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On 9/11: The 9/11 Videos

September 11, 2010

In the years since Sept. 11, 2001, the galactics have stopped over twelve separate attempts to stage a second 9/11:

“By honoring Earth’s free will to never again experience any terrorist activity like “9/11,” God has authorized extraterrestrial intervention to prevent all such attempts and they have successfully done so more than a dozen times since September 11, 2001, including the neutralizing of manmade viruses that were intended to create pandemics.” (Matthew’s Message, Dec. 21, 2008.)

Here are some of the best 9/11 videos for any who want to hear more of  what may be the truth of that day’s events.

Wherever more than one part exists, doubleclick on the video to go to Youtube and watch the rest.

Loose Change

In Plane Site (The video that woke me up to 9/11)

September Clues

9/11 Mysteries

9/11 Ripple Effect

9/11 Chronicles

9//1 Coincidences

NuoViso: 9/11 False Flag

Painful Deceptions

Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnessses

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  1. Bradley L. Duell, Ph.D. (Kau'ila) permalink
    September 11, 2010 2:37 am

    This is an excellent list. I add the latest two favorites to Steve’s list:

    1. Richard D. Hall. New 9/11 computer analysis. (an anti-gravity sphere hit the 2nd tower);

    2. Simon Shack. September Clues (evidence of 9-11 video editing/ tampering), (essentials are in the first 10-15 min.)

    Also just viewed a video mentioned in the last of Steve’s list, “PentaCon”, eyewitness accounts refuting the path of the jet which struck the Pentagon. Their website is

    This complete movie is at:

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