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George Noory: The Hutchison Effect and Anti-Gravity

September 1, 2010

Independent researcher John Hutchison was George Noory’s guest on Coast to Coast AM yesterday and revealed that he is one of the researchers at work on developing free energy at the present time.

Free energy takes one beyond conventional into interdimensional physics, which is one reason why the United States was late in developing it and Russia was early. Joseph Stalin at the end of the Second World War ordered his scientists to look for areas of science that the United States may have overlooked.

Because the U.S. was committed to a paradigm of “empirical materialism” – what David Icke calls the “five senses school” – Russian scientists developed “free energy” weapons, which derived from the energy in the Void, something the U.S. regarded as non-existent. This meant that the Russians were the first to have scalar weapons (they had them by the early 1960s), that the U.S. would not soon close the gap, and that the Russians therefore had an advantage.

Subsequently the Russians adopted a stance of being in favor of nuclear disarmament. Why not? If they could induce the U.S. to drop their nuclear weapons, that would leave Russia in possession of its scalar weapons, with an absolute advantage over America. (Col. Tom Bearden is the source of this information.)

John Hutchison’s website is

The Hutchison Effect & Antigravity

September 1, 2010

On Tuesday’s program, experimental nuclear physicist Dr. Bob Koontz, and independent researcher John Hutchison discussed the Hutchison Effect, and such topics as antigravity, Tesla technology, UFO propulsion, free energy, and the Philadelphia Experiment.

The Hutchison Effect “was an accidental discovery I made way back in 1979 when I was replicating a lot of Nikola Tesla’s machinery…I was playing with this high voltage equipment and started noticing that certain things would happen like objects moving around by themselves a little bit,” said Hutchison. “You cannot explain this effect with conventional physics,” noted Koontz, who views this work as far more important than the Large Hadron Collider experiments at CERN.

Koontz characterized Hutchison’s experiments as highly sophisticated– he used one-million-volt Tesla coils to create electromagnetic fields that induced scalar effects or antigravity– such as levitating heavy objects, or turning metal into jelly.

A kind of antigravity shield could be used in a craft or spaceship, Hutchison outlined. By canceling inertial effects, spacecraft could make sharp right turns, and through jumping into subspace or hyperspace, ships could move as fast as they want and not collide with anything, said Koontz. “It doesn’t violate the laws of physics to produce free energy– it’s a zero point process,” he added.

Not unlike the purported Philadelphia Experiment, Hutchison said he’s had samples disappear and reappear during tests. “I’ve had other samples where the steel itself is aging in time,” for every day about 10 years ahead in time– according to a study the Max Planck Institute conducted on one of the samples, he reported. Hutchison, who has a YouTube channel featuring videos of levitation and many of his experiments, said he is currently focused on developing free energy and new propulsion systems.

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  1. September 1, 2010 10:43 am

    Have a great day and drive out in the country, Steve. A great place to re-energize your energy. Wow, so many of nature’s angels will be with you. Enjoy, my brother.

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