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Allegations that the President has Established Codex Alimentarius: True or False? (False)

September 14, 2010

I publish the following exchanges from Tami Dickson’s Galactic Friends website. It says that President Obama has just approved Codex Alimentarius by Executive Order 13544. I’ll publish that Executive Order in the next post, as evidence, if you like.

I cannot find in the Executive Order any indication that President Obama has approved the Codex Alimentarius. If any of you can, I’d appreciate your pointing it out to me.

As far as I can see, the President has set up a national health council to advise him on health issues.

US CODEX instituted by Executive Order Dangers Updated!

Sept 13/10

Folks when I ran my holistic business some 15 years ago I was warning my clients about codex implications in Canada. Many just ignored me now we are at a global agenda point to keep everyone sick and void of natural alternatives. Please read Order and how it will effect your country. The fight goes on. cheers Tami

CODEX instituted by Executive Order

This seems like the Other Shoe that dropped during the Oil Spill. Governance by stealth.


Forwarded Message:

Here is the Executive Order #13544

I am saddened to say that on June 10th, 2010, Obama signed Executive Order #13544 which mandates that the US is adopting Codex Alimentarius.

This legislation, *originating from the United Nations*, in effect, begins a worldwide campaign for massive hunger and starvation.

We fought them for 5 years and defeated them in Congress each year.

We also assisted Canada over those years and were successful in defeating C.A. in Canada too.

As of today, I do not know what has happened in Canada regarding this dire situation.

(Inge’s note: NAFTA and harmonization of Trade regulations will mandate Canadian compliance. Bill C 36 will mandate this.)

Now, with a stroke of a pen, and quietly behind the scenes when everyone was focused on the Gulf Oil Spill,

he effectively launched Codex Alimentarius in the US, which is intended to bring ALL vitamin and mineral supplements

and natural health remedies and technologies to an end.

The CDC and the HHS *can now make illegal*, all alternative health remedies and technologies.

This bill renders all alternative health remedies “unscientific” and not provable by the FDA.

This legislation is a huge step in population control, giving the pharmaceuticals full control over the health of all individuals,

which is what the global socialists have wanted for years.

Look up the Executive Order and read it for yourself. But use and not Google.

Google keeps records of your inquiries and sends all your inquiries to the NSA. does not.

Canadian Health Network Inga cdsapi@shaw.caThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Hacked Again! Multiple Web Sites Hacked To Keep You From Defeating S. 510!

ACT NOW, Forward Widely!

Major Hack Attack Just When We Need Your Action the Most! Coincidence? NOT!

These Action Items are So Important That We, AND Oracle Broadcasting, Just Got Knocked Off the Internet To Keep You From Taking Action!

Defeat S. 510 to prevent the total industrialization of Food:

Donate to Help Health Freedom Stay Online (Clearly, We Need Higher Security Servers!):

Here is the link to the Archives where you can hear this morning’s Dr. Rima Reports Show as we discover we are being hacked and create our workaround with our outstanding guests, Charlotte Gerson and Howard Straus:

If you were listening to our Dr. Rima Reports broadcast,, or, this morning, you know:

1. Natural Solutions Foundation’s main websites,, and, were nowhere to be found

2., our live chat and show access page for the show, was not available since it, too, was hacked

3. Our massively important Action Item against S. 510 was unavailable so you were blocked from taking action to prevent the total destruction and industrialization of the US food supply and the triumph of Codex Alimentarius in America. Your emails have successfully stopped passage of this bill, which has been called “Monsanto’s wet dream bill”, since last November. The globalist controllers, apparently, are growing impatient.

4. Because of this hacking episode you could not make a tax deductible donation through our “donate” tab as you usually can do.

5. The internet radio station,, which we broadcast through lost its sound capacity during our show so listeners to the Dr. Rima Reports suddenly found that the only way they could listen to the show was through the call in line, 512-904-8014 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 512-904-8014 end_of_the_skype_highlighting! Most of them, obviously, simply lost the show.

Health and Food Freedom websites are under attack and were taken off the internet about 11 AM this morning, near the start of the Dr. Rima Reports Internet Radio Program. As in past hack attacks, this occurs at a critical moment as we seek to overcome the false letter sent late Friday afteroon from the heads of FDA and HHS to the members of the US Senate, trying to stampede them into passing the fake “food safety” bill, S.510.

During the show, Ralph Fucetola, JD, Counsel and Trustee, set up an emergency link on the so-far-unhacked site,, so that you can, in fact, take action. In less than 1 hour, more than 500 people did so, generating 2500 emails to Congress and other decision makers. That is not good enough.

The emergency page linked below is posted on the Dr Rima Network to allow access to urgent action items and updates in this battle.

Please also check here for updates:


This link takes you directly to the Action Item:

Take it once for each member of your family and then send it to everyone you can reach electronically. They all eat. They all can come down with the chronic diseases of under nutrition. It is their issue, too. Ask each of them to take the action once for each member of their family and then send it out to their contacts, asking those contacts to repeat those steps, etc.

Next, go to this site to find your US Senators’ phone numbers:

Please, after sending your email above, get the phone number and CALL

your US Senator’s office, leave a strong message!

You may want to tell them in your message that the language in S.510:

1. Will close down family and organic farms because it requires them to have hugely

expensive machinary that they cannot afford;

2. Will create a monopoly over industrialized food for Big Agrabiz;

3. Will NOT stop tainted food problems because the bad stuff comes from

Big Agribiz where they already have the machinery and mechanisms required but still produce factory farm food;

4. Has language that opens the door for Codex restrictions to be implemented in the US despite the will of the people, current law and current regulation

5. The law contains language that allows bureaucrats to create secret regulations;

6. Will put the Homeland Security in charge of food delivery systems around the country

– politicizing same since any state in disagreement with the Feds will have

problems receiving food;

7. Because S. 510 so strongly favors Big Agrabiz, companies like Monsanto will more easily be able to push its GM agenda; and

8. Will cost at least $825 million in the first year…

We MUST take off the white gloves, take the Action Item and then call their Senators on Monday to rage about this Bill. S. 510 could come up as early as Monday and probably will, sometime this week. We are looking for a couple of Senators who are willing to fight it on the floor so it will be delayed – if delayed to the end of the year, it is dead – but the Globalists are seriously pushing this now… and they want YOU dead!

So you must act now; forward this widely!

Of course, our donation page is down too, but you can donate through PayPal via

(donation button on lower right). Please help! We urgently need funds now!

We need to migrate our sites to much more secure servers!

Here is the link to the Archives where you can hear this morning’s Dr. Rima Reports Show as we discover we are being hacked and create our workaround with our outstanding guests, Charlotte Gerson and Howard Straus:

Yours in health and freedom,

The Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation

Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.)


Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Ralph Fucetoal, JD

Counsel and Trustee

Is this true ??.


Someone told me that this alert about Obama’s EO originated from the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, but I haven’t seen what they wrote about it and am at a loss to understand their reasoning except to say that it is a serious contradiction in terms for anyone to attempt to improve the public health by creating a panel of this sort inside the Department of Health and Human Services which oversees the FDA.

Given the stranglehold Big Pharma has over both HHS and FDA, its about as possible to improve the public health this way as it is to expect an office of alternative medicine created inside NIH to ever do the things we would like to see it do. Having said that, I am much less concerned about this Executive Order than I am about other threats which I consider to be far more dangerous.

They are the threat of DSHEA being eclipsed in the USA via the intentional destruction of our sovereignty. Obama is not enforcing our southern border, and he’s suing Arizona for TRYING to enforce the border. We’re being overrun by illegal aliens and we’re bankrupt. Our economy is being intentionally destroyed in order to usher us into the planned North American Union Dictatorship which is modelled after the EU which is a collectivist dictatorship. Obama is a communist and a tool of the Bilderberg Group and the CFR which are controlled by the Rockefellers who have long wanted a global totalitarian state.

In his first 19 Months, Obama has caused more National Debt than all Presidents from George Washington through Reagan combined While this effort is underway to sabotage us economically, you must factor in whats happening in Canada too. You’ve got the threat of C-36 destroying the supplement industry in Canada, forcing harmonization to the EU and Codex and you’ve got the CETA Trade Agreement moving through Parliament which would harmonize Canada to the EU. Everything happening in Canada threatens to come south into the US as the ruling elite seek to destroy Canada, the US and Mexico and force all 3 countries together into a collectivist dictatorship modelled after the EU which is a collectivist Dictatorship. In Canada you should be focused on defeating C-36, watch A Question of Sovereignty: See this about CETA Trade Agreement:

Work in Canada via Dee Nicholson/Candace Hill- NHF Canada, I’m forwarding this to them.

John Hammell


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  1. Doug Burns permalink
    September 14, 2010 12:08 pm


    This seems to be from some nutty, right wing site that slips in a bunch of their standard fact-challenged agenda items, e.g. “global socialists” (since when do socialists favor big corporations?) and blaming our current national debt on Obama not Bush/Cheney where it belongs. “In his first 19 Months, Obama has caused more National Debt than all Presidents from George Washington through Reagan combined”. Please don’t pass on this kind of effluent. It just gives your site a bad political smell and I know you don’t intend that.



    • September 14, 2010 12:12 pm

      I’d like people to see how far off the rails we can go, Doug. Hence I need to publish the fulle exchange.

      It’s actually from lightworkers’ sites, which shows just how mistaken we lightworkers can be.



  2. Baruch permalink
    September 14, 2010 10:13 am

    I am trying to nail this down also. I received emails saying that this was done but then just
    received email from Dr. Rima saying the opposite. If you find concrete info would you please
    let us know. Thanks……

    • September 14, 2010 10:14 am

      I have no indication that President Obama has assented to the Codex Alimentarius, Baruch.



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