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Celestial White Beings: Dissolving Limitations

September 14, 2010

I’ve generally found Natalie’s messages credible, though I’ve never seen her post a message from the “White Beings” before. But I’m open. The White Beings claim to be a celestial or angelic group.

Their topic of dissolving limitation is certainly timely. This is another cut at the same subject of clearing issues that we’ve so many sources discuss at the present time. Obviously it’s important.

Dissolving Limitations

by the White Beings

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 13/09/10

We are the Celestial White Beings, we bring to and channel into the Earth the celestial joy and bliss of our soul. We wish for all to comprehend that you are safe and protected in our energy and the light of the Creator.

So much is occurring on the Earth now, many energy waves are anchoring simultaneously while intentions from the Creator are manifesting with greater power due to humankind’s growing ability of realise the guidance and will of the Creator, opening their eyes to a new reality. These changes can cause upset and turmoil either within your reality or within your being, but you must remember that everything in your reality is projected from within you and so the place to begin to make alterations to your reality is always within you.  To alter the view points and perception of the majority of humanity can begin with an alteration or spark of enlightenment within.

As creators of your own world you are in the driving seat, you have the control and can stop to change direction or thought process at any time. It only requires love and courage in your heart and soul, with a sacred eternal connection to the Creator. While physical actions can change the world that you live within so can the small actions and practices that you make in those quiet times, during meditation or periods of contemplation. Changing your view points to those of love would alter your reality considerably and so would escalate and expand into the consciousness and realities of others. This is something that we wish you to be conscious of, do your actions and thoughts contribute to the peace and love manifesting on the Earth or do they energise the darkness and negativity of the Earth and its inhabitants?

When you are thinking a negative or judgmental thought you are adding to the judgment that has already been created in the passed on the Earth, you are energising any negativity that may be in your life and even in the reality of a person living at the other side of the Earth. Remember that every human being on the Earth is interconnected as a network of energy; the energy that you give off will affect others in your reality and the world. You are not an insignificant person; you have a place and a purpose on the Earth. If you allow yourself to be powerful, loving and peaceful then you are sending this energy through the connecting network to people across the countries.

We wish for you to understand how important you are now on the Earth, you have a tremendous and an enormous purpose to fulfil, it is to be responsible for your own energy and to share your bliss and joy with others. We would be grateful if you would ponder and contemplate our words, realising fully for yourself the presence and purpose you have on the Earth. If every soul on the Earth was to accept this realisation then the Earth would definitely transform into a haven of love and peace for all to experience and fear would become a story from the past.

When you accept that the power is placed with you to create a reality and world of love then you must also become aware of the presence of limitations. Even if your heart is open and loving you may still experience limitations and barriers holding you back hindering your divine creation. Limitations are restrictions created by you in your past through belief systems and emotional blockages. Limitations are akin to barriers that are formed to contain your movements, actions and achievements.

Sometimes limitations are created by your soul or the Creator to aid your personal growth or to assist you in overcoming challenges and unneeded habits, other times limitations manifest from false perceptions of yourself and your reality.  Limitations can be placed upon limitations which can allow you to feel restricted, reduced in energy and lacking in your ability to create. These can be dissolved even if they are physical restrictions because you have the united power of your heart and mind which can heal and dissolve any negative situation, bring forth a great presence of love, offer freedom, liberation and peace.

If you view yourself as an energy being connected to all other energy beings on the Earth, with a powerful connection with the Creator you realise that energy is constantly flowing, energy never stops but expands and develops, this is one reason why change is such a major part of the Earth and your own spiritual path. The more spiritually evolved you become the more you are aware of your own energies and your influence on others. You begin to see that energy is malleable with your thoughts and that limitations are all false creations, thus with the presence of limitations in your reality you can perceive that your reality is not yet truthful or radiant with the precision of the Creator.

More energy is therefore needed to flow through your being, heart and mind from the Creator to wash away false beliefs and to allow you to embrace the truth of the Creator assisting a new creation from within you to manifest. Limitations are simply energy that has been instructed to remain stagnant, to create a barrier, but with a greater flow of energy all limitations can be dissolved as you are simply forcing the energy to move and become active once more.

To understand this concept you must withdraw your mind from your physical reality for a moment and allow yourself to see everything as energy, whether it is a physical object, an experience or the emotions of yourself or another. Everything is a flowing or stagnant energy.  You may even be able to ask during meditation to be made aware of the limitations in your being, mind or reality that are hindering your growth, feeling their stagnant and inactive energy around you. You may realise that many recent experiences or emotions coming to the surface are actually connected to or are a result of these limitations. If you can sense them then you will be able to comprehend their power and strength within your reality.

It is important to remind yourself at this stage that everything is created from within your being, you created all limitations even if they appear to be manifesting from another source. With this awareness you can then call forth the energy of the Creator to flow through your being, into your aura and reality as a constant flow of light to dissolve and activate all limitations and stagnant energy to create a flow of energy through and from your being which is free from restrictions.

If you practice this each day if only for ten minutes, then you will begin to dissolve limitations in your life and expand your energy and power. All limitations may not be dissolved as you may need to alter reoccurring thought patterns or attachments to the past. This is a simple practice that allows you to be alert to limitations, their power in your life and the strength of your own energy. Simply imagine the light flowing from your being and washing away all stagnant energy. You can imagine that all energy around you is active and glistening with the love of the Creator.

We hope that this has provoked and inspired your mind,

We are the Celestial White Beings

Our love is always with you.

Sacred School of Om Na and the Wisdom of the Light- Natalie Glasson

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