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UFO Over Japan Makes Itself at Home

September 5, 2010

Boy, this UFO over Japan does everything but come home for supper. It moves back and forth, seems to come closer and go farther away, and just sits there for quite a time. It must be begging for attention.

(Michael Cohen’s write-up of the sighting appears below.)

I could swear the watching woman, who ordinarily speaks in Japanese, suddenly exclaims, “Hot diggety dog.”

Thanks to Starseed for this one.

While hovering around Youtube, I came across this 2008 video which I believe was shot in Turkey in which the UFO, shown later in the video, can be seen at a very close range and the colors on it can clearly be seen changing in a motion that moves around the craft.

Highly credible UFO video from Japan surfaces

Michael Cohen, Aug. 30, 2010

Perhaps due to the fact that more people are carrying better quality camera phones or perhaps because visiting aliens are becoming more bold in terms of interacting with humanity as possible open alien contact draws nearer, the quality of new UFO footage over the last months has been better than ever.

This UFO clip below from Japan is one of the most convincing pieces of footage I have seen. The sighting occurred around a month ago. Unless someone debunks this video I would say it is conclusive proof that information about all the craft flying overhead is being withheld from the public.

The comments of the witnesses seem genuine and one can sense real surprise in their voices as they exclaim that ‘it must be some kind of UFO’. This UFO video is a must see. UFOs are commonly seen in Japan and interest in alien / extraterrestrial subjects widespread. No official disclosure of UFO files has, however, occurred in Japan as of yet.
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  1. BlueCube permalink
    September 6, 2010 10:01 am

    I didn’t hear ‘hot diggety-dog’ at the end, but I swear the man at :57 says “Ee-eye-ee-eye-oh”!

  2. Kitty permalink
    September 6, 2010 8:52 am

    Hi Maty,

    I have to agree with Steve about the orbs. There are photos of them after 9/11 and Obama’s acceptance speech. Orbs can vary in size and color. No doubt you will find all the information you require on the web.

    I have observed small orbs as well as very large (the moon’s in my room). From my own experience they are indeed non physical (3rd dimensional) beings. Years ago my life was full of ET interdimensional encounters and we would often see very large orbs just prior to a ‘visit’.

    Just from personal experience I have seen blue with an inner irridescent quality that transmitted light with, as you say, ‘plasma’. I have also observed opaque orbs that ranged from an apple green to varying colors of yellow/white.

    I’m guessing your inner sight (3rd eye) is open and working!



  3. September 6, 2010 6:06 am

    Well, I saw the video (no prob’s here) and that is AMAZING!

    I first thought the thing was “shape-shifting” (it started as a small point of light, changed form to two perpendicular bars of light, etc.) but I’m now thinking that those changes only came from the distance involved (from far-out in space) to our vicinity.

    It was interesting how the two “bars” shortened and opened to become the very front point of the craft. Then, I had a weird thought: WHAT IF: the stars are all really just ‘stationary UFO’s’ with their lights on??? Gotta go think a little more on that! What do you, Steve, and others think? Is that even plausible?

    The 2 guys handled it very well I’d say.

  4. maty permalink
    September 5, 2010 10:10 pm

    Hello Steve, does anybody knows something about ORBS? what are they, I can see them inside my house sometimes, and sometimes outside, their color is blue and purple, they look like plasma, I am the only one in my family who sees them, and they tell me I am crazy.

    Send you my BLESSINGS.

    • September 5, 2010 10:15 pm

      I’m not very knowledgeable about orbs, Maty, but I was under the impression that they were actual beings who inhabit another dimension.

      You may wish to google the term and see what it produces. I have nothing in First Contact on the subject.



    • September 6, 2010 9:52 am

      Maty, I understand what you are talking about. I witnessed two electric blue plasma-like orbs/spheres in Osceola, Wisconsin 0n May 25th, 1998 while camping with my two children and their class at a biodynamic farm. First of all, as I was lying in our tent soothing my two young children to sleep, I was startled by the powerful barking of the farm dog who was said to be dying of cancer. I sensed a ‘presence’ and experienced butterflies in my gut so I got up and spied out of my tent window. There I witnessed these two electric blue spheres being very playful zigzagging along the profile of the forest against the sky. I noticed I had tears welling up at such joy then I lost sight of them and became rather distraught, my heart sank but just then one of the spheres appeared in front of me hovering above my car. It telepathically told me not to worry they are here all the time and that I am very loved . It disappeared and I was left stunned by such a deeply intimate connection with them. They seemed like a ‘being’ instead of a ufo. I feel deeply blessed to have encountered such joyful and loving beings. I will never forget that experience.

  5. Flora permalink
    September 5, 2010 8:00 pm

    Many videos I cannot open. Pls tell me what I am lacking on my Dell laptop
    I so appreciate the many sources of information which you pass along.
    SaLuSa has been a favorite for a year or so, and i just found Steve’s
    mailings a couple of months ago. Keep up the good work.

    • September 5, 2010 8:02 pm


      You’re the second person who has been having troubles with the videos. I haven’t been having trouble myself. I’m not sure if it’s a temporary problem or why some people are having it and others not.

      [OK, the first person straightened out the problem she was having. It may have been a temporary glitch with WordPress.]

      I sent a note to WordPress IT and asked if they could help. I’ll add to this note when I hear from them.

      I just went and clicked on this video myself and it works for me. ????

      If you double-click on the video, can you go to Youtube and watch it there?



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