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The Mission of Children of the Sun

September 2, 2010

To accompany their September message, I’m attaching the mission statement from Children of the Sun. If it is genuinely a convergence of lightworkers, then it could be a good thing. If not….? It certainly sounds promising.

Our Mission

Children of the Sun is a global platform of unification serving as a bridge between consciousness paradigms by helping others into the higher dimensional system of New Earth energy.

With high energy leadership, we are in selfless humanitarian service to the mission of: World Transformation of Consciousness

Embracing all religions and spiritual paths, we are comprised of spiritually focused and consciously directed “Ambassadors of Light” serving in the Oneness of all life through Divine Love and Equality.

Our mission is to help awaken as many people as possible to their highest human potential and to come together in harmony as one people, one nation and ONE FAMILY OF HUMANITY. We are accomplishing this through the actualization of our Global Vision.

grid nyako humanity holding earth heart sky
Mission Objectives

spiral Expanding Awareness of the Unified Field

We expand the understanding and experience of the Unified Field of Awakened Consciousness by reaching into every country of the world with transformational activity and communication.

spiral Building a 144,000 Ambassador of Light Forcefield

We build the COS forcefield to 144,000 Ambassadors of Light serving with unified intentionality and with active representation and transformational focus in all countries of the world.

spiral Affecting all of Humanity

As a platform of illumined consciousness, we affect the transformation of consciousness in the lives of all choosing humanity through our unified activities of light.



We, as a collective humanity, have entered into a golden era of illuminating peace, magnificent beauty and global awakening to spiritual principles. It is a new paradigm characterized by profound change, purification and the creation of new structure to support harmonious co-existence in divine order, peace and unity.

We are one global family. Our spiritual paths are uniting to co-create a new planetary civilization of light. This unification completely reflects and exemplifies the New Earth harmonic and the equality of all people, countries, races and religions.

All humans are created in equal magnificence as radiant divine expressions of God, or the Universal Creative Force. As extensions of our Creator, we are born of the light, and this supreme universal light is within us all. All power is within, all answers are within, and what we seek is within.

The sense of duality which has taken humanity down the path of separation from Source energy, is no longer the necessary experience in the forward evolution of our planetary home. There is no separation between us and our Creator. We are transitioning from all separated beliefs, fear-based realities and conditional living. We remember and understand the totality of the eternal self and the continuation of consciousness. We no longer attach to the illusions of fear and death.

We remember our spiritual heritage and are now lifted up to our highest potential and creative expression as spirit in form. From the purity of heart intention and authentic humility, we reclaim personal power by embracing the spirit of unification and the interconnectivity of all things.

We are magnificent creative beings of Love. As the full pattern of perfection, we are divine instruments of our Creator and are here to co-create, together, a new civilization of light and galactic society.

We are all Children of the Sun… brilliant, magnificent beings of spiritual light!

Children of the Sun

For more information on how to join our global mission, please go to our Join Us page.

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