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On 9/11: The Victims of 9/11 Speak Through Matthew Ward

September 11, 2010

It’s probable that many more people than 3,000 died on 9/11 and many more after.

Here Matthew speaks about 9/11 just a few days later and then summarizes what the victims of 9/11 collectively say through him to us.

The date of the message itself is  September 16, 2001 but it is later reproduced in Matthew’s Message of Dec. 17, 2009.

S: Matthew, I just heard from Kalama that a representative of the people who perished in the towers told her they gave you a message. If you have something, I’m sure Jean [Hudon] and Michael [Ellegion] will send it out.

30. MATTHEW:  Yes, Mother, I have their message, and I have been asked to speak on behalf of the Council of Nirvana and all other souls in this realm and beyond. We weep. We see the larger picture, but still we weep. Who could not do that in these days of agonizing shock and sorrow?  We urge all souls to feel love, compassion and peace and hold these emotions in your heart—in a moment, your beloved family and friends who so recently came here will speak of this in their own words.

31. Every one of them is being tended most lovingly, with gentleness and understanding. Many recognize these familiar surroundings from other spirit lifetimes and remember that they knew this was to happen and agreed at soul level to participate. But they, as we, know this cannot comfort the people who love them.

32. The dark minds behind this seemingly inexplicable agony claim that war will be “justice for those who died.”  But the war is intended to create even greater negativity in an attempt to extinguish all light on the planet. The perpetrators want you to feel fear and hatred and demand “justice” because they know that only by continuing their cycle of violence can they keep their pernicious hold in this critical time of souls choosing between the light and the darkness.  Choose you must, and choose the LIGHT you must!

33. What happened is not a nation against another nation. It is not even a tiny faction of humankind against all other humankind. The root of this madness is a malignant power that most of you don’t know exists, but its intentions are so malevolent that Earth herself is weeping. This truth will be revealed in time, but for now, please hold only healing love in your hearts for all life.  Let the god self in each of you sustain your light so your conscious self won’t align with the darkness that wants retaliation, revenge, hatred, more cold-hearted killing.

34. Let the thousands of lives that left Earth in those fiery moments stand for something besides what the dark ones want.  As a collective voice, these recently departed souls are saying:

“Let no more lives be taken. This is the time to keep love above all, for compassion, for bringing healing to the bereaved and injured, for bringing healing to Earth.  Please know that the hearts that are hardened into wanting to kill others as their tribute to us, they need light above all.

“We petition you from the whole of this realm of Heaven to speak of love, of opening eyes to seeing clearly what is happening on Earth, and rising above the tragedy that has been perpetrated by a darkness you cannot even imagine, where your entire world is expendable.  We see this from here.  We need you to help the myriad light workers by uplifting your hearts and allowing light to come in, by comforting those in fresh sorrow. You must hear our plea. We are working in the light to assist you, and we are forever bonded with you in love.”

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  1. September 11, 2010 9:23 am

    YES love and Light will set you free, your vibration and frequencys now resonate at higher cycles per second and you are aware of that, you are becoming a new person with in your very being. So send your glowing Love and Light to morther Gaia and to all the souls who passed over on the day 9/11 happened. Love and Light,love and Light the more you send the more brighter our world will become. They are saying all the children worldwide being born in 2010 and 2011 will be Diamond Light children how awesome is that!!??!! so keep sending your Love and Light.

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