Part 2/2

September 15, 2010

(Continued from Part 1)

(This section of the article remains unrevised.)

These rising vibrations are preparing our physical bodies for Ascension. Another way of speaking about the refinement involved in ”raising our vibrations” is to call it a “quickening.”

SaLuSa tells us that the rising energies are regenerating our body cells as we move into our Ascension bodies.

“The energies that are directed to Earth continue to lift up your vibrations, and are affecting your physical bodies in a beneficial way. It is too early for many of you to register the changes, but there will eventually be a regeneration of your body cells. You are beginning to move into your Ascension bodies, and these will not carry forward any existing imperfections. The nearer you get to Ascension a quickening will take place, until you are finally ready for the great upliftment.” (15)

Even before we ascend, we’ll reach a point where the vibrations will be high enough that we are unaffected by disease or old age.

“As you progress through the next few years, the vibrations will increase more rapidly. You will find that as you lift up your own, you will be less afflicted by illness or any health problems. Your body is becoming more crystalline, and it will be able to overcome any attack upon its bodies defensive system.

“You will no longer be subject to any form of disease, and eventually the process of aging will stop and be reversed. There is a point coming in the future when you will be in the most perfect body form. May we say that is why you have never seen an “old” Space Being, and when we speak of long past events it is because we often have first hand experience of them. We live many hundreds of years and do not age as you do.” (16)

The higher we ascend, the more benefits accrue. At some point we will no longer have need of physical bodies.

“As you keep on ascending, so you will reach even higher dimensions and eventually become a Being of pure Light. It means that you have no need for a physical body, but with your godlike powers can create whatever form you may need. There are times when such Beings drop down into the lower dimensions to serve the souls at that level, such as for example the one you are in.

“The higher dimensions are the creations of pure love, and cannot be affected by any energies of a lesser nature. They are levels that you would find too powerful to remain in, and because of the Law of Attraction you cannot in fact reach them. However, some souls are taken to them under the wings and protection of a Higher Being, and it is usually as part of their spiritual teachings.” (17)

The Fifth Dimension is a place of much higher vibrations than the Third, where life will be idyllic.

“The difference from where you are now in the present dimension and the higher ones is most substantial, and there you will be living a completely different type of life. Gone will be the drudgery and drag of life as you know it, and if you have any concept of what paradise is like you may have just an impression of what it is like. To live it is almost too difficult to put into words, but you could say it is heavenly, idyllic and enfolds you in its beautiful vibration of Light.

“How often do you feel tired in your physical body, or suffer pain and disability, well let us say that all of it will be put behind you when you rise up. Such conditions will never be repeated again, as none of the physical problems can relate to your Light body. Its vibrations are so high that nothing can manifest except it is in its perfect expression.” (18)

By the same token, if we have not raised our vibration sufficiently, we will not ascend.

“We refer to Ascension often, because it is the most important issue that you will have to decide. We have mentioned that once you decide to ascend, you are creating a pathway to it. The point we wish to emphasise is that many paths lead to it, so you need not be concerned if others follow one different to yours. You will find that they all lead to a moment in time, when there are great changes involving Mother Earth. Where you go from there depends on whether your vibrations are such that you can be lifted up.

“If they are not at a level where you can, then clearly you will continue at the same one as before. That means you were not ready for Ascension, and indeed the higher vibrations would not suit you and would make you feel uncomfortable. Fortunately you cannot but advance to a level until you are ready, and that is Universal Law.” (19)

Our success so far in raising our vibrations reflects the work we’ve been doing in this area.

“The Light and Love continues to grow upon Earth. It has not been achieved without immense help or indeed sacrifice, but that is the result of your great success in lifting up the vibrations.” (20)

“Climbing the mountain” may be another metaphorical way of saying “raising the vibrations.”

“You have climbed the mountain and are now ready to step onto the summit. The journey of life in the lower vibrations has all but finished, and that means for every soul that is presently on Earth. By your actions and deeds you have reached a certain pinnacle in your evolution, which now requires you to move onto yet another cycle of experience.” (21)

The most direct route to raise our vibrations is through unconditional love.

“Love is the key to all situations as you will eventually find out.” (22)

“[By] divine decree you are being given the opportunity of Ascension. That we would say is an indication of the outpouring of love that the Creator has for all of you. We are referring to Unconditional Love, and that is the goal of very single soul as they evolve back to the Source. To reach such a level whilst on Earth is indeed most difficult because of the conditions created by duality. However, if it is your intent to live that way as far as possible, then you are well on your way to ascending. The lower vibrations cannot keep you back, and at a certain point you would in any event ascend.” (23)

Another way of raising our vibrations is to develop compassion for those who are suffering around us. Watching our response to the victims of natural disasters is one way “management” estimates whether the new and higher vibrations are affecting us.

Adyashanti: Perhaps a 5D individual

“You are seeing the whole world in upheaval, and millions of people have varying needs as a result. That is also one of your main challenges to see if compassion and love rise up, and whether the wellbeing of others can bring it out. So far the response of the people has been overwhelming, and that is a most positive indication of how much the new vibrations have brought a change of heart. It shows that you are beginning to accept the Oneness of all life, and that is what we would expect from those souls who have become enlightened.” (24)

Visualizing the New Earth that is to be is another way to diminish the hold the lower vibration has on us and speed up the manifestation of Terra Nova.

“As more people than at present visualise a new Earth, it will help speed up its manifestation. As we of the Galactic Federation help organise the cleansing of the Earth, a completely new era of cooperation will begin. At last you will see hope for the future, and eagerly work for the changes knowing how wonderful the results will be. Quickly the old vibrations and their influences will begin to disappear, and the truth about your true potential will become known.” (25)

Still another way is to complete our old issues and let go of old beliefs that keep us on a lower-vibrational level.

“These are times when you are dealing with personal battles within. Old beliefs and knowledge that do not carry the new higher vibrations are surfacing for clearing, but sometimes it is hard to let go.

“You are entering a period of intense changes and the old is breaking down, and the new energies bring truth and all that you require to forge ahead on the pathway to the Golden Age. It will be quite a revelation as you realise the immensity of the changes to self, as your old mindset is easily replaced by all that is pure and wholesome.” (26)

“Entering the end times everyone one of you has some attachments to clear up, and these will come to you at some stage for cleansing. You will know when it happens, and if you accept what it is you will be able to transmute them. They might be wayward thoughts that impinge on your consciousness, and no longer serve you. Despatch them with thanks, and tell them that they no longer have a place in the new life you are building.

“In fact when you look back you may well find that you have already dramatically changed. After all, your preset life has been purposefully planned for your upliftment, It has included testing periods when you have been challenged to show, that you have put the attraction of the lower energies behind you.” (27)

Whatever is of a lower vibration, we will not be able to take with us when we ascend.

“The sands of time have nearly run out, and unlike when you prepare to go on vacation and sort out what you want to take with you, Ascension is quite the opposite. You are instead sorting out what you cannot take with you, but of course we do not mean physical objects. It comes down to any attachments that are of the lower vibrations, that cannot exist in the higher vibrations. As part of your life plan, you have arranged that they present themselves to you for cleansing.” (28)

Traditionally the fact that our vibrations were so low has meant that we’ve been unable to tune into our Higher Self. We must raise our vibrations before we can contact it.

“It has been established that you are not your physical body, in which case you may wonder why you cannot tune into your Higher Self. It is because it exists at a much higher vibrational level than you normally use. Therefore you have to prepare yourself before attempting contact.” (29)

Where our Higher Self is concerned, we do not actually “rise” to “higher” vibrational levels. This is a metaphorical way of speaking.

“The paradox here is that although we talk of ‘higher vibrational levels’ where your Higher Self is concerned, it is not outside you but within. You are a complex Being with a number of different aspects, and exist on many levels at once. However, that knowledge will wait for a future occasion when you have lifted your consciousness levels to a greater understanding. It is useful to have the idea in mind and as more information comes along, you will be partially prepared for it.” (30)

The manner in which the dark has exerted control over us is, in at least one respect, by lowering our vibrations.

“In the past where older civilisations have been concerned, there have been periods of great spiritual achievement. However, these have never lasted as slowly but surely the dark Ones have introduced their lower vibrations. This will always be a problem such as it is now where you are in a period of transformation, yet the lower vibrations remain around you.” (31)

The way we’ll escape from the dark’s control is by raising them.

“Your response against them lies with your ability to lift up your own vibrations, high enough to give you protection.

“Once you have reached a certain level and can maintain it, you will not in fact be subject to the lower vibrations. It then enables you to become an observer of everything that is going on around you, without becoming involved in it.

“It is a wonderful level to achieve, as you can become detached and protected from anything less than your own vibrations. In such circumstances you can progress with your spiritual evolution far quicker, and working on an intuitive level can be positively discerning when new information comes to you.” (32)

Our attainment of higher vibrations is speeding the time at which the dark must depart.

“It was foreseen that the low vibrations on Earth would attract the dark Ones, and what would result from it. Therefore plans were made to remove them as soon as the Light became the dominant energy and when their power was diminishing. That time has arrived and with the levels of human consciousness increasing so quickly, there is now a higher vibration that is awakening people to the truth.” (33)

We can assist others by explaining these matters to them, without overwhelming them or depriving them of choice.

“This is where you all come in, as without being seen to try and impose your views upon others, both your word and actions [with others] are subconsciously noted. With the nearness of the end times, such contacts are so necessary to awaken those who still live in the lower vibrations. There is of course the greater awakening that is affecting the Human Race as a whole, but the energies being beamed to Earth take time to lift people up.” (34)

So raising our vibrations, by whatever means we choose, is what will help us ease our way into Ascension. Loving, being compassionate, clearing issues, envisioning the new world are all examples of ways to uplift ourselves, climb the mountain, or however else you may wish to think of lifting our vibrations. All higher dimensions are places of higher vibrational resonance and so the task of raising our vibrations goes on into infinity.


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