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Jeff Peckman: Why have an Exopolitics Vote in Denver?

September 12, 2010

Why Create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission?

by Jeff Peckman

Knowing the truth about Extraterrestrial beings, their visits to Earth, and the broad implications of these realities for humanity, is why an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission is needed.

* Over 10,000 people signed the physical petition to get the ETA Commission on the ballot in November 2010.
* The Initiative 300 campaign will include an historic voter education ‘newspaper’ to educate Denver voters and people throughout the world about extraterrestrial visitors.
* Students can study the issue and have mock elections. Also see the Pink UFO music video highlighting the government UFO cover-up and suppressed technology like cures for cancer.

Why not leave it to the Federal Government?

The Obama-Biden administration and its pro-disclosure cabinet members have not indicated the will or courage to disclose UFO files. This is despite Obama’s many promises of openness and transparency in government.

It’s time to go over the heads of elected public servants directly to the voters. James Madison, American’s fourth President, wrote that “The People are the only legitimate fountain of power”.

According to the Disclosure Project, over 400 whistleblowers* who worked on top secret U.S. government projects:

* NASA removes images of UFO’s from its photos and videos before releasing them to the public even while “looking” for signs of extraterrestrial intelligent life, in order to keep getting over $15 billion a year in funding. [That means NASA has defrauded Denver taxpayers for tens of millions of dollars and Colorado taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.]
* The U.S. Government has covered up information on UFO/ET phenomena for at least 60 years as confirmed by government documents.
* Clean energy technologies of extraterrestrial origin, that could replace fossil fuels, have also been covered up by the U.S. government using our tax dollars to protect fossil fuel energy profits.
* U.S. President Carter was denied information on UFO/ET clean energy technologies, by CIA Director George H. Bush in 1977.
* Up to fifty-seven species of Extraterrestrial beings, that have visited Earth, have already been categorized and they are all humanoid.
* At least 4,000 landings of Extraterrestrial vehicles have left traces on Earth.


*All bulleted points above are taken from comments by 20 of the whistleblowers in the Disclosure Project press conference May 2001.

Summary of Initiative

The proposed ordinance is summarized by the “ballot title” or question which would appear on the election ballot. See full text here.

“Shall the voters for the City and County of Denver adopt an Initiated Ordinance to require the creation of an extraterrestrial affairs commission to help ensure the health, safety, and cultural awareness of Denver residents and visitors in relation to potential encounters or interactions with extraterrestrial intelligent beings or their vehicles, and fund such commission from grants, gifts and donations?”
Yes___ No___

The proposed ordinance includes a declaration of findings, purposes of the commission, appointing the members, and powers and duties of the commission. The commission would be funded by grants, gifts and donations and would not require any funding from the Denver city budget.

Carter’s Request for UFO Info Was Denied by Bush

Daniel Sheehan stated that President Jimmy Carter requested information known by U.S. intelligence agencies about UFO’s and Extraterrestrial beings. His request was denied by CIA Director George H. Bush.
Sheehan was a key counsel in the Pentagon Papers, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and Karen Silkwood cases.
See Mr. Sheehan speak at The Disclosure Project 2001 press conference (1 hour & 20 minutes into video)

What will being on the ballot do?

When the initiative is on the ballot, a wide range of public education opportunities will occur. These are typical during an innovative and controversial ballot measure. They include:

* School students going deeply into the issue by holding debates/mock elections in class. They will also doing reports on the implications for human life from acknowledging extraterrestrial civilizations and the relationship of the issue to different academic disciplines. These students are likely to represent the first generation that will start their adult lives in a post-UFO disclosure, and open ET contact, environment
* Neighborhood groups inviting speakers to explain the ballot initiative;
* Civic and non-profit organizations discussing the UFO/E.T. issue and, in some cases, offering official endorsement. Presentations about our galactic neighbors and visitors have already been well received by Rotary, Optimists, Lions, and Kiwanis organizations.


Exploding News Coverage

Only two days after the draft text of the ballot initiative was submitted to the City of Denver on April 29, 2008, unsolicited media coverage exploded!

There were 60-70 interviews in six weeks. Stories related to the ballot initiative press conference hit the top lists on AOL, MSN, Yahoo, YouTube, and Google.

Interest can be credited in large part to thousands of UFO sightings, and years of research and education by dedicated champions, throughout the world.

These champions include: Scientists, “contactees”, government officials, NASA astronauts and personnel, authors, and advocates of government disclosure about evidence of extraterrestrial beings and their vehicles.

To grasp the importance of this issue, view the Disclosure Project press conference video from 2001 of some of these government whisteblowers.
Be ready for some surprises!

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