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Richard Hoagland to Speak on Secret Space Fleet

September 12, 2010

I can’t say I agree with the analysis given here of the Norway spiral. Not sure there is a secret space war, except when seen from the viewpoint of the cabal. The cabal’s weapons have been compared by one of the galactics to “party favors.”

Still I’d like to hear Richard.

RICHARD C. HOAGLAND to Speak at CSETI Contact Conference in Rio Rico, Arizona – October 3, 2010

“There is a Secret Space program that the public doesn’t know about.”

This program employs technologies based on hyperdimensional physics and torsion field physics. We are engaged in a war in space that is also being kept secret. It involves players on this planet who are obsessed with supremacy.

The ETs are taking a hands-off posture, but are watching to see what happens.

Most of the UFO community has no idea that this is going on, and some in the UFO field are part of the problem. This is a global situation, not limited to the USA.

Richard C. Hoagland will show hard data and political insider information exposing these secrets.

Richard C. Hoagland’s and Dr. Steven Greer’s independent investigations over the past 20 years have unearthed similar information- and are converging. Find out the truth about the Norway Spiral seen last December. It was a “shot across the bow,” a demonstration of a hyperdimensional weapon while President Obama was in Norway to receive the Nobel Prize.

This was not a coincidence. It was part of the secret space war – and the messages have continued. The trend over the past year has been to leak messages out to the public that these hyperdimensional weapons exist, and the physics of consciousness is the same physics that these weapons are based on.

The participants in the secret space war want to keep us all in the dark- but their cover-up is crumbling. There are real changes going on that are getting away from the “controllers.” The tide is turning. Mr. Hoagland will present hard official evidence of a behind-the-scenes plan for our transition from the hydrocarbon-based world we live in now to a world that runs on hyperdimensional physics – in the not too distant future.

Once the public are informed of these changes, we can move forward with a positive outlook on the future and facilitate the changes

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