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Example of a Crop Circle Hoax

September 4, 2010

We often hear references to “hoaxed” crop circles. Apparently this is one of them.

Dubbed the “egg slicer” crop circle, at Whitehill, it’s purportedly designed to expose the crop-circle movement to ridicule when revealed as fake.

Krsanna Duran has this to say about it:

From her email, Aug. 7, 2010. Krsanna’s website is

The crop formation that looked like an egg slicer at Whitefield Hill, posted on August 5, was a planked hoax.

I had questioned the possibility of anomalous physics for at least part of it because the laid wheat heads were straight and aligned, but it turned out the same effect occurs in other planked hoaxes when the crop is laid out with a plank.  A visitor to the egg slicer at Whitefield Hill wrote [this report on it:]

Mike Davies:  “We went to the Egg Slicer crop circle and it is 100% man made.  There is NO difference in the lengths of the stems of wheat from inside the circle and from those taken from the standing crop some distance from it. . The outside lines were ragged and we found pole holes . .that had been covered up . . .in the centre of …each of the archs that created the curved lines.

“There is NO geometry in it whatsoever. They probably actually took the design from an egg slicer ! ! Also a very convenient position. You drive up the lane at the side of the field and there is a car park there. It was flat and board marked.”

It is important to note that a small number of authentic crop formations with anomalous physics were made in 2010.  It is equally important to note that hoaxing crop art like the Whitefield Hill formation is a booming business with calendar, DVD, book and tour sales bringing in substantial profits.

The profiteers follow in the trail laid out by official disinformation with vested political interests in discrediting authentic crop circle formations.  Political disinformation seeks to discredit UFOs that often appear with at authentic crop circles.  After the disinformation trail is laid out the profiteers follow to reap profit on the damage done by the official disinformation.

A professional team of hoaxers were at work in fields in Italy, Germany and England, like a well-oiled machine, in 2010.  The hoaxers are rumored to hail from Holland, Germany and Italy.  A Mercedes Benz with a Dutch license plate was seen picking up several people from the second phase of the hoax at East Field, Alton Barnes, on August 2.

Best regards,

Here is additional information on the hoax:

silent circle


Whitefield Hill, Woodsend, Wiltshire.

Reported 03 – 08- 10

Our visit to this formation was made on day two. Large numbers of people had clearly visited this event prior to our arrival, leaving much of the laid crop areas heavy crushed. Notwithstanding the above, many peripheral areas of the circle were left largely undamaged and therefore worthy of close up inspection. The majority of the laid plants in the undamaged areas were kinked over at around an inch above the ground, whilst a small proportion was bent at ground level with minimal damage to the plant stems. No obvious regular and repetitive damage, indicating hoaxing, was evident in areas examined.

Most noteworthy perhaps was the fact that more or less all the laid wheat, over the entire event, had the plant seed-heads straight and rigid, in line with the flow if the laid crop. All the standing stems out in the field surrounding the formation have their seed-heads curved down toward the ground in a very rigid position. (See ground shots). This effect on the mature wheat is anomalous and will require further research to determine how this could occur. There is no mechanical methodology that I am aware of that can account for this effect.

To be updated with additional considerations.

Charles R Mallett

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  1. mary permalink
    September 5, 2010 6:13 pm

    How can anyone in their right mind not see the beautiful message of the earth transcending in this crop circle…A message that mere mortals could not convey…A message from etheric entities to wake us up for Ascension..The faster we wake up, the sooner all the BS will stop…Hoax indeed…NOT!

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