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Two Films by LunaCognita Uncover UFO Encounters in Space

September 8, 2010

LunaCognita Productions has released two videos that show covered-up encounters between space missions and UFOs.

In the first video, LunaCognita does a forensic examination of footage taken from Apollo moon missions.

They use a technique called “stack enhancement” to show large numbers of UFOs on the Moon that do not show up in the ordinary footage.

Stack enhancement starts with numerous single frames or essentially still shots from the 16 mm movie camera the astronauts used. These are then stabilized, which involves keeping one central point stable instead of letting the film move across the landscape.

Then the various stabilized frames are stacked on top of each other to create the equivalent of a time-lapse photograph of a single location. The visible surface features, in this case of the Moon, are greatly enhanced using this technique.

What appears like a washed-out landscape in the unstabilized and unstacked footage comes alive with detail and reveals many UFOs on and above the surface of the moon.

You may recall that Jose Escamilla used a different technique – colorization of black and white photographs – to make detail stand out, with the same effect: he discovered many UFOs on and above the Moon.

In the second video, LunaCognita  unravels the covered-up presence of a UFO tailing Skylab III in 1973.

On July 28 of that year, the team of Mission Commander Alan Bean, Pilot Jack Lousma, and Science Pilot Owen Garriott began their Skylab III Mission (SLM-2), becoming the second flight crew to work and live aboard the space station.

During the course of their mission they had a close encounter with a UFO. This video details that experience and shows the steps NASA took to disguise the incident. Nonetheless the steps taken failed to keep it from the public. Here are the photographs of what the astronauts saw and other evidence of the encounter and the cover-up.

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