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Bassett Invites Formation of Local Exopolitics Groups

September 10, 2010

Calling all exopoliticians, exoanthropologists, exosociologists, and just plain exo-trekkies, Stephen Bassett invites you to form an exopolitics group in your city.

Make it a meet-up. Make it a meeting. Make it a film history group. Whatever you want. But expand your exoconsciousness and introduce your friends to our new guests from space.

Paradigm Research Group

PRG Update – September 9, 2010 – Part I

Exopolitics World Network Cities Initiative

PRG has launched Phase II of the Exopolitics World Network – the Cities Initiative.   The goal is 1000 exopolitics groups set up worldwide over the next twelve months. It has been said that “all politics is local.”  Ultimately that will be true for exopolitics as well.  The EWN is part of a growing grassroots movement advancing the need for Disclosure worldwide.   If you would like to start an EWN exopolitics group in your city or add this designation to an existing group, the protocol is simple:

  • No governing organization, no bylaws, no boards of directors.
  • Host a group of people for regular meetings to discuss exopolitical issues.
  • Debate, consider activist options, watch DVDs (they are legion now), whatever you want.
    Don’t worry about numbers.  Groups can be of any size and will grow over time.
    Name the group Exopolitics [Your City].
  • If a city has more than one group, the name will become Exopolitics [Your City] [Your Neighborhood].
  • No website is necessary, but if there is an EWN portal website for your country, seek a listing on that site for your group.
  • Contact PRG with the host contact email for listing on the EWN webpage.

That’s it.

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