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“Treasury-Compliant Does Not Mean New Currency”

September 8, 2010

The fall or not the fall of monopoly money?

Chris sends along a post from Poof on Rumor Mill News saying changing over from the Fed to Treasury does not signal the issuing of a new currency. Thanks, Chris.

So you have Ben Fulford on the one hand predicting that a new currency will be issued soon and “Poof” on the other saying not necessarily.

Not like I have previously put a lot of stock in Poof. But she (Hobie calls her a “he.” I’ve been led to believe she’s a “she”) sounds a little more credible these days.

Casper’s endless tales of packages being sent and held up I don’t consider reliable.

E-mail from POOf about TREASURY BANKS

Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>
Date: Tuesday, 7-Sep-2010 19:31:46

In Response To: 1st CASPER for SEP 1st: “The Countries say they will once again go fetch the packs.” (hobie)

Hi, Folks –

In his update Sunday Poof wrote: “Some of you know and for those who don’t, banks in this country are changing to treasury banks this weekend.”

E-mail from Poof received late today:



You may post this; becoming a treasury bank doesn’t mean you automatically start issuing the new currency, it means you are aligned with the treasury instead of the fed. People are calling these banks and asking the wrong question, ask them if they are treasury compliant yet. Don’t they know that an announcement has to be made when currency is being changed, first?




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