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The Lightspeakers: The Exhilaration of the Ride is Fed from an Inner Source That was There All Along

September 8, 2010

Christie Pennington channels the Lightspeakers, whom she describes as “teachers from a higher realm, [whose] purpose is to assist humanity on the physical plane with greater understanding, less struggle and more joy.”

In their September 2010 message they describe the sacred geometry of our personal energy emanations, which, they say, always tend to harmony in the end. They compare our Ascension journey to getting up to speed to mount a spinning carousel.

The Lightspeakers give a good description of how the longing for liberation (1) will arise within us and overtake our more worldly desires as we progress towards Ascension.

Although her messages are sent by email, Christie’s website is

The Lightspeakers

Sept. 2010

We welcome you to our particular energy vortex. Each of you as well broadcast upon your waves of energy, drawing to you those in need of your resonance in order to create and grow. You, doing the same, such vortices meet and dance together, swirling and blending. In addition, each vortex swirls patterns of harmony or disharmony in combinations thereof.

Think of geometric patterns configuring and reconfiguring based upon your current energy waves. Such is the geometry called by some sacred. However you denote its nature, by your attention and contribution, these patterns are of a sacred nature, as they emanate from energies such as yours.

So there is really no such naming of any of these as disharmonious, because always, reconfiguration, transformation is occurring, leading to harmony once again. Herein is the value in the movement of energy, in the undulation of unending Therefore, there is always good forming, even from that which appears undesirable to you. This then is the sacred energetic dance of your being.

It can be represented outwardly in many forms, numbers, music, sacred configurations of geometric patterns, word configurations, sound patterns body movements, the breath.  All sacred forms, arising from your beingness expressing.  Follow what is appealing most to your inner direction at the time, all such expressions are leading you more deeply into self-understanding and self-honoring.

We form a composite of informative directional guidance, flowing to you that which you are in need of, at a juncture of your time. The vortex we offer swirls attuned to your energetic frequencies’ calling. Today we come with information based on the calling of an energetic grouping asking for increased dimensions of harmony, so that you may better align with the vast changes now occurring.

Similar to the fast-turning mechanism on the child’s playground [i.e., a children’s carousel], in which the child must align not only with the speed, but with the rhythm of the spinning circle. He must jump on as others laughingly call to him to join them.

This is where many of you now find yourselves, the getting yourself up to speed and rhythm to join in the increased vortex of the ride. Feeling yourselves drawn to the energies that are creating this greater vortex of possibilities and knowing you are meant to join it.

First you will understand that you are compatible with that which you feel called to. Though you must expend some effort at times to configure to the shifting patterns, is does not require struggle to assimilate increased formations of sacred energy. It can be asked  “Why would I desire this”? Because you feel the momentum within you that recognizes that there is much more to engage with. (2)

So much more experience at a deeper level, your understanding that the fulfillment of certain forms that appeared to be your desires, did not satisfy.  Also, some desires not fulfilled, are now no longer of interest to you in the same way. What remains of the desire is the deeper essence of meaning it carries for you, and the quenching of this deeper essence comes with the joining of your own vortex in a dance with those other energy vortices spinning and calling to you.

Inherently, you now gravitate to these newer stepped-up patterns of energy, realizing this is what you came for. Now is the time that you jump on the best ride, the one worth the price of admission. So as you align and increase your understanding of your power of possibility, you desire to utilize it for more than mere form, but for meaningful participation in this expanded adventure. Your giving expands as you do and now excitement and enthusiasm come from the expansion of who you are, not what you own.

The boundaries of possibility diminish as you increase and discover you are much more than human. It is not that you will give up all accomplishments, or desires fulfillment, but that your focus and intention are more vast.  Those other desires may come, but are no longer the focal point of your journey.

The exhilaration of the ride is fed from an inner source  that was there all along. (3)  Bringing it out from within is your ticket to the vortex ride!  Seeing your own patterns of energy, and realizing that you have the ability to control them, allows you to join with those others similar to you and spin gleefully.  Now you are feeling the wind of limitless transformation flowing through you.

We are so pleased you have joined us. Joy resounds as together we spin and configure the formations of a sacred journey. Amen


(1)  On “the longing for liberation” or “urge to evolve,” see “The Longing for Liberation” at; “Saul: An Inextinguishable Flame to Light Your Way Home” at; and “And Now the Longing Arises…” at

(2) This inner “momentum” is the longing for liberation.

(3) The “inner source  that was there all along” is the longing for liberation or the passage may refer to God as the inner source that was there all along, working through the longing for liberation.

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