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Newscaster Caught Discussing Truth of UFOs and Cover-up before Show

September 4, 2010

Ever want to listen in on the newscasters a few minutes before going on the air to hear what they really think about UFOs? Well, here you are.

One shot of the O'Hare UFO

This is fascinating stuff. No better proof that news people really do believe that UFOs are real and they fully appreciate the machinations of airlines and government departments in refusing to acknowledge their reality. In other words, they know what’s going on. Enjoy this one.

Here is the writeup below the video:

Leaked newsroom footage of Jon Hilkevitch interview

Allegedly another shot of the O'Hare UFO

A video surfaced in the spring of 2007 showing an unedited pre-interview discussion of the Chicago O’Hare Airport UFO sighting between Jon Hilkevitch (the Chicago Tribune transportation reporter who reported the Chicago UFO story) and Jim Wagner a news anchor with CLTV, a 24 Hour news channel in Oak Brook, Illinois.

The video shows both men having an off-air discussion about the amount of international media reaction to the UFO story as well as discussing United Airlines alleged “flip-flop” on the event and the FAA’s explanation as “weather phenomenon” that according to Hilkevitch’s sources “just doesn’t wash.”

Hilkevitch also mentions that photographs were possibly taken by a pilot with a digital camera and that the story is “the most read story in the history of (” with almost a “million hits.”


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  1. lou permalink
    September 6, 2010 9:18 pm

    IMO, the fact that this footage made it to the airwaves is very significant! Knowing that TV station managers have the ability to scrub the truth about anything and everything, and now seeing that this interview was “allowed” to take place at all is truly amazing….and I’m sooo happy to see that it actually happened! WOW! This is very cool!

  2. September 6, 2010 7:15 am

    Finally! I guess us “crazies” who see these things (I’ve seen about 12 different UFO’s) can come out of the closet now!

    • September 6, 2010 10:49 am

      Given what Kerry Cassidy said about the climate for whistleblowers have become positive rather than negative, maybe we CAN come out of the closet. (Better try once and then watch the reaction, Deb!). Wouldn’t that be nice? The cave people emerge out into the sunlight after years of hiding away.

    • B. honest permalink
      September 7, 2010 12:54 am

      I have seen 32 myself, for sure, one of them I saw while in the Navy in the middle of the Indian Ocean while I was waiting for the Challenger Shuttle to come overhead in ’84, as scheduled. I watched a fast moving orbital height object from North to South, it had to be large, and was moving much faster than any satellite I have ever seen, it made an apparently 90 degree turn, without changing speed just as a bright beam of greenish light passed through where it would have been had it kept going straight, the beam and the turn nearly simultaneous in realtime, it went straight overhead picking up massive speed heading west. Many years later I was watching an UFO Documentary on TV and saw the clips from the Challenger Shuttle showing what I had seen from THEIR viewpoint…I was absolutely astounded that there was, at last, collaboration of what I had seen myself.

      I have told this story to few people until lately, so perhaps it IS time for us to come out of the closet: There are sooooo many of us that we cannot ALL be crazy, or at least no crazier than anyone else these days!

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