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Paul Joseph Watson: H1N1 Vaccinations in India Resisted

September 2, 2010

According to Prison Planet’s Paul Joseph Watson, a measles vaccination program was halted in India after four children died after taking the vaccine. Many people in the Indian capital of New Delhi are now refusing to take the H1N1 vaccine.
India Rejects H1N1 Shots After Vaccines Kill Children 010910top3
India Rejects H1N1 Shots After Vaccines Kill Children

Global revolt against dangerous inoculations gathers pace as U.S. health authorities launch flu jab PR machine

Paul Joseph Watson

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

People in the Indian capital New Delhi have rejected the H1N1 shot en masse following the news that a separate measles inoculation killed four children, as the global revolt against dangerous vaccinations, and specifically the swine flu scam, accelerates even in the face of government PR drives to make people take the combined swine flu/seasonal flu vaccine.

Residents of the capital city are willing to take their chances with catching the flu rather than taking vaccines that are attracting an increasingly controversial reputation in light of numerous recent instances worldwide where inoculations have caused illnesses, debilitating diseases and even sudden death.

As we reported on Monday, a measles vaccination program in India was halted after four children died almost immediately after receiving the shot. Indian newspaper reports carried eyewitness accounts of what happened. “The four children were reported to have fainted soon after they were vaccinated and witnesses reported seeing the children’s eyes roll back as they began to have seizures,” reported Blitz.

Furious villagers reacted to the tragedy by going on a rampage, attacking health workers and holding government doctors hostage.

The story has contributed to increasing distrust of health authorities in the country, and ensured that take up of newly marketed swine flu vaccines is virtually non-existent. A survey of popular chemists in Delhi found that none of them had been able to sell as few as 10 doses of the vaccine in a whole month

“Many health workers in Delhi government hospitals have also refused to get themselves vaccinated due to fear of side-effects,” reports The Times of India, with 40 per cent of vaccines for health workers provided by the government remaining unused.

“In the past one month, we have been able to sell only two pieces of the 10-dose viale. The response to the injectible vaccines has been lukewarm. The nasal vaccines are also not doing any better,” said R Nath, owner of the Connaught Place-based Nath Bros chemist shop. Another chemist shopowner based in Hauz Khas said they are not selling the vaccine at all. “We were not able to sell the vaccines in retail. There were no bulk orders from private hospitals, corporates or doctors either. So, we had to stop the sales,” he added.

This mass rejection of the swine flu vaccine, despite intensive government PR campaigns to convince the population to take it, was mirrored across many other major countries even at the height of the H1N1 scare.

In France and Germany for example, just 6 per cent of the population took the swine flu shot. The government and health ministry of Poland refused to buy any stocks of H1N1 vaccine whatsoever, citing concerns about its safety and the honesty of the pharmaceutical companies responsible for its production. This rejection was partly a response to a 2008 trial for a bird flu vaccine, following which three Polish doctors and six nurses faced criminal charges after the vaccine killed 21 homeless people who were participating in the test.


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