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SaLuSa: Be Love in All You Do and Think

September 1, 2010

SaLuSa looks at the means by which individuals living in the lower vibrations will and do awaken.  He stresses the importance of the religions coming together in their acceptance of one God.

He reveals that, while the world may look quiet on the outside for the moment, much is happening on the inside. He says we may be tested to our limits, but we knew this would happen before we came here.

SaLuSa  01-September-2010

We know that these messages are received mainly by the converted, which have stirred within and sensed the importance of these times. Others take a passing look but if it does not fit in with their present mindset, it will remain outside of their thinking.

However, nothing that you read or hear is without its value, and a new idea can lay dormant for a while and then come to life. This is where you all come in, as without being seen to try and impose your views upon others, both your word and actions are subconsciously noted. With the nearness of the end times, such contacts are so necessary to awaken those who still live in the lower vibrations.

There is of course the greater awakening that is affecting the Human Race as a whole, but the energies being beamed to Earth take time to lift people up. Before long we will be amongst you, and before our arrival you will have been given much information by way of an introduction to us. This will be yet another means of reaching out to you, and it is difficult to see very many people not responding to the idea that we are All One.

Having said that, it will be time to embrace the fact that there is only the one Omnipotent God within which every soul exists. Whatever name you use to call God is unimportant, but there must be a coming together of the different religions. You have much in common, and it will help immensely if God is seen as All Loving where every single life form is concerned. It is only Man who separates and divides, and those differences must be healed.

If souls still have the desire to remain as separate entities, then that choice will be theirs and accepted. However, it will hold back their evolution, but since life is infinite they will still advance on the path of their choosing. Help will be given to them as all other souls until they have ascended. You are in fact never alone even within the depths of the lower vibrations, although it may seem otherwise.

You are never without God at your side, and you often walk in God’s footsteps, and if you deny God it makes no difference. When matters get out of hand, God is still there with you trying to lift your spirits with the Love that knows no limit. In the present times you need your faith more than ever to carry you through them. It will be rough for some people, but whatever your experiences they will not remain for much longer.

We are God’s emissaries and messengers here for your awakening, and bound to see that you safely step upon the path to Ascension. Nothing else is really as important to you, and it will fulfill your expressed desire to leave the cycle of duality. It is to be a journey of much excitement and discovery, when at long last you come to the true realization of who you are. Happiness will return so that eventually all of those sad and painful memories may be put behind you.

Knowing this should give you the strength to come through this remaining period unscathed. Believe it to be so as you have overcome such tests many times before, We tell you often that you are powerful Beings, and we mean it. You have power beyond your imagination, and the potential to achieve anything that you want.

We know what is happening on Earth and whilst it seems to be quiet in some ways, out of sight there is plenty happening. We are always working to give strength of purpose to our allies, and they are responding well. All that you have been promised is coming your way, and with it so many problems will be swept away.

You will feel more than compensated for all of the hardships and troubles experienced. Can we say again that you are not the victims of the circumstances, as you all knew that this lifetime would test you to the limit. You came into it because you wanted to be one of those who had the opportunity to experience the end times.

When you are prepared in advance for what is coming up, it enables you to set your mind to taking it all in your stride. You do not have to worry about your future as given the choices you have now, you can set your sights upon the one you have chosen. If that is Ascension, then you will try to live the vision of what you see ahead. That way you help bring it into being and there is no more that can be asked of you.

We make it sound simple because it is, and it is normally Man who unnecessarily makes things complicated. Be Love in all you do and think, and let that energy accompany every act that you are involved in. Of course it is hard, but that is the challenge you came to Earth to face. You can do it because you have been there before, and you will achieve success.

When we arrive on Earth we do not want to be treated as superior to you, even [though] our spirit levels are much higher. We see you as equals and will treat you as the sovereign Beings that you are. Status bears no relation to your spiritual level as any soul can make rapid progress on Earth, particularly at this time. You are seeing the whole world in upheaval, and millions of people have varying needs as a result. That is also one of your main challenges to see if compassion and love rise up, and whether the wellbeing of others can bring it out.

So far the response of the people has been overwhelming, and that is a most positive indication of how much the new vibrations have brought a change of heart. It shows that you are beginning to accept the Oneness of all life, and that is what we would expect from those souls who have become enlightened.

We feel within our hearts a great yearning to make your acquaintance, as we want you to know just how much we care for you. What you are and what you may have done is of no concern to us, because we see your Light and know what you have been through in the cycle of duality.

You are brave souls, and ones with the confidence to overcome all adversity, and indeed you have done that in many lifetimes. Your strength lies in your self-knowledge that you can take on any problem that comes your way, and that approach has seen you become leaders. Man needs such souls, and your history shows that when needs arise so does the hero of the day.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the Galactic Federation will greatly benefit from having Hu-Man as its new member. You have honed your skills in the fires of Earth, and you are now the warriors that carry the Light and fear none whatsoever. Yet you are Love incarnate and therein is your great strength. You will harm no one and take them to your heart in their times of need.

Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. September 25, 2010 4:34 am

    Nice Information.. Thx for sharing this

  2. Elizabeth Seninde permalink
    September 2, 2010 4:25 pm

    I was always lost, like i was waiting for something and now i know what it is. I want to ascend and i’m so happy i’ve reached the place in my heart where i am now. I still get afraid sometimes, old habits die hard, but i’m so much more aware now. I love you all, thank you Salusa for your beautiful messages.

  3. Patte permalink
    September 1, 2010 5:24 pm

    I read everything you do, but this is always my favorite. Whenever I read SaLuSa, I go right to this website to see what YOU got out of it!!!! Thank you so much.

  4. lou permalink
    September 1, 2010 11:09 am

    This is to John Kronske…I also feel like SaLuSa’s messages are becoming more profound! I think it may be because we are getting so close to having to make a decision whether to allow our souls to advance, as they long to do, or hold ourselves back because of fear, material desires or religious dogma. Many people will be unable to make the final decision to ascension, which is their free will choice with no judgement attached.

    SaLuSa has always been trying to gently nudge us along the ascension path, but ultimately it is our free will choice.

  5. September 1, 2010 9:04 am

    Salusa your channelings are more then up lifting to one’s inner soul and spirit, there going into the very fiber of our being and touching our hearts with over flowing Love and Light.
    One can feel more insight will be coming are way viea you dear Star being Salusa in the days and months, yes we all are part of the same Family only our skin is a different color in the eyes of other Star beings and other Human”beings”; Love and Light is were we all came from and that is were we are all heading . So I send you all my Love and Light to you people who read this comment! and I send it to Mr Steve Beckow of The 2012 Scenario site, may Love and Light ingulf your human form for all to see, God Bless you all.

  6. Vendo permalink
    September 1, 2010 7:42 am

    Just a wonderful message throughout that has touched my heart, ….. thank you SaLuSa

  7. John Kronske permalink
    September 1, 2010 7:35 am

    Is it me or do these channelings seem more profound in their content lately? ;

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