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Music, Crystals, and Thought Forms

September 9, 2010

Apparently music is a pathway to upliftment. That makes sense to me. Listening to Pachelbel, which to me seems to describe the entire lifetime of an individual soul from birth into this realm to birth into the other, sends me into calm, reflective states.

Not surprisingly, then, some of the Indigos and Crystals here today have come to demonstrate musical perfection. Here is Jackie Evancho, sent in by Nancy Detweiler, showing us what is probably a Crystal performance:

Listen to how mature and developed her voice sounds. And just look into Jackie’s eyes when she is being congratulated by the first judge. What love and humility. And a little child shall lead them – isn’t that what Jesus said?

Reading about life on the other planes, one hears that the playing of music creates a thought form above the auditorium and composers compose music on those planes with a view to creating a pleasing  structure of these thought forms. Let me see if I can find a passage on that…. Rummage, rummage….

Over to New Maps of Heaven…. Life on the Higher Summerlands….  Yes, here’s one from Msgr Robert Hugh Benson, residing on the Astral Planes:

Robert Hugh Benson

“We noticed that the instant the music commenced a bright light seemed to rise up from the direction of the orchestra until it floated, in a flat surface, level with the topmost seats, where it remained as an irridescent cover to the whole amphitheater. As the music proceeded this broad sheet of light grew in strength and density, forming, as it were, a firm foundation for what was to follow.

“So intent was I upon watching this extraordinary formation that I could scarcely tell what the music was about. I was conscious of its sound, but that was really all. Presently, at equal spaces round the circumference of the theater, four towers of light shot up into the sky in long tapering pinnacles of luminosity.

“They remained poised for a moment, and then slowly descended, becoming broader in girth as they did so, until they assumed the outward appearance of four circular towers, each surmounted with a dome, perfectly proportioned. In the meanwhile, the central area of light had thickened still more, and was beginning to rise slowly in the shape of an immense dome covering the whole theater.

“This [light] continued to ascend steadily until it seemed to reach a very much greater height than the four towers while the most delicate colours were diffused throughout the whole of the etheric structure. I could understand now why Edwin had suggested that we should sit outside the theater proper, and I could follow, also, why composers should feel impelled to alter their earthly works after they have arrived in spirit.

“The musical sounds sent up by the orchestra were creating, up above their heads, this immense musical thought-form, and the shape and perfection of this form rested entirely upon the purity of the musical sounds, the purity of the harmonies, and a freedom from any pronounced dissonance. The form of the music must be pure to produce a pure form. …

“By now the great musical thought-form had assumed what appeared to be its limit of height, and it remained stationary and steady. The music was still being played, and in response to it the whole coloring of the dome changed, first to one shade, then to another, and many times to a delicate blend of a number of shades according to the variation in theme or movement of the music.” (1)

This will probably be something we do as well when we reach the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions.

So when Jackie Evanco sings her song, keep in mind that the angels and spirits that are helping her are watching a lovely thought form arise over the heads of her and the audience.  It will be unseen by us on the Physical Plane but enjoyed by them.


(1) Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, Life in the World Unseen, 68.

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  1. Anara Brinmere permalink
    September 10, 2010 4:20 pm

    I do something I was “told” to call Light Song. I haven’t seen lights around it, but it’s had enormous healing and calming effects on people. One lady called me for about 20 minutes of it over the phone. I’d done it briefly for her numerous times when she was having seizures and other unpleasant body effects. This time a week passed and she called me again to tell me “I’d” saved her from suicide, which she’d planned before calling me. I told her I saved her from nothing, I just opened my mouth and became a hollow reed, which is indeed the case. Since I was gifted with this, my vocal range has changed from a top tenor and alto to 4 octaves. These are wondrous times we’re in, despite all appearances.

  2. BlueCube permalink
    September 10, 2010 12:10 pm

    Her voice has that same flute-like quality as Sarah Brightman [Phantom of the Opera]. Absolutely mesmerizing!

  3. Robin. permalink
    September 10, 2010 9:13 am


    WHAT a Crystal Angel Little Jackie is!

    Does it remind you of ‘Deva’ in the movie ‘The Fifth Element’?

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    In Light.

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