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SaLuSa: Those Truly Responsible for 9/11 Will Answer for Their Crimes

September 13, 2010

SaLuSa tells us that 9/11 was not a terrorist attack and that those responsible will answer for their crimes.  9/11 was carried out simply to allow the dark ones greater control over the population.

But the dark has been defeated and it only remains to sweep up after them. The present chaos is unavoidable as dark structures break down.

Meanwhile almost unnoticeable physical changes are occurring as we move into our Ascension bodies. Your new bodies will not carry forward any imperfections. We will guide you the rest of the wa y and are waiting excitedly for the first moment to introduce ourselves to you.

Your civilization continues to collapse but at the same time the new one continues to be born.

SaLuSa  13-September-2010

It is not just the U.S, that has paid its respects to those who died in the tragedy that was 9/11, but the whole world remembers the human loss involved. There is in a manner of speaking another tragedy, inasmuch that the media still generally refers to it as a terrorist attack yet the facts tell otherwise.

For people who are sufficiently experienced to voice a professional point of view as to what took place, there is frustration that there has been no official acknowledgement of their findings. This situation will remain until greater freedom of speech is allowed, and an independent enquiry takes place. At present there are still too many people with power, who have collaborated in the false terrorist attack who can exert pressure upon those anxious to release the truth.

There is also anger that the Government still holds to the official version, even although it is quite clear that it cannot possibly answer all of the questions. We want to tell you that all of those involved in the conspiracy will be exposed, and they will answer for their crimes against Humanity. In the greater scheme of things, every soul will face every action that has led to the injury or death of another soul.

We do not wish to dwell on 9/11 as the truth of what happened on that fatal day is becoming public knowledge. It has not achieved the results that the dark Ones desired, but as a result it has brought about a new set of tough security laws. All of these contrived situations are simply to exercise stricter controls over your freedom of movement.

In the long term your freedom will be restored, as once a new Government is established it will be based upon your inherent sovereign rights. Such changes will spread across the world like a breath of fresh air, and the past will gradually fade away like a very bad dream. The dark Ones have played out their hand, and have been defeated. It is now a matter of sweeping up after them, and bringing in the long awaited changes that will enrich people’s lives.

Matters change day to day but one thing is for sure, and that is your victory and subsequent elevation into the higher dimensions. It has been planned for eons of time, and in spite of what may appear to be setbacks it advances in a most acceptable way.

The chaos that you are experiencing now is unavoidable as the old system breaks down, but that is necessary to make the room for a totally new civilization that is now emerging. So many of you came into this period of time, because you have the skills and understanding that will be needed to surge ahead. You might reflect on the fact that you have created your reality, but it was at a higher level that the divine plan was conceived and it will not change except for divine intervention.

The energies that are directed to Earth continue to lift up your vibrations, and are affecting your physical bodies in a beneficial way. It is too early for many of you to register the changes, but there will eventually be a regeneration of your body cells. You are beginning to move into your Ascension bodies, and these will not carry forward any existing imperfections.

The nearer you get to Ascension a quickening will take place, until you are finally ready for the great upliftment. By then of course, we will have been with you for quite a time guiding you along. So you can see that we are essential to your progress, and we are excitedly waiting for the first opportunity to present ourselves to you.

We cannot promise you that things will improve yet, as the financial conditions being experienced at present have not yet bottomed out. Your civilization is collapsing, and it cannot be saved from the implosion that is taking place. Yet at the same time the new one is being born, and rising like the phoenix from its ashes.

Civilizations come and go quite often but whereas of late there has been a downward trend, your time has come for yours to take that great leap forward. The cycle of duality is finally at an end, and you will soon enter a peaceful and happy period.

The future beckons and you are beginning to envisage its attraction after the darkness you have experienced. There were times when you knew no different and life seemed to be utterly bleak without any real chance of it changing. What few of you understood was that Heaven was lovingly watching over you, and planning your release into the Light. At any given time greater souls have always incarnated upon Earth, to keep you aware of your true selves.

The truth was not always shared around, for reasons that its survival depended upon it being preserved by those who were already at a higher level of understanding. However, the Light cannot be extinguished as everything that already is depends upon it for its existence. In effect all that the dark does is highlight the lack of Light, and it is through such experiences that you grow spiritually.

Your individual journeys are almost at an end, so enjoy the prospect of it all changing for the better because you need not return to duality again. Let the upsets and worries of everyday life be measured against the bright and happy future that is just around the corner.

Set your sights upon all that is good and wholesome, and ignore those who would have it otherwise. The dark Ones will still be around and they too will learn something from you. One day they will find the Light that still shines within, even if it is now veiled by the darkness they have created.

Our presence is to help all souls, and we do not choose one soul over another where our help is concerned. It is up to each individual to decide in which direction their future is going, and regardless of their choice they will be treated with kindness and love. That is the only way to penetrate the darkness, and help those souls who are trapped.

Let no one believe that they are superior to another soul, and know that it is not the way of those who have become spiritually enlightened. Love is the powerful energy of the Creator and holds all of creation together.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank all of you for seeking out the truth, and I hope that in your search you find the answers you seek. Follow your intuition, and be prepared to change direction when the need arises.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. daniel suastegui permalink
    September 22, 2010 12:45 pm

    i think the US government is involved with all the terrorist attacks just to destroy the people that are different so we should build a new government and it should be for all to control by all races, not just white people.

  2. Shelley permalink
    September 13, 2010 8:12 am

    …Follow your intuition, and be prepared to change direction when the need arises…

    I read this last sentence loud and clear, for I believe it’s a heads up, especially for this Fall, in which something is going to FALL down.

  3. Chris M permalink
    September 13, 2010 7:40 am

    Salusa’s messages are always so uplifting and inspiring. These messages and those of some others really encourage and uplift me. I am enthusiastic about our future. What an incredible time for us to have incarnated here. With excitement and intent I focus on a bright & succesful evolution for humankind and earth herself into the light.

    Being a more scientific person traditionally, I never thought the day would come when I would be speaking out in this spiritual manner. I have always been a person of skepticism. I needed to see physical proof before my eyes before I would believe in anything. However, science and spirituality has really merged for me in the most profound way recently. Everything just seems to click into place and make total sense now. All the intuitive suspicions I have had about unethical issues, religious dogma and negative situations in the world over my lifetime have now proven correct. I always knew there was something greater both out there and within us. That the negatives of this reality were a result of the very essence of this dense reality. That those of us who have existed here are only a very small part of who we really are…

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