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Tony Blair: I Did Not Understand Islam at Time of 9/11 Attacks

September 3, 2010

Is it possible that Tony Blair did not know the full story of 9/11? (Somebody pinch me.) Will he next say that he did not know that the London bombings were a false-flag operation? (1) At the bottom of the article are the URLs to two recent CBC interviews with Blair.  I wonder if Tony is working hard to stay out of jail.

Does he think his salvation lies in stoking Islamophobia? More to the point, will he succeed? (Not in the long run.)

Tony Blair: I did not understand Islam at time of 9/11 attacks

U.K. Telegraph, 31 Aug 2010,

9/11; Tony Blair: I did not understand Islam at time of 9/11 attacks

9/11; Tony Blair: I did not understand Islam at time of 9/11 attacks The second plane hits the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 Photo: AP

The September 11 attacks represented the declaration of war by a new type of enemy, Tony Blair says.

He claims that he quickly realised the implications of the suicide bombers crashing aircraft into the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, having heard the news while preparing to deliver a speech to the TUC in Brighton.

Mr Blair says he understood the new war was ideological, but admits that at the time he did not fully understand the history of Islam. He admits he underestimated the “hold of this extremism”.

Only the future will tell if it would have been better to fight the war using military intervention or “soft power”.

But he insists he followed his instinct and convictions, and would not have changed his decisions on Iraq or Afghanistan even if he had known the length of the campaign.

“To try to escape conflict would have been a grave mistake, political cowardice.”

Mr Blair also discloses that he once came close to authorising the shooting down of a commercial flight heading to London, after it lost radio contact.

But after the deadline passed he decided to hold fire, and once the pilot re-established contact he had to sit down and thank the heavens.

Tony perfects his future testimony on CBC Television.

Tony’s being interviewed:

Tony’s new book in which he slams Gordon Brown:


(1) “How Black Ops Staged the London Bombings (2005),”

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  1. Rolland Miller permalink
    September 3, 2010 2:13 pm

    Tony Blair is a War Criminal along with his cabinet, and the Bush Administration for the illegal and criminal bombing, and occupation of Iraq.

    No Words can change that.

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