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NESARA Details from Poof

September 13, 2010

Jesus in a spacecraft, swooping down on the moneychangers and their dark allies

I’m not much attracted to Poof’s style of commentary, but longtime readers of this site will recognize many of the NESARA provisions in her description. I publish an extract.

Note that SaLuSa says NESARA will follow disclosure: “Disclosure still remains as an important development that must precede the Abundance programs.” (SaLuSa, Jan. 27, 2010.)

Thanks to Kau’ila.


While it has been thought this could never happen, [i.e., that the rich and powerful could find themselves poor and powerless] they [the NESARA white knights] have been working behind the scenes and mowing down the opposition. This, for you and me because they want us to put it [NESARA] on the ground and, boy, does the world need it.

Most [people] don’t have a clue how to manage big money, so they handled the first part for you, you’ll access into a 5 star trust. This is not secret if you talk to the right people. At a certain level out here, all info is consistent. So, what I meant in last week’s newsletter, remains. Things were brought to the point of release and released, then held for a moment, to get something done we’ll be all happy with.

Everybody, great and small, are all at the same place…let’s go, already!!! Moved 15 times since you entered something that is about to drop in your lap??? They’ll [NESARA white knights] find you unless you crawled under a rock somewhere. They know where we are and what we are doing. I’ll say it again, they are much better than the spooks when it comes to locating people. (1)

This mess the banks created will remain in ‘the matrix’ and never cross into the new global banking system. A lot of financial geniuses will have a doozy of a time explaining this. I can see those guys on Bloomberg saying, ‘whaaa jus’ happened???’ It didn’t just happen, you missed it’s approach.

Kind of like a tsunami coming and the only way you can tell is by that really low wave coming across horizon. Have you seen the green flash just as the sun is going down on the sea? Don’t blink your eyes! The major overhaul of the infrastructure of the US is in the offing here, from the bottom to the top.

Change has come and it is known this will be a challenge for many to deal with. Think about all the bar attorneys who will not be able to operate under this new government, I can hear the howling now. How about the countless prison doors that will open to the people that were thrown in there under the corporation’s law? Your name will no longer be in caps, when getting a letter from your state or the government. People will be people again, not some goods and chattels owned by the corp. Oh yea, payoff your bills, mortgages, what ever! (snip)


(1) What Poof means here is that the NESARA White Knights have the means of locating people for whom benefits are due, wherever they are. The NESARA white knights have both capabilities and technologies that make the task of locating us straightforward so we needn’t worry if we have moved off into the wilderness. We’ll be contacted.

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  1. Shelley permalink
    September 13, 2010 7:58 am

    I don’t much care for her style of commentary either, Steve, but will keep my finger on different pulses, like hers (unless it’s a he), until the the Controllers fall from power.

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