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Julie on the Ascension Process

September 1, 2010

Julie has written a beautiful letter describing one stage of Ascension for herself. She says she came to manifest both child and mother energy. Her child ascended and she was asked to come back and complete her mother energy, with her ascended child as her guide.

This is a very precious share for all of us, which Julie has graciously consented to have posted. It demonstrates that (1) ascension is a process and not simply a single event and (2) that people are ascending at all times and not simply in 2012.

Hello Steve,

I was exactly in your state a few weeks ago. I had invited ascension fully, after long months of the final stripping away. I was resigned … blessedly happy and totally incapable of any focused idea or task. I had been told by guidance (Pleiadian consciousness, along with Sananda) that I was ready.

I meditated, emptied and was told that I would feel my way through it first — that I would have help — that they would show the way. The first attempt was full of visual messages as is common for me … downloads of info through metaphor. I was still hanging on (not fully letting go), they said. It would take a few “tries,” they said.

The second time, Sananda showed me how he did it (a lovely profound vision of me above him on the cross, looking at his full self from a few feet above his head.) He said, “I am not this.” And then he propelled himself upward and through what became water. My perspective was now at water level as he broke through the surface, face uplifted, arms outstretched, saying ” I am this!” (I understood too, that he wishes people would stop identifying with his/their own pain.)

I should say quickly that, before this stage, I had been shown that part of my ‘contract’ was to come here as blended mother and child energies (I have two of my own, as well – which helps me know the feeling place in each). The first to ascend was the child. As you know, these details of spirit movement are complex and so personal, so I won’t elaborate much here.

Every time I meditated, I had beautiful visions — I think just becoming more and more of the idea of ascension each time — accepting it more fully as a concept — bringing it into the cells.

Then one evening after a day of complete numbness and disorientation, I was told to lie down — that it was “time” – or “we have something to show you” (or some such, I can’t even remember well). Lots of visions again. I felt my body get very very light. I may have left it. I don’t really know.

Eventually I was with source love. But there was some sort of indication that I needed to go back for a completion in another role. I recall laughing at the whole idea of “roles.” “We are all one!,” I exclaimed and laughed again. I was then shown the most stirring image of a Madonna and child, and I began to weep. I heard “See how well you wear this garment.” And was instantly back in my body.

I now am ‘back’ as the completing mother energy, with the ascended child energy within as guide (this is pathcutting/healing energy for the new earth … that adults will be guided by wise, DNA-upgraded children, and that mothers and children will be in a greater state of oneness to bring in more of the divine feminine, etc.).

It took a while for me to process what happened and the next day, I woke feeling like my brain was scrambled eggs. I could barely remember where I was, what I had to be/do.

I’m now more the embodiment of the mother energy – and all that means for energy path-cutting. I’m part of a collective, but my part and my contract was my unique contribution. Much has been revealed and more to come, they say.

I’m amazed at all of it. But they did show me the way, as they said they would (as any loving parent would do).

All this is to say, Steve, .. I believe you are right on the cusp. For as you ask, allow and surrender, all will unfold. You will be held and loved and brought through with your faith, and it will happen for you in a way that is perfect for you. Likely then, you will have that sort of choice place, to come back for the collective, at which point you are an embodied ascended master … sort of fledgling, you know? (That’s what I’ve been told.)

We are indeed the first ones, the first wave to really feel the fruits of the new energies coming into earth for our ascension. We do it, and as we do, we bring the light back in a more concentrated way. It extends outward and feeds the energetic field more fully, so that others awaken. And, as you know, as the collective is awakened fully, then Mother Earth can ascend with all of us intact.

This certainly feels like what the masters say Ascension is – that it is not one great sweeping event, but a constant motion. It makes sense that those who have gone before us are here with us now shining the light of home. And now we, in greater numbers due to the swelling of energies, are ready to do the same, inviting more and more to follow the light we bring back.

My love to you. Thank you for all you are, Steve.

And thanks for reading this. I’m really not one to speak up much, but
I thought this might be helpful to you.


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  1. Patte permalink
    September 1, 2010 5:32 pm

    Lovely. Thank you.

  2. John Kronske permalink
    September 1, 2010 10:40 am

    This is a precious life story that has inspired my soul to sing… 🙂

  3. Annette Kohn-Lau permalink
    September 1, 2010 8:08 am

    Goosebumps. Thanks for posting this.

  4. Kitty Aspen All permalink
    September 1, 2010 5:27 am

    Good Morning, Steve,

    I’m sending this to you and I’m betting you will be receiving many stories and suggestions now that you have declared your intent. After all Creator speaks to us through the mouths of humans and now it’s the World Wide Web!

    You probably have already read the Law of Life books written by A.D.K. Luk published in 1959. If you have book one, might I suggest you reread pages 9 – 29.

    Like many I have used mantras primarily for focus and I AM THAT I AM was and still is my favorite. One morning this particular mantra was my first thought of the day but to my surprise I clearly heard the reply, I AM THAT WHICH YOU ARE.

    Have a blessed day,


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