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SaLuSa: You Will Return to Your Previous State of Bliss

September 6, 2010

In this message, SaLuSa predicts what our response will be to the many changes that will occur as we move forward to Ascension. He more or less gives us the program for the performance.  Disclosure will occur. Changes in government will follow. Corruption will be rooted out. The separations brought about by religion, politics and culture will be swept aside.

Politics will become, not oppositional, but conciliar and consultative. Egotistical monopolization of time and attention will subside.

A form of dualism will continue to exist in the ascended state. It will until we merge in the formless God many, many aeons from now, I think.  But it will be more attenuated and without the challenges of our present lives.

He refers again to the Time of Separation being a gradual drawing away from the lower energies, both outside and inside of us. He reassures us that whatever happens, the galactics will take steps to see that our needs are provided for so he encourages us not to worry but instead to visualize the future in the higher dimensions.

He reminds us as well that we lightworkers are creating the new paradigm in our daily lives and that we are the Earth allies. I think it safe to say that that new paradigm is light and love, peace and harmony, unity and sharing, service and cooperation.

He reminds us that the changes, when they begin, will be so dramatic that it will be impossible to be unaware of them. He predicts that we will be happy with them and with the blissful state we are headed towards.

I for one have always wanted to know the Truth and be enlightened.  Currently I am not enlightened and do not know the Truth. SaLuSa assures us that we are headed for that outcome in this lifetime.

So these are more pieces of the puzzle. One by one SaLuSa is taking them and putting them in place until we have the whole picture.

SaLuSa  6-September-2010

The power that you have could not be better illustrated than how the Lightworkers, although a minority, have overcome the lower energies. They have also as individuals been able to lift themselves out of their pull, and established the Light. In carrying it with them they have the effect of enlightening others. Such ones are the backbone of our allies, and take much credit for creating the new paradigm.

Those dear souls that hover between the Light and dark are awakening, and soon they will have to make a decision as to whether they will evolve into the Light. Certainly the questions are arising in their minds, and as we have noted previously there is a reluctance to move out of their comfort zone. After many lives in a particular mindset, it is difficult for them to change direction. However, there is a plan to ensure that they understand what the choice is, so that there are no regrets once Ascension has taken place. So we must say that you have no need to concern yourselves about souls, as they will ultimately make the correct choice for themselves.

As you might imagine, once the real changes commence people will be unable to ignore them. They will be so sweeping that it will soon be apparent that a new Earth is being birthed. They will soon receive the support of the majority of them, so that the benefits will be clearly seen. One by one the problems that plague you now will be overcome, and in such a way that it will be obvious that the results are permanent.

To root out the corruption that infests most governments will be welcomed, as people are not that blinkered that they cannot see what is going on. That change alone will give them great hope for the future, particularly when they understand that those souls appointed to replace them are of the Light. They will appointed by us as an interim measure, and in due course more candidates of the Light will come forward. Then you shall see what a government for the people can really achieve. It will bring people together and a great community spirit will result, and they will want to play their part in it and bring great happiness into being.

As more people than at present visualize a new Earth, it will help speed up its manifestation. As we of the Galactic Federation help organize the cleansing of the Earth, a completely new era of cooperation will begin. At last you will see hope for the future, and eagerly work for the changes knowing how wonderful the results will be. Quickly the old vibrations and their influences will begin to disappear, and the truth about your true potential will become known.

Arguments and contention between groups with different beliefs will be set aside with revelations about your true selves, and most importantly your godselves. You created the differences between you, although it must be said that you were encouraged to do so by those who gained power by keeping you separated.

In essence and because of your spiritual selves, you are loving souls that seek peace but have been led astray. The differences that have been exploited are many, but it has mainly occurred because of religion, politics and culture. In the light of the truth about such matters, the different religious sects will find a more common approach. After all if the one truth is accepted, there will no major differences between them in their central beliefs.

Politics will be totally changed and the idea of having an opposition will be replaced, by a positive approach so that the best ideas of all representatives are incorporated. Energy or time will not be allowed to be wasted by causing dissension or objections purely for the sake of political advantage. Cooperation is going to be the new word in politics, and the people will have a part to play in it.

Everything that is going to bring the changes into being are focused upon, and it is leading you into the new vibrations in preparation for Ascension. It will be a time of one revelation after another, and will be a truly joyous period in your lives. You will know beyond doubt that the Light has become firmly established, and the darkness that clouded your lives has been defeated. This is how it was planned by those Higher Beings that are totally committed to bringing you Light and Love.

We know that some souls are frightened by the prospect of ascending, as though it is an unnatural process. Nothing could be further from the truth, as it is rather the reverse situation. In ascending, what you are being given is the opportunity to return to a previous state of bliss that you used to enjoy. Whilst a form of duality still exists in the higher dimensions, it is by no means of such a fierce challenge as you have experienced. Duality does not necessarily mean that you have to experience the extremes that you have on Earth.

As you do your best to live now in accordance with your vision of the higher dimensions, you are drawing further away from the lower energies. There will come a time when they will have no impact upon at all. Your Light will be so powerful that it repels or transmutes the lower energies. We must however come back to the “fear” factor that the dark Ones still try to impose upon you. In the midst of chaos there are some real concerns, but take matters calmly and know that they are simply signs of the past slipping out of your reality. Have no concern about your dwellings or property, as all of your needs will be amply covered. Our plan for your safety and comfort will ensure that all your needs are well supplied. There will inevitably be some discomfort, but with regard to the scale of changes that are taking place it is to be expected.

You have come a long way in such a short time, that you are already seeing things around you in a completely new mindset. It helps you keep a realistic perspective of how matters will work out, and with the knowledge you have gained that all will change to your advantage and well being. From our point of view, you have been prepared for this time for some 60 years or more. It was with the advent of our regular appearance in your skies, that your consciousness was awakened to our existence. As a result our open coming no longer presents the fears or apprehension that once existed. In fact, it is pleasing for us to find that many more people welcome us with open arms.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish you every success in your personal quest for truth and understanding. May the Love and Light be with you always.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. rick permalink
    September 6, 2010 2:06 pm

    Thank you for looking out for our well being. It would be easy to ask for ascension now, but I know my mission now is to help as many as possible to awaken. I have an indigo child and our precious crystal child who is 3yrs old. If I could just get through to my indigo child about the coming changes. i ask for help in this matter they mean so much to me. thank you, god bless us all.

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