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Robin: Meditation for President Obama, His Family, and Disclosure

September 5, 2010

At my request, Robin has crafted this one-minute meditation related to President Obama and Disclosure. I invite you to participate on Disclosure Day in September.

Steve Beckow has kindly invited me to contribute in my own way, to his excellent ‘Disclosure Day in September’ initiative. Many feel that Barack Obama is already keen to actually make this announcement.

I trust that this ‘way’ can also be ‘your way’ and thus together as One, ‘Our way’ also thereby!

When Barack Obama stood on the Inaugural Platform in the first moments of his Presidency, he saw several million people standing, cheering in front of him.

He knew then, that it was these people and many others who had just given him his new Position.

He knew that they had hope in him. Hope of great change.

He knew that without them, he could not accomplish what his Soul is urging him to achieve on Earth.

He knew that the power of the people is greater than the power of the few.

He knew that it was not he alone, who could instigate these changes.. but you, we, all of us indeed!

He needs us now.

He knows that he is simply an instrument, both of and for this ‘change’.. if we do not empower him, there will be nothing more he can do for ws, for the USA or for the world as a whole.

WE are the energy of change, belief, hope and love that enables, fuels and drives him to this end.
It is our vision, that he is here to manifest with and for us.

I would like to suggest therefore a very simple and easy way to donate and share some of your own desire for the future that you believe in, with Barack Obama and his family.

It is this:

At Midday Local Time on the first ‘DD’ Sunday of every month, wherever you may be in the world and when the Sun is at it’s highest, please give ONE MINUTE only, of your valuable time to STOP what EVER it is that you are doing and to focus, quietly if possible, on the three points below. Turn the TV off!

1). Focus for 15 seconds upon quieting any predominant thoughts or worries present in your mind.
Then clear your internal ‘mind-screen’ of any other pictures or images.

2). Next focus for 30 seconds upon your own image of Barack Obama, his wife and two children and
then of giving them some of the endless Golden Love Light from your own Heart as a gift and bringing this into a focussed ‘Laser Beam’ which you allow to transport and then See as surrounding The First Family in a diffused, warm and safe ‘glow’!

3). Finally, focus for the last 15 seconds upon sealing them in a ‘bubble’ of this, your own protective Love Light, before withdrawing back into yourself and continuing with whatever you were doing!
Turn the TV back on.. or not, as you choose! 😉

When we consider that the power of one human being consciously performing such an ‘exercise’, has the same potential as 10,000 beings ‘unconsciously’ wishing for the same, you will begin to see that We together, can win this last battle with ease and grace and are thus enabling Barack to build our future with us now, as true galactic citizens on board our New Earth and for the Highest Good of All.

So Be it.

Together.. “Yes WE Can!”… and we will!

Thank you,


3 Comments leave one →
  1. Robin. permalink
    September 5, 2010 6:41 pm

    Thanks ‘DebV’ & ‘Ulli’…

    EVERY little bit helps, probably more than we know!

    PARTY TIME is on it’s way indeed!

    In Light.

  2. September 5, 2010 1:58 pm

    Well, that’s wonderful and I gladly send them Loving Light…and pray for them. I did what you suggested – went and turned on the TV…. Guess what? There was the President, and Mrs. Obama, at the White House – celebrating Latino/Mexican music at a star-packed Musical Gala! A wonderful musical with songs by Gloria Estafan, Jennifer Lopez and hubby Mark Anthony, Jose Feliciano and Los Lobos to name a few.

    Now that’s the Spirit !! We should all PARTY HEARTY ! every now and then, to “recharge”.
    Now that’s a great example of enjoying Life!


  3. Ulli permalink
    September 5, 2010 9:51 am

    I will certainly do this, as I send light to the Fist Family every evening before I go to sleep.

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